In The Spotlight: Hip Hop Artist Troy Patterson, Jr

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Today, we have hip hop artist Troy Patterson, Jr. During his four-year stint in the U.S. Navy, Troy began experiment with making beats, eventually leaving the military to study and develop his craft. However, his beats weren't getting much recognition at first, and he eventually ended up writing and rapping a song of his own just to prove that his production skills were up to par. "I had a guy master it for me, and he was like, 'Man, you might need to look at rapping, because I've been playing it for people and they really like it,'" Troy stated. From there, Troy began to focus on rapping, and honing his skills.

Raised by a single mom, who also served as a preacher, Troy credits his faith in God as his reasoning for continuing to pursue his dream. "I truly do believe God is on my side, and I think my faith is the foundation of the music," the artist admitted. "I don't even think I would've tried it if my faith wasn't so high." Also being raised in Georgia, for the most part, gives his music that Southern, soulful kind of feel. "You mix that with [being] raised in the church, and a love for hip hop, and you've got basically my sound," Troy said. Inspired by neo-soul artists like D'Angelo, he often uses soulful hooks on his songs. Inspired also by other hip hop artists like Big Krit, Yo Gotti, and Nipsey Hussle, specifically by their hustle as independent artists, Troy strives to remain independent and own his own masters of his music.

Under his old name, Troy Preach, the artist dropped a mixtape named Human Being Musiq back in 2012, which was his "experimental project," where he wanted to prove to others and himself that he could really do this. Currently, he's working on a new project called God Heard Me, which is set to be dropped later this summer. In terms of what listeners can expect to hear, Troy admitted that there is definitely growth between his first project and this upcoming one, as well as a variety of topics. "It's more personal, I try to really explain my life and my story to the best of my ability, because I know it's relatable." he said.  "[There will be] way better production, and [it will be] a more cohesive project."

Interestingly, Troy currently balances his music with his job as a barber, something that he said has impacted his life and material. "Conversations that happen in the barbershop can be life changing," he admitted. "I learned a lot about life, and I'm affected by that. It gives me a lot of inspiration." The artist believes this aspect of his life actually makes him more versatile, and allows him to touch the people as he works behind his chair. "I think people just want to have somebody they can relate to, and somebody that ain't afraid to be a human being," Troy said. "The whole Hollywood aspect of the music world  is very real. I'm not on that."

In addition to working on his new project, Troy is collaborating with Chris Noxx of the Grammy award-winning production team Tha Piecemakerz on producing new music for artists, as well. After his project drops, Troy also plans to drop four to five songs every month to keep the buzz going about his music. He's even working on creating his own label. This artist is definitely on the grind!

As an artist, Troy simply wants to create great music, and not necessarily be in the spotlight. "I don't see myself compromising for fame and all of that. I, more so, just want people to kind of enjoy the music" he said. The rapper doesn't care about being "the best rapper ever" or stepping on other people to get ahead. He's focused on uplifting people with his work. "I'm not trying to look like a star, or be a star per se," Troy continued. "I'm just trying to use the gift God gave me, because I don't want it to go to waste." In the future, Troy would like to own his own barbershop with an in-house studio, and own a label. He would also love to continue to make music, and also find new talent at showcases that he can help build them from the ground up. This artist definitely has big ambitions, but also the talent, creativity, drive, and faith to make it happen!

You can check out more from Troy on SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also connect with him on Twitter

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