RECAP: "Ghost Stories,"-Scream Queens S1, E9

Another dramatic, crazy episode of Scream Queens last night! Picking up from last week, Boone is walking around in his disguise, talking on the phone as if nothing is wrong. He talks to the person on the other end about how they have agreed to take out Gigi. For a moment, Boone takes off his beard, and Number 3 spots him! However, her dumb butt thinks he's a ghost, and that he's come back for revenge on her for saying he couldn't be a Kappa! She gets scared and runs off.

At the Kappa House, it's the ladies' last night there. Chanel is rocking a Sacagawea costume, thinking Sacagawea had something to do with Thanksgiving. Goodness. Anyway, she reveals that Chad has asked her to meet his family for Thanksgiving! In fact, she received a traditional Radwell turkey wishbone necklace, which, in her mind, means she's pretty much set to be engaged to him by Christmas. Of course, Hester is jealous, but plays it off. She and the other ladies nonchalantly toast to Chanel's news.

Grace has made the decision to stick around campus a bit longer to do more investigating. She's still upset about her father lying to her, and doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with him and Gigi. Zayday invites Grace to her grandmother's house, so she's not alone.

Later, as Denise makes the Chanels wrap up all of their fancy clothes in bubble wrap, Number 3 fearfully expresses that she's being haunted by Boone. Denise gathers them all around the fireplace to tell ghost stories. In her mind, that's going to distract them all from their fear of Boone's "ghost," and the serial killer. Makes absolutely no sense, but they all go along with it. Denise tells a story of "The Red Cloak," a tale about a ghost who lurks in women's bathrooms. While someone is in there, she has to choose from either a red roll of tissue or a blue roll. If you pick red, your throat is slit and it looks like a red cloak. If the blue roll, you're strangled and turn blue. Absolutely the dumbest ghost story I've ever heard, and it doesn't help calm the girls' fears either.

Meanwhile, Boone goes to see Chad, still sticking with this ghost idea, and, of course, Chad believes it. Boone states that he has come back to take Zayday on a nice date. If he can get her to have sex with him, he will be able to come back to Earth. That will be hard to manage because, for one thing, Zayday is dating one of the Scholars, Earl Gray. Secondly, everyone thinks he's dead!

As Denise goes to the bathroom later, as in her story, she is given both red and blue rolls of tissue to choose from. At that moment, the Red Devil jumps her, and he tries to drown her in the toilet. She manages to escape, locks the door where the Chanels are, and asks to hear another ghost story to calm her fear. Hester tells a story of a Kappa who found herself on the road in the middle of the night, where she hears the story of the Meat Hook Killer's escape from a mental institution. A truck comes blazing behind her, with the driver flashing his lights and honking his horn. Scared, the girl pulls to a gas station. Turns out the killer was actually in her car, and the truck driver honked his horn to scare him. When they open the door to catch him, the killer is gone. After this story, Number 5 decides to finally leave this time, while the rest of them wait to see if she even makes it downstairs with the killer out there.

As all this is going on, Zayday and Earl kiss in her room, with them planning to have sex. Because he wants their first time together to be perfect, he goes to get stuff from his room. After he leaves, Boone comes in through the window with flowers, and he expresses his love for Zayday. She, however, sees right through his ruse as a ghost, and believes he faked his death. Grace comes in as well, and when Zayday sees the fork mark she left on him when she was kidnapped, they attempt to capture him. However, Boone ends up accidentally flipping over the balcony, but goes missing! Earl comes back to the house, and Boone reveals himself in the Red Devil costume, and kills Earl!

On her way home, Number 5 hears a news bulletin on the radio about Boone, exactly like in Hester's ghost story. A truck driver also tries to warn her with the killer in the car, and Number 5 stops at a gas station, When she and the driver open the door, they see there's no one in the car. The Red Devil comes from behind them, and kills the drive with a machete, as Number 5 quickly drives off!

Later, Hester goes to confront Chad about not taking her home for Thanksgiving. Chad has been ignoring her for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that she's not rich and the fact that now she has her neckbrace back on (bedazzled now, of course). Hester indirectly threatens both him and Chanel, stating that we'll all see if the two of them even make it to Thanksgiving dinner.

Meanwhile, Zayday mourns for Earl, while Number 5 freaks out from her tramatic experience. They know now that Boone is one of the Red Devils, and Grace believes he could be the baby in the bathtub. Hester storms in, planning to seek revenge on Chanel,  and states that she is pregnant! Chanel goes to confront Chad about the news, which shocks him. However, he decides that he now has to take Hester home instead, since she's "carrying his child." Chanel threatens that he will pay the ultimate price for this, which leads Chad to believe she could be the killer!

Chanel comes back to the Kappa House, apologizing to the other Chanels, and admits she needs her sisters. Of course, this is just manipulation since she wants them to come up with a plan to kill Hester to get her invite to the Radwells' Thanksgiving back. Meanwhile, Grace and Zayday call for the FBI to come in to capture Boone, since clearly this detective isn't cutting it. Zayday also calls out the Dean for not doing more to stop these murders, and now Earl's blood is also on her hands. Dean Munsch plans to get the detective fired from the case, and reveals to the girls that there were twins born that night back in 1995, a boy and a girl. The boy was probably Boone, but questions remain: Who is the girl, and how did these babies end up in an mental instituion, and then eventually with Gigi?

Later, Boone talks to the other Red Devil about Zayday, while waiting for Gigi to arrive. At that moment, she walks in, and states that Boone jeopardized this revenge plot by kidnapping Zayday, walking around in disguise, and then walking around like he was a ghost in the Kappa house. Boone masterminded a lot of the ideas behind the murders, and walks over to Gigi, with the plan to murder her. However, the other Red Devil goes back on their promise, stabbing and killing Boone instead! Gigi reveals that this Red Devil is indeed Boone's sibling, so it has to be a girl!

At the end of the episode, the Chanels feed Hester sushi, unpasteurized cheese, and champagne infused with tobacco, all of which she eats! Obviously, she's not pregnant, but Chad still thinks she is. Hester states that, by going to the Hamptons, she'll have ample opportunity to get pregnant. She storms off, and Chanel runs after her, at first seemingly trying to make amends. However, Chanel pushes Hester down the long staircase, definitely cracking her spine!

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