RECAP: "Get Up, Stand Up"-The Game S9, E6

How do you like this final season of The Game?Picking up from last week, half of the Sabers stuck to their word for the walkout in response to Roger, Sr.’s negative comments towards them. They didn't show up to a game, forcing Jason to have to forfeit. Roger, of course, isn't at all pleased, and tells Jason that he needs to get the rest of the players back now!

Later, Tasha and Blue prepares for an appearance on TV to speak out about the walkout. Blue doesn’t think that he should be the leader in all this. He’s just speaking from his heart. However, Tasha tells him that someone has to lead to effect change, and Blue, being the team captain, is that person, regardless of if he wants to or not. Blue has to step up, especially since he started this whole walkout in the first place.

Meanwhile, Keira wants to take things slow with Malik, refusing to have sex for a while. She also tells Malik that she wants to go out on a real date, but Malik would rather just chill like they normally do. At that moment, he gets a text stating that Jason and Kelly have called an emergency team meeting with the players and Sunbeams at Phatty's. Malik leaves, promising to take Keira on a real date later.

At the meeting, the Pitts plan to convince the entire team to come back. They encourage everyone's opinions as they begin. Some people reveal that they are only making the league minimum, and think that the walkout needs to end. They don’t care about Roger’s comments about the players being slaves. Though Jason and Kelly try to manipulate everyone a bit into coming back, Blue steps up, and says that they will hold the line, speaking out again on what Roger said. He says that they have a real reason to fight for this, and, yes, they may have to give up games or even the championship. However, they need to stand together as a team for what’s right. He even calls out Kelly and Jason, who aren’t even a Sunbeam and Saber anymore, knowing that they only want to keep Jason’s interim position. His passion and words stir up the team, and they agree to continue with the walkout! That night, Jason asks Kelly if Blue is right about this. Kelly raises a good point: if they were still actual Sabers or Sunbeams, what would they do?

Later, Chardonnay comes to Baby Rog to again pitch having a mini Spadonnay at the Sabers Stadium, but now's not a good time for him. He has to give a ridiculous statement he was given in support of his father, which Chardonnay reads over and shuts down. He understands why everyone is upset, but he still wants to protect his father. Chardonnay encourages him to write his own statement, defending his father, but not what he said.

Later, Keira and Blue have a date at Phatty's, but he's smashed all the waitresses there, so it's awkward. They decide to go to the bar instead, where a girl comes and sits on Malik's lap right in front of Keira like it’s cool. Keira tells him she feels like she's dating a stripper, clearly uncomfortable with this. The girl leaves, but Blue eventually walks in, and starts drinking heavily as if something is wrong. Keira goes over to say something to him, which pisses Malik off and he storms away. Though Blue is initially cold to her, she tries to get to the root of his problem. Blue admits he feels pressure in this whole walkout situation, especially because players are struggling to get by. Keira can relate as she's had pressure of having to support her whole family with her acting. She tells him it's okay to be scared, and that the team is following him because he's right, leaving him a little encouraged.

Later, Keira goes to Malik's place, letting him know that this is the first and last time she chases him. She tells Malik that clearly nothing is going on with her and Blue, which he should know, just like she knows that nothing is going on with him and these random girls. Malik admits that seeing her with Blue was a blow to his ego a little. However, they are best friends and now are entering a relationship. If they work at it, especially Malik, they could be a good couple. The two quickly make up.

Meanwhile, Jason goes to talk to Roger, Sr, who’s in the car on the way to an event. Baby Rog gets in as well, and, as they drive off, he reveals he has made a few adjustments to his statement. Roger, Sr hates it, but Baby Rog refuses to read the original statement. Roger fires Baby Rog as general manager, and even makes him get out of the car. Roger then gets a video call from other owners, telling them that he should step down. Turns out that members from other teams are considering walking out as well, to show a united front across the league. Of course, these owners and the Commissioner don’t want that. Jason goes off on Roger, Sr. at that moment, saying that he was wrong and maybe he should step down. Though he is the owner, he doesn't have a true team at this point.

The next day, Roger, Sr. does step down, though with an attitude. Blue goes to Tasha happily after hearing the news, but she gently tells him that there are consequences to pay for this win. Blue won't be playing in next week's game, with the league saying he didn't follow "proper protocol" with organizing the walkout. Though it’s very disappointing, I was proud of Blue for standing for what was right. At the end of the day, he was able to get Roger to step down as owner, which was his goal.

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