RECAP: "Pow, Pow, Pow"-The Game Series Finale

After nine seasons of The Game (5 of which I recapped for this blog), I can't believe that last night was the final episode! Picking up from last week, turns out when Pookie's gun went off, Rick Fox was accidentally shot in the leg. Like any sane person, he wants to call 911. However, Tasha tries to change his mind, because Pookie has two strikes on him already. He doesn't want to go to jail and Tasha is freaking out since that's Kai's father (and because she still loves him). Chardonnay comes over and sees Rick shot, and plans to take everybody to the hospital. As Chardonnay drives, Tasha and Rick talk about their relationship (with Pookie sitting right on the other side of Tasha, mind you). Though Rick has some lingering feelings, the truth is Tasha's heart isn't with Rick anymore. Rick calmly accepts it, and decides to say that he accidentally shot himself versus blaming Pookie. He kicks them out of the car, just so that Pookie doesn't get in trouble, knowing how much it means to Tasha.

Tasha and Pookie start their walk back, and she apologizes for trying to run off with Kai as well as cheating on him with Rick. Pookie accepts her apology, admitting that he was afraid Rick was trying to steal his family. He's not over everything she did to him, but he's also not over her! Pookie wants them to try to be a family, which Tasha happily accepts!

The next day, we see some familiar faces! Ding Dong (Derwin) and Med School (Melanie)! Derwin helps Melanie out of the car, and it turns out she is PREGNANT!!! Because they've had trouble conceiving, Melanie is deathly afraid that something will go wrong. However, Derwin tries to tell her that everything will be okay. They're close to San Diego, so he also suggests going down to see everyone. Melanie is unsure, since she's scared to announce the pregnancy. At that point, Derwin surprises her with a band playing stating that he will help her get across the goal line with the baby!

Later, Blue and Keira meet in his new condo. Blue believes Keira helped him realize the world out there waiting for him. They seem to come to a mutual understanding and have a better respect for each other now. Meanwhile, at the fertility clinic, Melanie and Derwin reveal that they're actually having twins! Derwin sees a familiar looking girl, and it turns out it's "Eggs," the turkey baster girl who tried to trap Derwin back in the day!!! Melanie walks over to her, and actually thanks her for being a turkey-basting groupie. From that, Melanie learned to go after what she wanted unapologetically, and that's how she got Derwin back. Turns out that Eggs is a professional surrogate apparently now, making mad money to carry people's babies! Melanie salutes her hustle, though.

At the game that determines whether the Sabers are making the playoffs, a lot of the players are still feeling sick! Jason tells them that they all need to think positively regardless of how they feel, and get it together! Jason knows he needs to win this game in order to help snag the coaching position.

Back at the doctor's, Melanie and Derwin find out that it's a 50/50 chance that the smaller twin Melanie is carrying will make it. The doctor asks Melanie if she wants to carry one or both of these babies to term. At that point, Melanie feels like God truly hates her. Derwin tries to be philosophical and tells her to walk on faith. At the end of the day, he's right though. Against all odds, they made it in their professional lives and their relationship because of the love and faith they have in each other. They will be there for each other regardless, because there's nothing the two of them can't handle.

During the game, Derwin and Melanie find out that Tasha isn't there, which freaks Melanie out because she wants to share her good news. A driver keeps driving them around trying to find people they know. When they don't find anyone, Melanie sees that their lives aren't in San Diego anymore, but with the babies. They have to let their friends do them, and then go live their own lives. On the way out, though, they run into Tasha! They announce that they're pregnant. At that moment, Kelly comes in, and it's a mini Sunbeam reunion! Kelly even does a little Sunbeam blessing over the babies. Tasha reveals, though, that many of the the Sabers have food poisoning, and with the at risk-babies, Melanie should probably leave. She and Derwin then ride off into the light together, partly ending the classic Game era.

On the field, Blue and Jason try to come up with a game plan to make a major move on the field. Blue hesitantly suggests that Malik may be the only option. The Sabers end up winnng the game after Malik hit the field. He announces the plan to have a press conference later to make a big announcement as well. Afterwards, Kelly and Jason talk to Herbie, and it turns out that Coach Sparks came to see the game! Herbie states he's not sure if Sparks will be back as head coach, but there are other factors to consider that can sway his attention (aka the offer for Herbie to watch Kelly and Jason have sex!).

Later, Malik stages a casting call for Keira, admitting that he needed to clear his head to focus on the game, but now he wants to retire and walk off that field with her.  He wants to fund an entire movie for her! However, you can't just play with other people's emotions the way he did. Still unimpressed, Keira states she slept with Blue last night, but Malik wants to still work it out. He PROPOSES to her, but Keira is over it and walks away. Later, at the press conference, apparently the media already knows about him retiring anyway, so it's not big news. However, Malik is waiting on Keira to come out, but she refuses, wanting to work on loving herself first. Instead of announcing a retirement, Malik decides to announce that he's sticking with football for the long run. It was a disappointing ending with them, but hopefully Keira does find something for herself.

Later that night, Jason and Kelly have sex in front of Herbie for the coaching position, even calling him "Grandma." Ew. However, a month later, Jason is head coach and the Sabers win the championship with Malik at the helm! Four months later, Melanie gave birth to both twins, a girl and boy, with DJ, Derwin's son with Janay, by their side to meet his new siblings. Six months later, Keira snags lead in Transformers V. Though it's rumored that she's with Michael B. Jordan, she's not. Looks like she finally found something better for herself outside of a relationship. Blue gets flowers from agent (and Tasha's former rival) Irv Smith personally, who has signed him. The next day, Tasha and Pookie move into a beautiful house with Kai, sticking to their commitment to be a family.

I wasn't that ecstatic over how everything ended, but it did give closure to the series nicely. It's a little sad to believe that this show is over now! Don't get me wrong, to an extent, I felt like it was time for BET and us fans to let it go. However, after all the history and years with this show, with it first being on The CW for three years and coming back on BET after a good couple of years, it's bittersweet. No more recaps...now I have to find other shows to recap (I'm eyeing a few new ones for the fall season!).

What did you think of #TheFinalGame?

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