RECAP: "Clip It...Clip It Good"-The Game S9, E7

The Game is really winding down, with only three more episodes after this until the SERIES FINALE! Picking up from last week, this episode was really a filler episode as we took a walk down Memory Lane, seeing clips of the history of the show! At the beginning, the police bring Blue over to Jason's. Turns out Blue was an unruly protester at a rally for immigration reform! Guess he's taking his protester role seriously since he and the Sabers stood against Roger, Sr. Then again, Blue is suspended for a bit, so no telling where his head's at. The police only gave him over to Jason because they have money on a future game. Jason makes it clear that the team is who needs Blue's help right now.

After sitting on the couch staring at each other, Jason mentions how unfocused Blue really is, and that a lot of bad things can happen for an athlete when they're all over the place. Using Malik as an example, we see clips of where Malik punched Chris Clements (Daryl Mitchell) who was in a wheelchair and threw wild parties. Jason also reminds Blue that even though Blue can't stand Malik now, they used to be friends (we see them partying together). However, Blue refuses to be compared to Malik, stating he isn't a walking stereotype.

Jason then tries to compare Blue to Derwin, who was focused on football, his girlfriend Melanie, and was a committed Christian (Jason tried, but that didn't work out too well). However, things quickly went downhill as Derwin got caught up in the game. He cheated on Melanie with Drew Sidora, lost Melanie for a while, and went through ups and downs with other females, eventually winning Melanie back.

However, Blue's head is even further away from the game with all these memories he doesn't care about. Jason then calls Tasha and tells him about Blue's participation in the protest rally. Tasha thinks that maybe Blue needs a Sunbeam to get his mind off things, stating that everybody needs somebody. We see clips of the Sunbeams' meeting (and drinking, of course), Tasha and Kelly's relationship, Tee Tee giving advice to Tasha, and Melanie looking out for Derwin even when they were broken up. We are reminded of how Keira was in Blue's corner from the beginning, before he really gelled on the field.

Tasha also reminds Blue how every relationship isn't perfect, recapping how Jason and Kelly went through it, Malik lost out on quite a few women over the years, and of course, Jason dumped Chardonnay at the altar. Jason then hangs up on Tasha, shocking Blue. Both Kelly and Melanie have gone as far as slapping Tasha before, so Jason states that others aren't scared of her, either.

Jason then reveals that he thinks Blue may need therapy, like Tasha and Malik (though, for them, it didn't take). He also feels like Blue has what it takes to better than everyone except Jason, as he's holding on to the fact that he brought San Diego a championship. Sincerely though, Jason doesn't want Blue to lose out on what this city and the experience of a Saber has to offer. We see good and bad clips of the history of the show as Emeli Sande's "Wonder" plays. Blue understands, and acknowledges that, regardless of what has happened in San Diego, there's no place he'd rather be.

It was a very random filler episode, but I still loved it. It was so good to see Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry, even in flashbacks (be on the lookout for them in the series finale!). It's crazy how this show has been on for NINE seasons, and I was there to watch from the very beginning. Intrigued to see how it all ends.

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