In The Spotlight: Hip Hop Artist Luminarty

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Today, we have hip hop artist Luminarty! The artist got his start in music after watching his elder brother along with friends developing music of their own. “Immediately, I started developing a passion just for creating music just by looking at their process and the things they went through,” Luminarty said. He then started writing his own lyrics and developing his skills. Soon after, he linked up with Baltimore production group Mizfitz Sounds (50 Cent, Young Thug, Tinashe) to create more music. “That’s when I started taking things a lot more seriously,” the rapper admitted. “[I started] working on getting albums together, [and] I dropped a few mixtapes. It’s something that I really developed into a skill.”

Born in Cheverly, MD, but raised in Nigeria until the age of 7, Luminarty admitted his upbringing help develop his outlook on life, and, therefore, it impacts his music greatly. “I got to experience a lot of different cultures, [and] see things from a different perspective,” the artist said. “It taught me to look at things from a different angle, not just with creating music but with life in general.” He doesn’t limit himself to any one genre or topic, constantly working to create music outside of the box that will reach listeners. Luminarty is inspired by hip hop artists like Jay-Z, Jeezy, Wale, and Shy Glizzy, but also draws inspiration from other genres like pop and EDM. “I just have a passion for music,” he stated. “So I like to pull from every artist and every producer that I come in contact with, and it really influences the way that I see things and the way that I tackle my tracks.”

Luminarty recently released his single, “Never Slip Again,” from his album, The Petrelli Campaign, which is a part of an intricate story for the album from Luminarty’s point of view. He meets an individual in politics, who shows him the ropes if he really wants to be in the political world himself. However, the politician just had one rule for the guy—don’t talk to his daughter. However, the guy ends up falling in love with the woman. “As the story goes on, my mentor actually finds out but he doesn’t tell me,” Luminarty says. “It’s the ultimate betrayal. So he sets me up to take the fall for some illegal business that he’s actually doing.” In the story, Luminarty does end up getting arrested, and he makes a vow to “never slip again.” “It’s not just necessarily with this story. It’s a part of life as well,” the artist said. “There will be people you deal with on a regular basis that may seem cool, but you’ve really got to stay on your toes in every area of your life.” More videos and tracks will be released soon, and Luminarty hopes that listeners will be able to relate. Check out “Never Slip Again” below!

Currently, the rapper is working on a few new collaborations, and is also working on the second season of his series 16EVERY16, where he drops 16 bars and then releases a video every 16 days. Luminarty believes that it’s his sound, flow, and topics that separates him from the pack. “I try to work hard to develop my sound, and, at the same time, challenge myself to really do it all,” he said. “[I] challenge myself to really think outside the box, because there’s a lot of the same thing now when you look at music, especially hip hop.” He’s determined not to sound like anyone else, or do what anyone else does, and thoroughly works on his craft along with his team. Luminarty has the goal of developing a mainstream career, reaching international success. He also wants to open his own business to assist rising artists develop their craft and connections.

You can check out more from Luminarty on his official website, as well as on SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also connect with him on Twitter and Instagram

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