EP REVIEW: Moments-Mosliano

Rapper Mosliano has released his debut EP, Moments, for listeners this week (Sept. 15)!

Mosliano himself serves as executive producer for the project, along with Daniel Sullivan, Mixed by Colin "Pyrex" Sprows, the EP is a small sample of Mosliano's work. We get a sense of where he is in life at the moment, hearing pieces of his life.

Check out the EP and my short review below!

The mellow intro track, "The Moment," Mosliano makes it clear that he is working towards developing his craft and making a name for himself in this industry. The artist is taking chances, living in the moment, and stepping out of his comfort zone to advance. "I'm flying out overseas," he raps. "Hardly in my city anymore, hard to believe." From his rapping, he's clearly hungry for his moment in the spotlight, and a better life. On the sexy "City Nights," the rapper admits that he is tired of waiting  "We've been talking all that big sh*t and I just want to break you off," Mosliano boldly admits. On this track, and the next,"3 AM," however, the words can be hard to understand, and the message can be lost on listeners.

On "Aliyah's Interlude," we hear a woman's voice, seeming like she's leaving a message, expressing her feelings about, I'm assuming, her relationship with Mosliano. She admits it's hard for them to understand each other, showcasing there's some trouble in their relationship.The final track, "She Knows," seems like a continuation of this interlude, with the relationship officially ending. The two went their own separate ways, and don't talk anymore, which many of us have gone through.

Listen to the EP in full below!

From what I have heard from Mosliano, I know that he incorporates singing and mellow melodies in his music. This project, he revealed, was actually inspired by the R&B tracks on Drake's So Far Gone, which can definitely be heard. However, I have to admit I would have love to hear more actual rapping than singing on this debut, but I get where he was coming from, from a creative aspect. I appreciated him revealing his thoughts on where he is in his life, currently. Like I stated earlier, though, it's hard to understand the words as he sings, and the message can be lost on listeners. I truly do believe in Mosliano's potential as an artist, though, and I know he has a strong passion for music. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

RATING: ★★ (Three stars)

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