RECAP: "The Crying Game"-The Game S9, E8

Loving this final season of The Game! Picking up from last week, Keira and Malik are having some one-on-one romantic time, when Tasha walks in on them with the baby! I was embarrassed just watching.

That night, Chardonnay and Baby Rog meet up, and he invites her to go to Aspen with him and a few of his friends. However, she declines, saying that she has a spa conference to go to. Seems to me like she's just scared. Meanwhile, Jason and Kelly have some weird Little Red Riding Hood foreplay (Jason even dresses up as a wolf!). However, Jason can't focus because he doesn't know what's going to happen with his job since there is a new owner coming in. Kelly advises that they should find out the new owner is, and try to win them over. However, Jason rejects that idea because no one likes him enough for him to do that. Kelly then suggests that maybe they can buy the Sabers themselves! All they need is some serious investors, including Baby Rog!

Later, Malik talks to Tee Tee about how he didn't shed a tear when he had sex with Keira like he did with Yana. Tee Tee thinks it's all in his head after Yana told him that he doesn't know how to love. However, Malik feels there is a possibility that there isn't as deep a connection between him and Keira as she thought. Tasha then calls, deciding to invite Keira and Malik to dinner, definitely with ulterior motives. The next night at dinner, turns out Tasha invited Yana over under the guise of Tasha wanting her to be a personal trainer! Tasha is determined to keep Keira and Malik apart, pulling Keira aside to see how Malik vibes with Yana. As Yana checks Malik's shoulder like in the past, Malik even sheds a tear!

Later, Tee Tee sees Chardonnay at Drop Bar. She has a date with "Chase Billings," a guy she met online. However, "Chase" is actually Tee Tee himself! Chardonnay admits that she's scared to date another guy (*cough* Baby Rog *cough*) because he's in the football world. Because of everything that happened with her and Jason, she doesn't think it's a good idea. Tee Tee tells her that she deserves a real chance at happiness, even though she's scared. I think so, too! Chardonnay, as crazy as she is, is a good woman, and Baby Rog might just be a great match for her.

Back at Tasha's, Yana reveals she has a new job as a trainer for the San Diego Padres. Tasha and Keira then trade little jabs back and forth, as Tasha tries to imply that Keira's not loyal or has a good job as an actress. Yana gets up angrily, seeing that Tasha used her to break Keira and Malik up. Tasha gets irritated because, in her eyes, Yana is a good woman, and someone who Malik can build with now that he's near the end of his career. Malik then goes off in defense of Keira, stating that if Tasha can't act right around them, then she can't be around them at all! In nine seasons, this is the first time I remember Malik ever standing up for a woman he was seeing like that!

Meanwhile, the Pitts meet with Baby Rog, who is skeptical of coming back to work with the team. Jason also brings in this rich old dude Herby Lesser to get on the deal. Things go sour when Jason finds out that Herby and Kelly used to date a few years ago, and he even flirts with her in front of Jason! Jason gets upset and dramatic, ruining the meeting. Baby Rog sees yet again that Jason is messy, and both he and Herby walk away from the deal! Looks like buying a team is out, and now Jason has to win these games to get to the playoffs.

At the end of the episode, Keira declines a call from Tasha, who is actually right outside her door. When Keira lets her in, Tasha states that she's just being protective of her son, but she's never seen him stand up for another woman beside herself the way he did. Tasha then decides to teach Keira how to make macaroni and cheese as a peace offering. Meanwhile, Chardonnay meets up with Baby Rog. She wants to go to church with him instead of Aspen. Chardonnay is determined to take things slow and not have a messy situation like she did with Jason, which Baby Rog understands. However, at that point, Kelly and Jason walk in and see them together! Messy!

The next morning, Malik and Keira wake up after a night together. As Keira goes to the bathroom, Malik checks to see if he has any emotional tears, but to no avail. He is truly scared that he and Keira aren't meant to be. However, the fact that he stood up to his mother for Keira shows how much they are. I hope he realizes this before he does something to mess it up!

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