RECAP: "Beware of Young Girls"-Scream Queens S1, E7

Soooo...last week was the World Series so, unfortunately,we didn't get to see a new episode of Scream Queens. Picking up from last episode, Chanel hosts an open casket funeral for Chanel #2, since the girl's own parents went on a cruise to celebrate her death! However Chanel uses the moment to go IN on the poor dead girl at her own funeral! Chanel reveals how Number 2 seduced Chad,  and even pushed her down to the stairs once, and got what she deserved. Everyone knows that Chanel has done worse, though!

Later, Chanel is upset after talking about Number 2's betrayal, with it really hitting her that her sorority sister betrayed her. She then goes off on Hester, knowing that Hester tried to seduce Chad too, and refuses to trust her again. Number 5 reveals she found an Ouija board, and suggest maybe contacting Number 2 from the other side to prove that Number 2 is sorry for what she did to Chanel. That night, they host a seance, it looks like the board is actually working. Number 2 quickly spells out a warning to Chanel, stating, "Chad is cheating on you," which stuns Chanel. She is so gullible, and believes Chad's promise that he is monogamous, so she wants to prove Number 2 wrong.

Meanwhile, Gigi, admitting that she is involved in the murders for revenge, is on the phone with one of the murderers, calling the two Red Devils inefficient, and irritated that she has to try to cover everything up. However, Wes shows up in that moment, and Gigi quickly ends the call.

The next day, Grace takes Gigi shopping to try to help with Gigi's old-fashioned style for Wes. She also tries to ask Gigi how her dad feels about Grace still being on campus. Clearly trying to put a bug into Grace's ear, Gigi later tells her that there was drama with a former Kappa, Feather McCarthy, and Dean Munsch, prompting Grace to want to investigate.

Pete and Grace invite Feather to the Kappa House, and Feather admits that she became involved with Dean Munsch's husband during her time there. When he told the Dean he wanted a divorce to be with Feather, Dean Munsch went crazy. Dr. Munsch had to move in with the Kappas, and the Dean would show up everywhere Feather went dressed exactly as her! Eventually, Feather got kicked out of the Kappas and couldn't take being on campus, so she decided to finish her degree online. She also reveals how one day, while taking a bath, someone mysteriously pushed a transistor radio into her water! Believing it to be the Dean, Feather agrees to go on record to testify against Dean Munsch in Pete and Grace's write up on the murderer for the paper. When she gets home,  Feather discovers body parts and bloody arrows and messages directing her upstairs! As she enters a room, she find Dr. Munsch's head in the fish tank!

Meanwhile, Chanel goes to confront Chad, and finds him half naked with a goat! I don't want to even go into how I felt about that scene. She breaks up with him in that moment, but he tells her to hear him out. By telling a suspicious tale that he is lactose intolerant, and was using the goat for milk, Chad gets Chanel to forgive him. This stupid girl believes him, of course. Chanel, come on. They have soy and almond milk at the store. Be smarter girl. He's cheating on you with other girls and now, apparently, farm animals. Which is something extremely disgusting that I wouldn't past him.

Later, Dean Munsch meets with Detective Chisolm, who is having a hard time connecting all of the murders without a motive. However, the police all believe that she was the one who killed Dr. Munsch, and believes that she could be connected to the other murders. The detective puts her under arrest, and officers come to put her in a straight jacket and take her to the mental hospital! Honestly, she probably killed Dr. Munsch obviously out of jealously and revenge. However, it's too predictable to have her be involved in all of the other murders. Plus, since she was involved with covering up the death of the Kappa girl in 1995, she's definitely one who others would be seeking revenge on, not the other way around.  With this arrest, though, Grace and Pete plan to publish their story with Dean Munsch being named as the killer. In celebration, they kiss, but Grace gets a call from Dean Munsch who wants to see them to talk.

The next day, Pete and Grace go to see the Dean, who's actually enjoying herself in the hospital with the meds they give her and being able to sketch. She tells them that Feather probably killed her ex-husband, and could be involved in all of the murders. However, they don't believe her, and they want to know about what happened to the baby. The Dean wants them to bring evidence against Feather first, and then she will tell them what happened with the baby. So that night, Pete and Grace are able to get evidence pics from Dr. Munsch's murder scenes. Turns out the killer made a sandwich after the murder, and it was bologna. Dean can't have bologna because it will put her into shock, so they deduce that the killer is actually still out there.

Meanwhile, the Chanels try again to contact Number 2. They ask her questions nobody else would know, including who's killing everybody! Number 2 says that the killer is actually Chanel, which shocks everyone else. Afterwards, Hester calls Number 3 and 5 into her room, stating that none of them are safe. They have to kill Chanel before she can kill them. While they brainstorm ideas on how to kill her, Chanel walks in on them. Hester decides that once Chanel is knocked out, they're killing her.

That night, Number 2's ghost comes back to apologize to Chanel in a dream. Hell is no fun for her, of course, and she is told that, in order to get to Heaven, she has to make things right with Chanel. Number 2 admits that she was jealous of Chanel, and apologizes for sleeping with Chad and lying about Chanel being the killer. Number 2 also confesses that the other Chanels are trying to kill her, and tells her to rise up and be the leader and bring them all together again.

Meanwhile, Grace and Pete sneak into Dr. Munsch's house and finds Feather's toothbrush which matches the DNA on the bologna sandwich. After presenting this evidence to the police,  Feather is arrested, and Dean Munsch is released. There was no real motive that Feather was tied to the other murders, though. Grace demands to know what happened to the baby, and Dean Munsch tells her to come to the office next week, where she will reveal the truth.

Later, Chanel confronts the others about their plan to murder her. Number 3 spills their entire plan about wanting to use rat poison in Chanel's laxative. Chanel would've survived anyway, though, because it doesn't kill humans. It just makes them sick. She reveals that Number 2 came to her last night. Chanel gets them all Nancy Drew hats, believing that Grace and ZayDay are involved with the murders, and the Chanels will work to expose them.

At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Dean Munsch really did kill her ex-husband, of course. She cleverly framed Feather, who is now locked away in a straight jacket and glass cell. Meanwhile, as ZayDay and Grace walk in the Kappa house, we see the Chanels at the top of the stairs looking down, clearly ready to strike against them!

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