In The Spotlight: Rady Onabanjo, Owner & Designer of Saviwear Brands

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Today, we have Rady Onabanjo, owner and designer of Saviwear Brands! The designer always had a love of style and fashion, and would receive compliments on her outfits and color coordination. Though she was into rapping and then law for a while, her journey eventually shifted to a career in fashion.

The designer officially started sewing a year ago, back in 2014, during a sewing course in college. After receiving a bad grade in class, Rady began watching YouTube videos to help her learn, and she began to pick it up faster than she did in class. This allowed her to strengthen her sewing skills, and she officially started Saviwear Brands. Saviwear is a brand that caters to all women, helping them to exude confidence and style with the brand's clothing. "In a comfortable and classic way, we show women how to be versatile," Rady said. "With just one piece you can style [our clothing] so many ways, [from] a nice stylish lunch date to a nice casual school day." Though she has started off with no business experience, and admits the work can be overwhelming, Rady loves that she is able to learn more about and grow in her field with her own designs.

In terms of what makes Saviwear different, Rady believes it is her technical and designing skills that sets the brand apart. "I can see Saviwear expanding to contemporary celebrities and developing a great name," she said confidently. In addition to growing her line, the designer is creating a documentary about black culture as a whole, looking at various issues within the black community.

Rady's advice to anyone with a dream? "Don't ever limit yourself to anything! You are never to unskilled to do anything!" she said. "We have to have faith in ourselves to accomplish whatever we want to make possible."

You can shop Saviwear on the brand's official website. You can also follow the line on Instagram, as well as Rady herself! 

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