RECAP: "Don't Call It A Comeback"-Being Mary Jane S3, E6

How are you all liking Being Mary Jane this season? Picking up from last week, Mary Jane has a great
night at the club with Nichelle and other girlfriends, as they drink and talk about their sex lives! As the ladies all begin to leave to go home, Mary Jane sees the white boy she made out with in the last episode, and goes back in the club. They make out again, as Nichelle texts to see if MJ made it home safe. He wants to go home with her, or have her come home with him, but she wants to keep things at the club. We still don't even know his name, and neither does Mary Jane, but she's good with that.

The next morning,  stylists come in to fit Mary Jane for the show. She gets a text from Brandon, and the stylist gives her some tips on how to deal with him just as a cutty buddy.  That night, Mary Jane has another great show, just going with the flow and enjoying the perks. Kara stays behind to work, upset at her loss of personal life, while Mary Jane is out having fun all of the time. In fact, MJ doesn't even bother inviting Kara anymore, knowing that the answer will probably be no, or she'll back out last minute. It upsets Kara a little bit, but what can she do?

That night, MJ and Brandon have sex, but he has a seizure shortly after! It's scary and unexpected, and Mary Jane stays up with him. However, the next day, at work, she reveals that she can't deal with her life at SNC, family, and Brandon's seizures on top of that. "Seizures aren't sexy," she tells Kara nonchalantly. I thought more about it, and I don't know if Brandon and MJ would be a good couple. Though Brandon is a good person, personality-wise, they are very different. Plus, Mary Jane can be a little stuck up sometimes.

At that moment, it's revealed that Mark has a sex scandal going on! A photographer snapped some
pictures of him coming out of the club hugged up with another a guy, causing quite a stir. MJ tries to calm him down, offensively stating that that being gay is trendy, and this will blow over. However, gossip and public opinion means more than the truth now a days, and Mark knows that this will have a big effect on his career. Greg, of course, asks for to speak to him, and reveals that their legal team will do whatever it takes to get these pictures down, and will support him as the public is doing. The VP of Marketing wants him to officially come out on air, and then do LGBTQ lifestyle and policy stories, using his scandal to help broaden the network's audience. Mark is not all interested in being the face of gay politics, but wants to be on the ground in Syria and Nigeria to cover international policy. However, with journalists being kidnapped there already, Greg says that sending Mark over there now is completely off the table now that his sexuality has come out full force like this. Mark fires back, stating that if he can't do his actual job, then he quits!

On the next Primetime, MJ hosts a discussion about immigration reform and voting. Afterwards, one of the panelists tells her that people of color still need her highlighting their issues on PrimeTime, like she did on Talk Back. Afterwards, Greg goes to ask Mary Jane to get Mark back, who is the strongest day talk show host they have. MJ apologizes to Greg, realizing how hard he fought for her as well. He accepts, stating  that she is the face of the network now, but knows she can handle it just fine.

Later, Kara talks to Marisol, who is working to keep a name for herself at SNC. Marisol asks Kara what she has against her. Kara is upset thinking Marisol is only here to fill a quota, screwing all of her hard work and the work of other Latinos. It could very well be true, but let the girl prove herself, Kara! Meanwhile, Mark and Mary Jane talks about him quitting, and MJ asks him to reconsider SNC's proposal about the lifestyle stories. However, Mark feels like people won't truly hear him, focusing only on the fact that he's gay. MJ is worried about his safety overseas, and encourages him to talk things through with Greg.

That night, Brandon texts MJ, and she invites him to come over. However, before they get it on, she has to discuss the huge elephant in the room with these seizures! Brandon reveals that the seizures started two months ago, and he's scared of how that will affect his football career. Mary Jane suggests that maybe he should give up football, and something else like go back to school, which upsets him and he storms out. The next day, she reveals to Nichelle she's not invested in Brandon, believing that they know too much about each other and the mystery is gone. Now MJ's found this new white boy to play with, which leads to an interesting discussion about being single and the "hoe threshold." It's good to see them spending time with each other again, rekindling their friendship.

At the end of the episode, Mark talks to Greg. SNC is not willing to take on the liability still, and Mark decides to hire his own team and go to Nigeria independently. Mary Jane thinks it's time for them both to live a little and stop fighting on these types of things, clearly happy just going with the flow now. Mark states that they're SNC puppets now, but MJ is good with that, because people don't care about the truth. Why keep fighting a losing battle? She may be a sell out, but now she's getting what she wants. Mark, however, refuses to.

Later Mary Jane goes to the club, and meets up with the white boy, who watched her show that night. The mystery is a little ruined by him watching her on TV, but, by the look on her face, she plans to enjoy herself anyway!

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