RECAP: "Seven Minutes In Hell"-Scream Queens S1, E6

Can NOT stop watching Scream Queens! I need answers on everything going on with this crazy show! Picking up from last week, the Kappa girls cast their votes for president, and it's a TIE between Chanel and Zayday, becoming co-presidents! Chanel, of course, is upset, and blames Number 5 for not finding a way for her to president.

When Number 3 and Number 5 go to check on her, Chanel reveals she voted for Zayday and wanted her to win, surprisingly. Chanel didn't want to be the boss in the midst of this huge crisis with a killer on the loose, believing that there would be a bigger target on her back to be killed herself. She has a "Chanel Dies Last" plan, and gives Zayday a key to the storage room, seemingly trying to give the Zayday administration a chance, but really wanting to kill her off.

Zayday's number one goal is to stop the murders. Grace believes that some of the Kappas know more than they are letting on, and Zayday believes that it all may come out if they throw a slumber party.

At the Dollar Scholars' house, the guys have a talk with Chad about him having sex with Dean Munsch and Denise. They all think it's weird, so he pledges to stay committed to Chanel. They also plan a "panty raid" on the Kappas' slumber party. The slumber party starts with Spin The Bottle. Number 3 really wants to kiss Sam to explore her feelings, and, after she does, she believes that it's too dangerous for them to actually have sex thinking when she loves someone, it will drive that person insane because of her father being Charles Manson. Crazy.

Jennifer and Sam reveal that the doors and windows are locked, and they are trapped in the house. Grace thinks it was his father, but Chanel believes it to be the killer. Turns out Chanel turned the whole house into a panic room, and the switch to unlock everything is broken. At that moment, the lights go out! Chanel calls Chad for help, and he admits that he had sex with the Dean and Denise. She still loves him regardless, and the Dollar Scholars run to save them. After Chad break a window to get in, the Red Devil appears! Most of the guys make it up the ladder, except for the armless frat guy Caufield who can't climb fast enough without his arms! The Scholars and Chanel watch as the Red Devil chops off his head!

Grace thinks that maybe they all need to leave school, but Zayday refuses to be afraid! She starts a game of Truth or Dare with the Kappas and Scholars to find out who the killer is. Grace asks Sam what Number 3's deepest, darkest secret and Sam reveals her father is Charles Manson. Now, everyone thinks she may be the killer. In retaliation, Number 3 angrily dares Sam to go into the storage room and take a nap in the bloody bathtub! Of course, the Red Devil appears, and hits her before placing her in the tub. She asks to see his face before he kills her, and deep down, knew the truth about the Red Devil's identity. The Red Devil then suffocates her to death with a plastic bag!

Hester talks to Chad about them being together, but he doesn't think that they would work because she's crazy! However, Hester refuses to be #2 to Chanel or stop til she gets what she wants. After Chanel walks in on Hester trying to hit on Chad, she proposes a game of Seven Minutes of Heaven, angering Hester. Chanel considers taking Chad back, if he will finally be monogamous, which he promises to (I'm sure that will be short lived). Hester screams after finding Sam's body, and Chanel believes that Hester is the one who did it. Chanel wants to lock Hester upstairs until they can find a way out. Meanwhile, while in the closet with Number Three, Roger is shot to death by the Red Devil with a nail gun, who then just walks away!

The Kappas and Scholars find Number 3, where Chad reveals that there are two Red Devils out there. Chanel thinks that Number 3 is the killer, but also brings up an interesting point that Pete isn't there (he's "studying").A secret tunnel is revealed in the closet, which may be how the Red Devil got in the house in the first place. The tunnel has pictures of past Kappa presidents, all of whom were mean girls like Chanel. The Red Devil appears with two axes, managing to grab Zayday and back her into a corner. However, Chanel hits him over the head with a vase before he can kill Zayday.

The next day, the cops makes the decision to keep Kappa House under surveillance around the clock. Wes storms in, wanting to take Grace home, and,of course, she refuses. Afterwards, Number 3 admits to Number 5she was in love with Sam, not seeing herself as a lesbian, but just as someone who wants love, wherever she may find it. The two also make a pact that they will outlive Chanel no matter what.

That night, Chanel gives everyone pink nunchuks, stating that no more Kappas will be lost. Zayday starts a random dance party to finish out their slumber party, and the girls actually. They actually have a good, standard sorority moment, while the Red Devil looks on!

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