In The Spotlight: Singer/Musician Timothy J. Wilson

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Today we have the multi-talented artist and musician Timothy J. Wilson! This star on the rise grew up in White Plains, NY, about 20 minutes from Manhattan. A pastor’s kid, Timothy started playing instruments as a child at church. “As a pastor’s child, you’re pretty much there all the time, [so] they’re putting you on instruments” the singer joked. In addition to the singing chops he inherited from his father and grandmother, Timothy began playing the drums, and then learned other instruments including the piano, guitar, and bass. His talent was being developed extensively as a kid for his journey as an artist. Even at a young age, Timothy knew that music would be his life’s path!

When he graduated high school, Timothy began performing at different open mic events and showcases around NYC, growing in his craft and letting his talent shine. In March 2011, he made the decision to move down to Atlanta after staying in Upstate New York for a while for his music career. “Atlanta has a great reputation for being a launching pad for so many artists,” he stated. Timothy acknowledged that the move has helped his career greatly, not only in terms of music, but also in TV and film! “You have some people moving from Los Angeles, coming to Atlanta, just because it’s so much production going on here,” he said. Not only has the singer performed at multiple cafes, colleges, and festivals, but he’s also been featured in BET’s Let’s Stay Together, branching out into some acting as well.

Inspired by top artists like Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson, Jodeci, and Fred Hammond, Timothy really puts his musical talents to work, and has created truly great work! After dropping two EPs previously (Kiss Me and Born to Love), the artist released his third project, LOVESONGWRITER, in May 2015. “I felt that in R&B, I wasn’t hearing [love] as much,” Timothy said, acknowledging how different artists and groups in the past constantly sang of love but that times have changed. “In my mind, I [wanted] to do an EP that [had] the theme of love in every song.” As a songwriter, musician, producer, and singer, he literally created and produced the project by himself! “It’s like an artist that paints or draws, you know? You give them the canvas, and they get in there with those paints,” Timothy said of his creative process. “Give them some time, and what they’re gonna come out with is something that’s solely from them. Whatever you see on it is something that came from their heart.” Though he states that all of the songs on the project are like his “babies,” Timothy has a special place in his heart for the funk-infused track “Away,” which is definitely one of my favorites too. Timothy is using the gifts God gave him, and came out with an awesome project with this EP!

In addition to his music, Timothy has landed a role as Verdine White, legendary bassist of Earth, Wind & Fire in the upcoming Warner Brothers film, The Nice Guys, which stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling (set to be released on May 20, 2016). “The role was so up my alley, because he was already one of my influences,” Timothy said. “We have the same skin complexion, [and] pretty much the same build, so all they had to do was put an afro on me, [and] some chops on my face!” He also has been cast in another musical role for the upcoming sitcom, Brothers In Atlanta, starring Maya Rudolph, Jaden Smith, and Bashir Salahuddin. “I’m actually playing in [Maya’s] band in the show,” Timothy said. The cast and crew have shot the pilot, which has picked up by HBO, and are currently waiting on the go ahead to resume filming. So many exciting opportunities and doors being opened for this multi-talented artist! “That’s several things that God has opened up just being here in Atlanta,” Timothy admitted. “I tell you one thing, it’s like being a musician actually helps open up roles even in television and movies.” Acting is definitely something that Timothy sees himself doing even more of in the future, being the total package as an entertainer.

With ALL of this going on, Timothy is already writing and recording new music, and continuing work with his own label, Tim’elody Records. He even launched a 100-day business challenge (from July 5th to October 12th ) for other entrepreneurs, challenging them to post something about their businesses for 100 days straight somewhere on a social media platform. “Sometimes when people have businesses, [they] slack on the promotion,” Timothy said. The challenge is to help build consistency and growth in other businesses, which is very commendable. In terms of what sets him apart, Timothy believes part of his uniqueness lies in being a multi-instrumentalist in this industry. “I definitely use that in promotion, because, when you’re out here, you’ve got to use whatever to your advantage as far as marketing,” he stated. In the future, the artist would like to continue to take his career to the next level, including writing and producing for other artists, performing at different awards shows and snagging leading roles in movies. “Just being successful as a man, and as an African-American male, continuing to be an example, making great music by the help of God,” Timothy said. “The promotion comes from God, [but] we have to put in the work, though. That’s what I believe is going to happen as I continue to keep doing what I’m doing.”

You can check out more from this talented singer on his official website as well as SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also connect with him on FacebookTwitter,and Instagram

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