RECAP: "Haunted House"-Scream Queens S1, E4

Scream Queens was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY last night! I'm really getting into this show! Picking up from last week, we find that Chanel is obsessed with Halloween, and she uses her own event, "Chanel-o-Ween" to give crazy presents for her fans. We actually see excited Chanel fans recording them receiving their "gifts," including razor apples, dead heads, severed hands, and even a box filled with blood blood. Chanel even delivers one present in person, and she gets a lot of print and social media coverage because of it all.

In present day, at the Kappa House, a detective questions Dean Munsch about the last episode's Red Devil appearance, but quickly releases her, much to the disappointment of Wes and Gigi. After all, how could she have dressed up as the Red Devil, causes the ruckus in the house, and then gotten changed in her nightgown in a matter of minutes? Obviously, the audience knows that there is more than one Red Devil, so this doesn't rule her out. However, it seems like it would be too obvious of a choice to have her involved. Plus the Red Devil seems to be avenging the Kappa death in 1995, which would make Dean Munsch at the top of the hit list. Just my theory. Anyways, the Dean tells Wes that he will be her date to the faculty Halloween party. Denise appears, still believing it's Zayday  involved in all this, determined to solve this case in honor of Shondell.

The next day, Grace and Pete go to this ex-Kappa Mandy's house dressed as Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Apparently, the lady has been dying to tell people what happened. Mandy reveals that the story behind the 1995 Kappa party is real. Dean Munsch apparently warned the girls then that they could go to jail for negligent homicide, for leaving the girl in the bathtub while they went to party. She tells them that they will bury the body in the woods themselves. In fact, the Dean made the girls wear hoods in the car on the way to the woods, so they wouldn't see where they were going. She also informs them that they will have to leave school and never talk to each other again. Dean Munsch, who at the time was only a supervisor of Greek Life at the time, wanted to "help the girls" for her own benefit, in order to advance in her position at Wallace. We also find out that the baby was a girl, which makes Grace suspicious! Meanwhile, one of the Dollar Scholars, Earl, talks to Zayday about running her Kappa president campaign, suggesting she throw a fundraiser for a cause that's dear to her heart.

Later, as the Kappas carve pumpkins, Zayday announces her plan to run for president to Chanel and the rest of the house, planning a haunted house for a sickle cell anemia fundraiser. Chanel states that WHEN Zayday loses, Chanel will ruin her reputation. However, Zayday threatens her with the fact that Chanel murdered Ms. Bean, to which Chanel threatens to possibly murder Zayday! In fact, later, she's seen in her closet sharpening knives! Number 5 suggests throwing another party, and Chanel decides to do a haunted pumpkin patch herself!

That night, Mandy gets a knock at her door, but when she answers, no one's there. We hear bangs and thumps on her trailer, and I already knew what was coming. The Red Devil gets in, and stabs her to death! Meanwhle, Chad is in the cemetery, for his own weird self-pleasure, when Hester catches him, They both connect off of the fact that they are very dark people that are obsessed with death. Hester reveals that she thinks she will snag VP when Zayday wins President, but plans to kill Zayday to become president herself later on. She also seduces Chad, planning to have sex with him in a scary location soon.

In his class, Wes creepily shows another scary movie, truly making me wonder if he could be thekiller. Afterwards, Grace confronts him about her mother's death. Wes states that Grace was born in a hospital, but she doesn't believe him, thinking he could be the killer trying to avenge her mother's death. Right after, she gets a text from Pete to meet at 53 Shady Lane, the house where Zayday will host the haunted house. Zayday, Earl, and Denise pop up, and Denise reveals that this house is very haunted. There was a rumor about a woman dressed in black who was always moaning about the loss of her three kids in this house. Kids actually saw the "Hag of Shady Lane," but no one believed them. One day, these kids went upstairs and saw a room full of toys from all over the neighborhood, which everyone sees still exists. This happened in 1995, the same year as the birth of the Bathtub Baby. Denise pulls Zayday aside, thinking that her haunted house party will be a buffet for Zayday to murder! Zayday flips the script though, revealing that Denise went to Wallace and tried to pledge Kappa in 1988, but was rejected, seemingly because of her race, and dropped out of school. Zayday thinks Denise is jealous that Zayday was able to make it in, and may be the killer herself! Hmm...interesting.

Meanwhile, Chanel goes around passing out flyers to her pumpkin patch, telling people that they will die at Zayday's party. She tells Hester and the Chanels that they need to crush Zayday's spirit so she will drop out. As they go to get lunch, another Dollar Scholar, Tommy, whistles at them and mocks them, and Chanel calls him out for treating girls like meat. In this feminist moment, the ladies attack him and his friend who was laughing as well. They even get a standing ovation from everyone in the cafeteria. It was a little odd, since Chanel is definitely evil. However, she stood for her Kappa sisters and other women in that moment, which gave me a slight sense of hope for her.

That night, Chad and Hester meet up at the old house, thinking the other texted them to meet. They find a "wax replica" of Ms. Bean's body, only it's real! As they scream and run from room to room, they find all of the bodies of everyone that the Red Devil has killed, even Coney! Chad and Hester warn people that they are dead bodies at the house, which make people even more excited to go to Zayday's party! Weirdos.

That night, Zayday, Grace and Pete see all the dead bodies for themselves. Zayday tries to call help, but the dispatcher doesn't believe her. As she's on the phone, the Red Devil snatches Zayday! Later, Dean Munsch and the detective tries to disconnect the murders from the school.Because the party took place at an off-campus house,  However, Coney and Number 2 went to Wallace, so there's no denying that there is a connection there. Chanel and the rest of the pledges walk away, even though Zayday is missing. Pete pulls Grace aside, thinking that they should tell the police about Mandy, who was also found at the house. However, Grace also reveals that she found out some reports of two thefts from a woman in black stealing diapers and milk one month after the bathtub incident! Grace thinks that the Hag of Shady Lane had the Kappa baby, and they have to figure out who that woman was! At the last moment, we see the woman in black sitting in her chair...and it's Gigi! This is all slowly starting to make sense, but you never know how Ryan Murphy is going to spin things! My biggest question of the night though? WHERE IS ZAYDAY?!

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