RECAP: "Pumpkin Patch"-Scream Queens S1, E5

Another crazy episode of Scream Queens! Picking up from last week, Chanel is finishing up her intense pumpkin match, complete with a corn maze and performances. She's stressing of course, because this needs this to go well in order for her to be reelected president. Chanel lets the other Chanels know that they will all attends as wives of falls presidents, with Chanel herself as Jackie Kennedy. When Number 5 is assigned Mary Todd Lincoln (for her psychopath behavior, according to Chanel), she goes off the deep end, stating  that she's done with Chanel and storms out. However, Number 5 loves riding on Chanel's coattails, so she never actually is bold enough to leave Kappa.

Later, Dean Munsch and Wes call together the Kappas and Dollar Scholars, who are most likely to be targeted again. Dean Munsch announces she is closing down the campus on Halloween. Chad tries giving a stupid speech to convince her to change her mind, but she is not swayed. The Dean puts them on curfew and cancels all Halloween plans, including the pumpkin patch.  Afterwards, Chanel writes a letter to the student body, inviting everyone to the pumpkin patch at 12:01 am on November 1, when the curfew will technically be over.

After the meeting, Number 5 ends up venting to Hester about Chanel, and the fact that Chanel steals her ideas all of the time. bitter about Chanel stealing her ideas all the time. Hester reveals that she's is a "switch-hitter," switching sides for her own benefit. She and Number 5 o see Jennifer, to try to sway the votes to Zayday, so that Hester can become Vice President (and eventually kill Zayday to become president herself). After seeing high quality candles wasted by Chanel, Jennifer (who's a dedicated candle vlogger, remember) decides to go along with their plan.

Later, while Chanel cheats on a test in class, she is ARRESTED for the murder of Ms. Bean. As she is taken away in the cop car, the other Chanels, Hester, and Jennifer watch, implying they turned her in. In the next scene, we see poor Zayday is stuck in this huge ditch, trapped by the Red Devil!

Back at the Kappa House, Grace and Pete are trying so hard to convince everyone to look for Zayday, but no one seems to care. In fact, they think that she should be able to escape wherever she is to prove herself as a president nominee. Grace and Pete go to find Wes to help them instead. They catch him and Gigi in bed together, though! You can tell that Grace is a little disturbed by it, but plays it off. Meanwhile, Chanel gets bailed out of jail, ready to seek revenge on Number 5.

Dean Munsch and Denise talk about the Dean's sexual encounters with students, especially Chad. Turns out Denise slept with him, too, and it was the best night of her life, though Dean Munsch was less than impressed. At that moment, Grace and Pete, Gigi, and Wes busts in. Denise stresses that the girl can't be dead, still holding on to this notion that Zayday is the killer herself. Dean Munsch has hired Denise to find her, and everyone else decides to go along to come up with a plan.

Later, Number 5 dresses up as Jackie Kennedy for the pumpkin patch, and Chanel busts in on her. It was all a part of Hester's master plan for them to turn on each other like this, of course. Though Chanel, at first, threatens to kill Number 5, she instead states that Number 5's punishment will be to finish setting up the pumpkin patch. Of course, with it being nighttime and the Red Devil still at large, Number 5 refuses. However, Chanel blackmails her, stating she has a video of Number 5 self-loving...while watching Dora The Explorer. These writers are absolutely crazy.

Meanwhile, Wes, Gigi, Grace, Pete, and Denise try to come up with the best plan to find Zayday.
Grace remembers the "Find My Device" app, and is able to find where Zayday probably is!

At the Pumpkin Patch, Number 5 takes Roger and Dodger the Dollar Scholars (twin brothers who are both seeing Number 5) to light the jack-o-lanterns in the patch. Of course, the Red Devil shows up, and there's a wild chase in the corn maze. In the end, a life is lost, with Dodger being cut up by the Red Devil's shears!

Later, Grace and everyone manage to find the cellar where Zayday is being held. Wes, Pete, and Grace find the Red Devil's lair and the hatch where Zayday is...or was. When they open it, it is completely empty. Meanwhile, Denise and Gigi find all of the Red Devil's weapons. The lights mysteriously go out, as the Red Devil uses night goggles and starts up a chain saw Gigi manages to tase him, but, of course, he gets away. Grace thanks Gigi anyway for trying, and they come to a good conclusion about Gigi and Wes' new relationship. However, Denise is now further convinced that Zayday is involved now that neither she nor the Red Devil can be found.

Back at the Kappa House, Chanel tries to start the vote for Kappa President, without Grace and Zayday there. However, Zayday pops back in at that moment! She tells them that she was kidnapped, but the Red Devil actually gave her little treats. He let her out of the ditch, giving her a bouquet of roses, and even made her favorite nachos for her, like he was in love with her or something! Grace comes in, too, corroborating Zayday's story. Looks like this won't be an easy vote after all, Chanel!

At the end of the episode, Gigi herself meets up with the Red Devil, telling him that someone apparently has to go. And it's a "he." Could it be Wes? Or Pete for meddling? Who's next on the chopping block? Guess we'll see nest week!

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