RECAP: "Being Kara"-Being Mary Jane S3, E4

Another great episode of Being Mary Jane last night! Picking up from last week, this episode mostly surrounds Kara, hence the title of the episode. We see Kara having some romantic time with Gael, going off to finish some work, and falling asleep. However, she oversleeps, and rushes to get ready for the day. We've seen before that she has a problem balancing her work and personal life. As she gets ready in the car, she pops a pill to, assumedly, calm herself down and get on with the day.

Because she overslept, Kara misses a parent-teacher conference, and her ex-husband John reveals that their youngest son Scott may have dyscalculia, a specific learning disability for math. His teacher wants him to get tested, to be sure. Though Kara begins to freak out, she suggests the kids living with her for a while, offering to help with Scott's math. Clearly seeing she is overwhelmed by this news, John asks why she feels like she has to be Superwoman all the time. This statement causes Kara to break down, feeling like John keeps the kids from her. If anything, she really doesn't seem to feel like she's as good a mother as she could be, and beats herself up for it.

At SNC, Mary Jane reveals to Kara she got sidelined another week on the show because of her scar. Honestly, in her test shots, she looked great with the makeup, and Gary made a stupid decision by not letting her on. It was probably on purpose, honestly, to try to push MJ out of the show completely.
Back at her house, MJ notices she's received a letter from Lisa, and asks Brandon (her Cutty Buddy) to come over to distract her from her sadness.

The next morning at Kara's, her sons have spent the night, along with their dog, and the morning is chaotic. Scott had an accident in the bed, the dog Lucy chews up her shoes, and Scott and Max get in a fight. It causes Kara to yell a bit, which she later apologizes for, reminding her sons that she loves them more than anything. She tells them that her dad will pick them up and bring them back, which the kids object to, since they're not used to actually staying with her much. John calls to check in after Max called him earlier upset, which gets her angry again. It all seems like it's too much for her, though she tries to act like she can handle it.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane slips away from Brandon to meet up with Cece in the park to give her the first installment of funds. They get into a short debate about race, with Cece then offering her condolences on the loss of Lisa which angers Mary Jane. Cece is trying to be civil while extorting her, so I understand Mary Jane being upset. No need for small talk when you're blackmailing someone for her money!

At work, Marisol meets with Greg without Kara to pitch stories, which irritates Kara. Though it is a natural thing for a journalist, Kara sees it as Marisol not only trying to secure a spot at SNC, but also cutting Kara out of the creative process as the producer. That night, MJ shops for shoes and has some good loving with Brandon. Niecy walks in on them in the jacuzzi, needing help with her resume. Embarrassed, MJ puts Brandon on hold to assist, convincing Niecy to tell a tiny white life that she had an internship at SNC. Honestly, Niecy has ZERO work experience so she needs something to get her foot in the door.

Meanwhile, Kara buys a whole bunch of ingredients to make brownies for a fundraiser at school. John and Kara have wine, and talk about their son, with Kara believing that she may have passed along her issues to Scott. Afterwards, she attempts to make the brownies and research her son's learning disability, and ends up burning the brownies. As Mary Jane and Brandon are STILL going at it, Kara comes by,  distraught, asking MJ to make the brownies. She even left the kids alone to go over there! Kara breaks down about how she feels inadequate as a mother, and that she's screwed up her life, and now she's screwed them up. Mary Jane gives her a long, well-needed hug, and makes her some great brownies to take to Scott's school, which cheers Kara up.

The next day, Niecy goes on an interview for a beauty supply company. When the interviewer gives her an attitude about being a little late, Niecy states firmly that, as a black woman, she probably knows more about the products than the lady does and could still be a great asset for the company. She says that she was late because she is a mother, but she hopes that she will still be considered for the job.

Later, Mary Jane goes to see Cece at her bookstore, which she bought with the extortion money. Mary Jane, who has been digging up info on Cece, warns her that the extortion will stop. However, Cece doesn't care what MJ brings out about her. She can still end MJ's career. Mary Jane calls Cece out and says that she is no better than the white man, and "slave owners" using the blacks, which is what Cece is always bringing up. Mary Jane is right, too. At the end of the day, Cece is blackmailing MJ, and in the name of God, claiming it as HER BLESSING! It's wrong.

Towards the end of the episode, Gael comes to SNC to see Kara. After they have passionate sex in the car, they talk, and Kara reveals that she feels like she's not being fair to her kids by spending more of her free time with him, or fair stringing him along. The two break up. Though I like them as a couple, I think Kara made the right choice for now. She does need to make more time for her kids, so hopefully this will help. She even brings up moving back into her old house to John, so the entire family can be together. She wants to be a better mother, and thinks this is the best way. Though John thinks it's a terrible idea, he goes along with it.

Niecy later reveals to MJ that she got the job. She's starting out part-time on a small salary, but it's a start. After more sex with Brandon, Mary Jane finally opens the letter from Lisa, which was an invitation for a gala event Lisa was supposed to be honored at at the beginning of 2016. Mary Jane breaks down and Brandon comforts her. He even preps Cuban cigars and whiskey for her, saying that his grandfather taught him that this was the best way to balance out so much death and to find a way to enjoy life. I like him. I don't know if he's the right one for MJ, but he makes a good cutty buddy for sure!

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