RECAP: "What More Can I Say?"-The Game S9, E9

Can't believe The Game is almost over! Picking up from last week, Malik makes the decision to break up with Keira, and she slaps him dead in his face! As she should! Malik is a dummy, who pushes away everybody for no good reason. I guarantee you, though, Keira will try to make her way to Blue, now. It's all a shame!

Meanwhile, Chardonnay and Baby Rog go to brunch at Phatty's after church. Tee Tee advises Baby Rog to bring Chardonnay to Malik's charity event that night. At that moment, Malik shows up and tells Tee Tee that he broke up with Keira, stating that the break up "had to be done" so he wouldn't be distracted from football. That excuse is weak seeing as though Malik is third string and hasn't played in forever! Tee Tee tells him that it's ridiculous, and that he's throwing a good thing away. Malik then comes up with a stupid plan for Tee Tee to poison team members with bad chicken meat so that Malik could possibly play!

At the Pitts' house, Jason is focused preparing for the Sabers' next football game, while Kelly tries to figure out what to wear to the charity event. Herbie Lesser's executive assistant comes over, and rudely busts in! He turns on the TV just to show them that Herbie has actually bought the Sabers on his own, and now they're screwed! Will Herbie still want Jason as head coach? Very doubtful!

At her house, Tasha gets a call from Pookie, who plans to take their daughter Kai to Richmond for a visit. As Tasha tries to leave, Rick Fox swoops in, wanting to talk about the baby and whether or not he's the father! She brings him inside, asking him to hide before Pookie comes. Instead, Rick answers the door when Pookie knocks. It's a very awkward situation as Pookie comes in, and Rick tries to see if the baby is his. He opens up about how he's had all this success, but has never had a family of his own. However, Pookie doesn't care, and has no sympathy for him, obviously. Pookie wanted to be a father his whole life, but dealing with this triangle between him, Rick, and Tasha, isn't what he imagined at all.

At the Sabers' executive meeting, Herbie discusses changing the team's name to something he can relate to like the Sausages or Swingers! Ew. Jason and Kelly storm in, and Jason calls Herbie out on the fact that this was originally their idea. In a surprising move, Herbie announces he actually wants to keep Jason as a permanent head coach, but with some strings. Herbie wants to have a night with Kelly himself, but he decides to settle for watching Jason and Kelly have sex! What?! This is a deranged old man. Now whether or not Jason and Kelly will go along with it, I don't know. I don't put it past them to get ahead!

Later, Keira talks to Chardonnay, who brings along Baby Rog, to talk about their breakup. Baby Rog starts giving up unsolicited advice, which Keira isn't feeling. Yes, Chardonnay is in a relationship, but Keira worries that maybe she may be forcing things with him. Of course, Chardonnay doesn't take too kindly to that, and storms out with Baby Rog in tow.

That night, Malik and Kelly speak about their new Read Wright program, which is actually a good idea. However, Malik also expects Tee Tee to poison the food for the first and second string quarterbacks so that he can potentially play. Tee Tee is clearly torn, especially since he's already poisoned someone before from his chicken truck! Awkwardly, Chardonnay and Baby Rog run into Kelly and Jason at the event. Baby Rog admits that finding a new gig is bad, which Jason rubs in his face. Chardonnay angrily pulls him away, clearly more worried about how they look as a couple in front of Jason. She realizes that maybe, like Keira said, she is forcing things with Baby Rog. As quick as the relationship came, that's how quick it's over as they go their separate ways. Honestly, I think that they may be a good fit later on down the line, but it's just going too fast. Chardonnay still needs to heal from Jason.

Kelly and Jason later celebrate over the success of the event, with the event raising a lot of money and Jason putting Baby Rog down. At that point, Jason gets a call that some of the players have food poisoning, just like Malik planned! Meanwhile, Keira goes to see Blue, and he actually lets her in!!! This could be a problem, because I could see Blue being petty and sleeping with Keira just to get back at Malik.

The episode ends with Tasha drinking with Rick and Pookie, dancing seductively with both of them! The good times doesn't last, as Rick and Pookie start to try to fight over her. Drunkenly, Pookie pulls out a gun, and starts tossing it around, and the gun goes off!!! Cliffhanger!

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