RECAP: "Mommie Dearest"-Scream Queens S1, E8

Another crazy episode of Scream Queens! Picking up from last week, Grace goes to talk to Dean Munsch about the Kappa baby, though the Dean dismisses the conversation, stating that Feather is the Red Devil. Therefore, Grace's theory about someone seeking revenge for the death of the Kappa sister is incorrect. Grace warns the Dean that if she keeps ignoring what's going on at the university, the Red Devil will eventually sneak attack the Dean and stab her in the heart. That night, as she showers, Dean Munsch is almost attacked by the Red Devil, but manages to beat him up before he could stab her. When he comes to, they have a brief fight, followed by the other Red Devil coming in, as well as someone dressed as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia! The Dean handles herself pretty well though, able to beat up all of them pretty good! The killers eventually run off, surprisingly, and Dean Munsch is unscathed.

Meanwhile at the Kappa House, Chanel is convinced that Zayday is the killer and that Grace is helping her. The rest of the Chanels and Hester come up with terrible motives and clues to convict the duo, so Chanel decides to just hire somebody to investigate into them being involved. Later, we discover that Denise has gotten permission to live at the Kappa House from the Dean. Number 3 offers her $3 million to prove that Zayday is the Red Devil, which, of course, Denise accepts. She already thinks that Zayday is the killer, anyway. Now she just has to actually prove it.

Later, Grace goes to see Dean Munsch again. Not wanting to talk too much and implicate herself in the cover up at Kappa back in '95, the Dean just gives Grace the name of the girl who died: Sophia Doyle. Grace truly wants to stop the murders, but she also wants to know if she's the baby and the reason all of this is happening. Dean Munsch warns her that this could get really dirty if Grace keeps digging.

Denise goes to talk to Jennifer about Zayday possibly being the killer. Though Jennifer thinks
Zayday's nice, she reflects on a time when Zayday told her about being bullied in high school. That day, Zayday decided she would get real revenge on little rich girls everywhere. At that moment, Zayday busts in, having heard everything. She tells both Jennifer and Zayday to stay away from her. That night, as Jennifer is recording a candle vlog, the Red Devil comes up behind her and kills her on camera!!!

Denise later admits to the Chanels that she has nothing on Zayday, and she needs an advance to "help the investigation." Of course, Chanel stupidly agrees. At that moment, they all smell something burning, and find Jennifer's body sitting upright on the dining room table. The girl is covered in candle wax, with her legs crossed, holding burning candles! These killers are so morbid! Afterwards, Grace admits to Pete that she feels deep down that she is the Kappa baby, feeling like there was unfinished business here for her mom. Pete suggests trying to find the Hag of Shady Lane, believing she might be in the insane asylum or someone might have known her. Picasso (the mute lady who paints) shows them paintings of Gigi, and reveals that there was actually two babies - a boy and a girl! The plot thickens!

That night, Dean Munsch announces that Wallace University would be closed indefinitely. There is a candle vigil for Jennifer, as well. Chanel freaks out at the announcement, believing that now Kappa House is shut down, there will be no more parties, which means she can't be popular, and Chad will be break up with her. She wants to see both Grace and Zayday go down for all of this, and hires two cops from the UK to help her!

The next day, Grace confronts Gigi with the painting of Gigi holding two babies. Gigi calmly denies it, but Grace found her resume and discovered that she was a student here, and mysteriously dropped out during her sophomore year. Gigi rips Grace's theory to shreds, stating that this doesn't mean she was involved, and the painting could really be anyone. She then announces that she and Wes are engaged, and believes that Grace could just be doing all of this to remain the only girl in her father's life. Though we all know that Gigi is involved, Grace is going to have a hard time proving it without making herself look crazy.

Of course, Grace confronts Wes about the engagement. Apparently, Gigi just randomly came home with an engagement ring after suggesting Wes decorate his apartment, and he just decided to play along. Though Grace tries to tell him that Gigi is crazy, Wes admits he wants happiness, especially after all this time alone. Grace then realizes that Gigi must have known her mother as fellow Kappas ,and so Wes must have known Gigi from before! She quickly leaves, and goes back to the Kappa House. Chanel has learned from the British police that Grace's mother has a LONG criminal record, and calls Grace out on it. Apparently, after hooking up with Wes and getting pregnant, Grace's mom changed her name, and was arrested for larceny, shoplifting, DUIs (with Grace in the car), and more! Wes sued for custody and won, and her mother died in a car crash after drunk driving. Chanel calls Grace's mother a drunk, degenerate slut. Grace slaps her, and rightfully so!

Later, Denise decides to change things around the Kappa House, becoming House Mother. Chanel tries to shut her down, but Denise drags her into the bathroom to talk. Denise heard about what Chanel said about Grace's mother, and calls her out on it. She tells Chanel to apologize and change the way she treats everyone, or Denise will make Chad her full-time man!

Grace finds a picture of her mother, and asks Wes about everything. He admits that most of the things that Chanel stated were true. Turns out he burned the house to burn any evidence she might find against her mother. Wes was trying to protect her by hiding all of this from her, but Grace feels like he should stay far away from her for his own protection. Gigi comes in, and states that Grace has been slowly falling apart since she got here with the murders. Grace has a 1.4 GPA and is failing out of school. Gigi thinks that maybe he needs to take real action, like committing her! That idea is very harsh, but Wes actually looks like he's considering it.

Later, Chanel actually apologizes to Grace, though we know she probably doesn't really mean it. Chanel thinks that maybe the two of them balance each other out, with Grace maybe helping her to be a better person, and Chanel being upfront with her about her own mother.

At the end of the episode, we see Boone in disguise at the gym. He gets a call from, I assume, the other Red Devil, and they plan to take out Gigi out and continuing on with the murders!

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