NEW MUSIC: "Feels Like Only Yesterday"-Mi'das

Got some new music for you all today (be sure to check the blog Tuesdays and Thursdays for new tracks)! Back in June, we featured Mi'das, a great singer/songwriter based in London. Well, the artist is back with a new single "Feels Like Only Yesterday!"

From his upcoming debut album All Inside Your Head, the song features Mi'das' soulful vocals and draws inspiration from Stevie Wonder himself. As you listen, it's like being taken back to the chill vibes of the 70s, which is perfect as the song speaks on the "worry-free innocence of youth," according to a press release sent out by Project Light Agency. The song itself is smooth and easy, perfect for a drive or a day outside. Personally, I'm a very visual person, so I kept picturing myself outside walking and relaxing even as I sit at my desk typing this! It's also a great song for reflecting on the easier days of childhood.

I love the track, and I love that Mi'das uses his gift of music to express real emotions and feelings, creating tracks that have a classic, timeless feel. "My viewpoint is that popular music doesn't have to be throwaway," Mi'das said of the track. "We as musicians, songwriters and earthlings have the opportunity to say something in that 3-4 minute window. If we convey it honestly and concisely it will hopefully then carry to the listener and affect them." Exactly!

Check out the great track below!

Be sure to check out Mi'das' acoustic version of "Feels Like Only Yesterday" on YouTube as well! You can check out more from the singer on his official website, and check out more of his music on YouTube! You can also follow him onFacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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