RECAP: "Hashtag My Bad"-The Game S9, E5

Already, we are halfway through the final season of The Game! Picking up from last week, Tasha has a photo shoot for a "Super Mom" feature for PEOPLE! She's literally in a Superwoman costume, holding the baby! She definitely has a lot on her plate, and balancing all that with motherhood is definitely a challenge. Meanwhile, at lunch, Keira talks to a friend about Malik and all the messages he's sent, including the one where he claims he wants her. She doesn't know what to make of it, and has been hiding from everyone, since her and Blue's breakup is public news. Keira's friend says that she should take a chance on Malik, and I agree. Sure, people are going to have a lot to say, but who cares what people think? She calls Malik, and tells him that they need to talk later face to face.

Later, Chardonnay meets up with Baby Rog, talking about her plans to expand Spadonnay, possibly even into the Sabers' stadium! However, Baby Rog was only interested in the meeting to try to get rid of Jason, thinking that Chardonnay had information for him. However, she's focused on business, and sees herself as the next Oprah. Rog admits he admires her, believing that people think his position was just handed to him, because he's the owner's son. He wants to build his own dynasty. As they talk, there's a lot of laughter and flirtatious glances! Could this be the making of a new couple?!

At a team meeting, Jason and Blue gets the team hype for the upcoming playoffs. At that moment, they all suddenly get a mysterious text, as does Tasha during her shoot and Baby Rog as he's with Chardonnay. Turns out that Roger, Sr. was heard making a derogatory statement about possible trades on the team, stating to a reporter, "Do your job, and leave the slave-trading to me." Everyone automatically gets in an uproar, and understandably so. The word choice very offensive, and it shows Roger's mentality about the players. Clearly, he feels like they are interchangeable, and the players see that too. Jason tells them to all to pass their phones to him, stating that they are on a media shutdown to avoid saying or posting something crazy. In the midst of all this, Malik wants desperately to rush out to go meet Keira, but gets shut down. Blue tells Jason that Roger needs to explain his comment, and Jason fakes like he just got a text saying that an apology will be issued. However, Roger, Sr. refuses. Baby Rog tells him that in the age of social media, it's going to be a really bad situation. It could even affect the Sabers being in the playoffs, which gets his father's attention.

At Phatty's, Tasha holds an emergency Sunbeam meeting, and the wives and girlfriends are upset too. Tasha then gets word that Roger will make the apology this afternoon, but that still doesn't calm everybody down. Keira bursts in, thinking she's going to meet Malik, and the Sunbeams joke about Keira bouncing from man to man, calling her a gold digger. However, one girl mentions that Malik, as a third-string quarterback, is a major downgrade from Blue, calling Malik a black hole, which pisses Tasha off. However, she tries to give a diplomatic response since the PEOPLE reporter followed her to the meeting for the story. Tasha pulls Keira to the side, and tells the girl that she's messy, and that Tasha doesn't want her for Malik. Keira is messy. However, Keira doesn't back down, telling Tasha upfront that she cares about Malik and wants him, no matter what she thinks. I was proud of her because any other time Keira would've backed away!

Later, Roger, Sr. gives a public apology at a conference, or tries anyway. However, the media obviously pushes back, asking how he, as a black man, can use the word "slave" to describe his players. The more questions they ask, the more frustrated he gets.  In this "new age of social media," Roger angrily decides to just tweet "#MyBad," instead of answering the reporters' questions, and storms off! That pisses off the players even more, and they attempt to snatch their phones back from Jason and leave.

Later, Tasha accidentally locks Kai in the car, right when the reporter walks up to her, wanting to ride with her to her next stop. When Kai starts crying, Tasha tries to shoo the reporter away, but the woman figures out that Tasha locked the baby in. Tasha panics, feeling like she is a "super sham," instead of a supermom. She admits that trying to be a mother, a manager, and a Sunbeam is difficult, saying that "Maybe being a supermom is just trying your best every damn day." The reporter is impressed by Tasha's openness, and calls AAA. When she finds out that it will take 20 minutes for them to get there, Tasha uses her elbow to breaks into the car herself! Supermom, indeed, though I don't know if that was the smartest move!

Meanwhile, Malik goes to see Keira, who has her hair wrapped up and a facial mask on, but she works on dinner for him. They've been friends long enough for her to know how stupid he can act, so she accepts his apology. Keira thinks that maybe they should explore something between them. He's scared, but they can be really great together!  They understand each other on a different level, and I like them as a couple.

Still with the team, Jason plans to talk to the owner tomorrow. Blue feels like Roger has to go since he clearly has no remorse for what he said. Until Roger is gone, Blue refuses to play, and a lot of other players agree and walk out of the room with him! God only knows what's going to happen now!

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