RECAP: "Hot Seat"-Being Mary Jane S3, E5

Another great episode of Being Mary Jane last night! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane is
adamant about getting her spot back on the show. However, Greg refuses to pull Marisol from the chair. MJ then decides to make some moves of her own, and makes a donation and call to the Rainbow Coalition. A representative comes in to question Greg, wondering if race is the reason why Mary Jane hasn't been brought back on the show. Greg offers the Coalition time to speak on their organization to avoid this accusation going public, but the rep demands that MJ be put back on the air within 3-6 weeks or the Coalition will hit the press. Mary Jane doesn't feel like the rep pressed hard enough, but, for the coalition, there is a process to getting this to happen. Yet again, Mary Jane takes things into her own hands, and announces to the intrigued reporters outside that she'll be back on the air on Monday, forcing SNC's hand herself.

Back at her house, Mary Jane calls to cancel her donation to the Coalition,  since she went on a limb making the announcement that she'll be back. Mark disagrees with her move, though understanding Mary Jane felt backed into a corner. She realizes that she went a little too far, but what's done is done.

At the Pattersons, Helen is clearly still struggling with her lupus, but manages to shake it off as Patrick walks in to drop off samples as he is now a salesman for different soft drinks. When he tries to offer Niecy a sample, she gets upset and storms off, clearly still mad that he's now deciding to put forth effort in his life, and trying to be a better parent to D'Asia. Patrick calls her out for being rude and ungrateful. Afterwards, Niecy calls her mother, who promises that she's coming to see Niecy.

Later, Kara calls MJ on speaker with Greg, who wants her in the office now. When MJ gets there, he plays the video of her statement to the reporters. Irritated, he states that he is the one constantly advocating for her. Contrary to her belief, his decisions about her has nothing to do with her black. He's taken note of her constant tardiness, as well as her never taking proper time to prepare beforehand for her shows. Hearing that truly shakes MJ up a little bit, but Greg lets her know that she is set to be back on air on Monday, as she announced, but she better be prepared.

Niecy's mom Jackie (played by Jill Scott) comes in toting gifts for her daughter. As they talk, Niecy admits that she wants her kids to know their grandmother, who is always busy working, doing hair for Nicki Minaj on tour. Jackie states that Niecy could work in hair herself,  if she gets a portfolio together. Niecy can have a real career that takes her around the world, using her skills. It's actually not a bad idea, if Niecy actually could follow through. She's so used to people taking care of her, though.

That night, after calling her stylist for a new look, Mary Jane shows off her new short hair cut at the club with Mark. She admits that she's nervous about going back on air, but Mark states confidently that she will do well. Mary Jane talks about her cutty buddy, Brandon, and believes that he could maybe be the right one. However, Mark thinks she needs to keep Brandon as a scratch for her sex itch. That's really what she likes him for. Mark encourages her to take the rest of the free time she has for herself, and let love come to her.

On her first night back on Primetime, it's clear that MJ took Greg's words to heart, and prepped very well for her show. The teleprompter even breaks on her, and the girl doesn't miss a beat on her topic! She needed that kick in the butt!

Meanwhile Jackie and Niecy walk in late from dinner, and Patrick confronts Niecy, who left the kids with their grandparents yet again. She should've been back at a certain time, which upsets Jackie, who had no idea. Jackie even tells her that being late isn't cute, and that Niecy is not a kid anymore. She needs to be on time, and stick to her word, especially when it comes to her kids. Of course, Niecy gets mad and storms off. Jackie lets her go, but then invites Patrick out to dinner with her the next night.

After her show, Mary Jane and Kara have a brief celebration. When Mary Jane gets home, she sees all of her fans giving her praise on social media, and also gets love from her family and friends, and she's happy. However, Greg's words haunt her as she tries to sleep, and she comes into the office to work. She has another great show the next night, though still self-conscious about how she's really doing.

Later, Jackie and Patrick spend time together at his apartment. She looks at a picture of their
daughters, and says kindly that Patrick needs to stop babying Niecy. All it's going to do is stunt her growth. He then states that she really needs to come around more. At the end of the day, Niecy is mad at both of them, but takes it out on Patrick since he's the only one really around. Jackie reveals that she actually doesn't do Nicki's hair, but the dancers' hair. Though that's still great and Jackie loves what she does, she spends most of her time in airports and always being on call. That part of it sucks. Because of it, she thinks she messed her daughters up. Patrick comforts her with a kiss, and they end up making out and having sex. The next day, Jackie says goodbye to Niecy, and promises to stay in better contact with her.

After MJ hits the club again at the end of the episode, she finds a handsome, white guy to keep her company. They talk, dance, and eventually make out in the club. At work the next day, Mary Jane happily tells Mark how she kissed her first white boy. Kara comes in with news about the show, stating that they came in last place, which always happens, but they maintained their numbers. MJ is clearly not satisfied with that. However, at the end of the day she still won by getting her spot back. That night, she sits by the pool, smokes a cigar and has a drink, as Brandon suggested in the last episode, and smiles.

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