EVENT: Just Mike Presents the Love and Poetry Tour (Washington, D.C.)

On Friday, August 21, 2015, Just Mike (the poet) hosted the Washington, D.C. stop of The Love and Poetry Tour featuring Vision, Jamarr Hall, and other poets!

I really wasn't going to even write a post about the event, simply because I just wanted to just soak everything in and truly enjoy myself. I keep telling myself I need to actually enjoy more of life's moments, instead of wanting to capture them all for the blog or social media. However, the more clips I recorded on my phone (I couldn't help it!), the more I wanted to share with you guys!

I'm big on poetry, and big on using writing as self-expression in general. I watch spoken word a lot on YouTube and follow some amazing poets and writers online, Mike included. I've purchased a few of his books a while back, and HAD to see him in person on this tour! I'm glad I did. I was surrounded by amazing people with great vibes, all enjoying great words and music. I'll definitely be supporting the other poets, as well as checking out other open mic and poetry events.

Check out some video below!

Just Mike and I

Vision and I 

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