ALBUM REVIEW: Calling All Lovers-Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton has released her fourth studio album, Calling All Lovers, today October 2! Though her 2013 release, Love &War, was definitely a good record, the singer came back stronger than ever with this one! Tamar delivered stronger vocals and material, showing us a more vulnerable side as she takes us through the stages of love.

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Tamar's vocal ability can never be denied, but what makes this album stand out from other albums released this year (as well as her own), is the fact that is pure, grown and sexy, unadulterated R&B. That includes all the good and bad emotions in between. Though Love & War was a good record, Calling All Lovers has way more passion and vulnerability with tracks like "Simple Things," "I Love You," and "Raise The Bar." While her last album seemed to have a more..."sophisti-ratchet" sound (yes, that's my best word for it), with a mix of modern R&B and dance tracks and I actually did like it, I found myself personally wanting more from her in terms of material. Well, Tamar gave it to us this round!

Though she sings of the good moments of love, Tamar also opens up about the bad moments with ballads like "If I Don't Have You," "Circles" and "Broken Record." She still shows us that fun persona we've come to love on the upbeat, funky "Must Be Good To You," as well as "Catfish," a fun side that we don't ever want to see Tamar get rid of. After all, it's her personality from her shows Braxton Family Values and Tamar &Vince that drew many of us into her work in the first place. The singer also has no problem showing off her sexy side with the mid-tempo track "Makin' Love," where she admits that she wants her man to put in work in the bedroom. "I want you in the worst way," she sings. "I love a man who knows how to work me...oh, oh, when we be makin' love."

The ballad "King," is probably the strongest song on the album.  I first heard the track when Tamar sang it on The Real and was literally moved to tears. And I mean, full-on, boo hoo crying! "Fear not...and when the world starts trembling, just say my name. Fear not...'cause I'll be with you all the way. Don't you worry, it's almost over," the singer croons. The emotions on that song are at an all-time high, as are Tamar's vocals. Seriously, this song should be a single.

The album title, Calling All Lovers, truly is so fitting for this album as Tamar sings songs literally for lovers at all stages. From the lovey dovey times, to the sexy and lustful sides, to the painful times, Tamar goes through it all on this project. Though I still need her to work on her enunciation, the talent and growth between albums is undeniable. It was so great to hear her open up more on this record as well. This is definitely a record for the lovers, for those who want real R&B back in rotation!

RATING: ★★★★★ (Five stars) 
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