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Today, we have hip hop artist Sav! Taking time out of his busy schedule recording his new EP Walk With Me hosted by the well known DJ, Mr. Peter Parker, Sav provided us with a very insightful interview about his start in music, his new projects, and some of his favorite albums in 2015 so far. 

Representing for the city of Cleveland by the way of one of its suburbs, Warrensville, Sav got his start in music when he was about 11 or 12. When he would hear Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on the radio, the rapper would record their songs off the radio onto cassette tapes. As he learned about different artists from different areas,  he was further inspired to try and write his own raps.

Sav admitted that most of his inspiration comes from the city of Cleveland. “Right now, to be blunt about it, the city is a war zone. Young kids are killing and dying everyday," the artist stated. "I want to show them that there is way more to life then that. I want to show them that getting rich and providing for your family is cool, not going to jail.” Music also serves an inspiration, as he considers himself to be a fan before he’s an artist. When he hears a dope song, bar or beat, it makes him want to go in the studio to create some dope music as well.

With his upcoming EP, Walk With Me, the rapper invites listeners to walk with him as he takes them down a path that gives a look into his life, his city and his generation. The project is also solely produced by a producer by the name of Snook and only has two features on it, fellow Cleveland artists Bei Sims and Jonre

In terms of what sets him apart, Sav believes it's his vulnerability in music that makes him unique. "I am not afraid to say anything about whats going on
in my life or how i feel about certain situations," he admitted. "I will let you know if I'm hurt, mad, [or] sad, and I think a lot of artists are not wiling to share as much personal stuff as I do in my music.” In the future, Sav plans to release new merchandise and music from his Elevated Livin’ group, including his own big singles and features with the group.
Keep up to date with Sav on his official website and SoundCloud. You can also connect with him on Twitter and Instagram


Sav’s Top 3 albums of 2015

1. Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly

2. Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise

3. WaleThe Album About Nothing

Which 2 artists would you love to see do a collaborative album from and why?
"Kendrick and Cole been teasing us for years now and that's the one project I would still love to listen to. I know that project will be FULL of substance and that's the kind of music I like. Plus , those are two of the best rappers in the game when it comes to lyrics."

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