RECAP: "The Kiss Fallout Episode"-The Game Season 9 Premiere

The final season of The Game has started off with a bang!  Picking up from last season, Blue had started putting two and two together about Malik and Keira. Keira gets defensive, and ends up going to see Malik and the two make out heavy! We pick up right from that moment, where Malik and Keira come so close to getting it on, but manage to stop themselves. Blue comes over to his apartment, and the valet points out that Keira is there, which obviously pisses Blue off! Malik and Keira walk and get on the elevator, where Blue already is coming up to see them! At that moment, the sound cuts out and all we see is footage from the elevator! Blue and Malik clearly begin arguing, and  then end up fighting, while Keira stays curled up in a corner! Eventually, they are pulled away by hotel security, but not without a lot of blows thrown!

Meanwhile, Jason and Kelly "reconcile" on the football field! Afterwards, they talk about Jason being interim head coach, and it looks like they are officially back together. At that moment, Jason gets a call from Chardonnay, and she seemingly congratulates him for his new job. She mentions the steroids and how he paid off Ty, trying to egg him on, and Jason basically admits the truth. When Kelly hears him say steroids, she becomes alarmed and yells at Jason to be quiet because Chardonnay is probably recording him! And she was!

Later, Tasha gets Blue, Keira, and Malik in her condo, and is pissed. She figures out the truth about Keira and Malik, and tells him and Blue that they are teammates. Tasha lets it be known that their attitudes towards each other and all this bad blood affects everyone's reputation and money, which is true! She comes up with an idea to tell the public that they were all in a bad fender bender, and Blue and Malik took the bulk of it. At that point, Blue talks out angrily. Tasha then kicks Malik out, but forces Keira to stay, concerned about what Blue might do. It's clear that everything is NOT going to be okay going forward.

The next day,  Kelly meets up with Tasha, and admits that Chardonnay recorded the conversation between herself and Jason regarding his steroid use. She asks Tasha to talk Chardonnay down, stating that, again, there are reputations and money and at stake. However, Tasha is reluctant, wanting to stay neutral since she already hurt Chardonnay last season. Kelly sneakily threatens to have Malik cut from the team since Jason's interim coach if Tasha doesn't make a move!

Meanwhile, Keira walks in and finds Blue moving out. He's actually looking fine on the outside. Blue even brings a girl over to help him pack. When Keira asks to talk things out, Blue angrily states that he is completely done with her, and doesn't even want to bother. He asks rudely for his ring back, too, and leaves Keira. However, I don't blame him. He's crushed at this point, I know.

Tasha goes to visit Chardonnay at her hotel room, and asks her exactly what she plans to do with that Chardonnay wants to blow it all up, and Tasha states she wants Chardonnay to have a bigger platform to expose Jason! Apparently, Tasha doesn't respond well to threats, Kelly! She even posts a picture on Instagram with herself, Chardonnay, and a TV host, stating that there will be a major announcement for the world! Jason and Kelly see it, and immediately get worried!

At practice, Blue makes fun of Malik in front of the whole team for being third-string. Though Malik keeps cool at first, he quickly snaps back. There's almost another fight, but a coach sends Malik to the showers before it could happen. Again, I understand Blue's anger and pain, though I do want Malik and Keira together! I've seen that coming for a long while!

At the end of the episode, Chardonnay speaks with Deborah Norville, who announces that there will be two guests to refute Chardonnay's accusations. Of course, it turns out to be Jason and Kelly! Before Chardonnay can even say anything, Jason admits his steroid use, stating that he felt pressure to succeed. He seems courageous to the public, who began tweeting and posting that he is brave for admitting this, which blows up Chardonnay's revenge! Chardonnay snatches off her mike and storms off set. Jason and Kelly calmly walk off and celebrate. However, they both know that Jason has lost the Hall of Fame because of it.

Man! What is going to happen this final season? What will become of Tasha and Kelly's friendship now that Tasha chose to help Chardonnay? Will Jason still get to be interim head coach? Will Malik and Keira finally get together. And, my number one question, WILL DERWIN AND MELANIE MAKE AN APPEARANCE?! Things I need to know!

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