In The Spotlight: Musical Artist Genius (Formerly Known As V.I.C.)

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Today, we have musical artist Genius! Formerly known as V.I.C. and remembered for his hits, "Get Silly" and "Wobble," Genius discussed his start in music, his name change, and fresh start as an artist!

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Born in Queens, NY, the artist moved to Atlanta, GA, at a young age. With Atlanta being such a huge spot for music, Genius began working on music of his own, constantly in the studio creating. "It got to the point when I really believed in myself, and I just knew what I had was good," he said. Inspired by artists like T.I. and Tyga, the artist began performing at open mics and other venues, and opening for different artists to develop a name for himself. He began to actively pursue a contract with Collipark Music, sending his music out literally every week, though he was rejected many times by the label.  "I just kept doing that for years, until the day I put a CD on their desk that I was really, really, really confident about," Genius admitted. That day, he told the executives at Collipark that if they didn't like what he had to offer this time around, he would never come back. That CD, though, landed him a record deal!

Working under the artist name V.I.C. at the time, Genius dropped his debut album, Beast, in August 2008. The album sparked hits "Get Silly" and "Wobble," which many of us know and still dance to! However, due to mismanagement and other business differences, Genius ended that business relationship. He changed his name, and struck out on his own, wanting a new start. "People know you for what you come out with, but they don't really get to know you as an individual," Genius said of being an artist in the industry. "I just wanted a fresh, new start, so that when I come out as Genius, [listeners] don't tie that to my past, and they can accept Genius for all the new forms of art and music that I'm ready to bring forth."

One of Genius' latest tracks, "Murder She Wrote," has been recently released, and was featured on The Spotlight last month. After receiving the track from his business partner, the artist was inspired to create his own feel to the song, and came out with a pretty dope track! Check it out below!

Currently, Genius is working on his new album Versatility, which will showcase his own versatile musical style, not just hip hop and R&B. "I adapt to all styles," he stated. "I'm not really caged in when it comes to music." Genius also plans to release more singles in the near future as well, as well as expand his new label, Miracle Music.

In the future, Genius wants to thrive as an independent artist and head of his label. "Now that I own my own company, I just desire success for my new brand, success for my label, and my own success, when no man can rob me ever again." Genius is definitely coming back with a new attitude, brand, and focus, and I'm excited to hear more from him!

Be sure to check out more from Genius on his official website, as well as SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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