RECAP: "Thanksgiving"-Scream Queens S1, E10

Another murderous episode of Scream Queens! Picking up from last week, Chanel admits Chad that she pushed Hester after the girl lied about being pregnant. Of course, the body was put in the meat locker, which automatically means it probably went missing. Chad, of course, wants to see the body. Chanel, believing the secret will bring them closer than ever, takes him, and...the body is missing. Shocker! Chad wonders if Hester was even dead in the first place, and believes that, if she's not, she will be coming after Chanel.

Meanwhile, Gigi spends a boring Thanksgiving with the Red Devil. She states that Boone was crazy and the Red Devil shouldn't feel bad about killing him. After receiving an electric knife from the bellboy, Gigi gives the Red Devil the knife to cut the quail they received for dinner, but did (s)he use it on Gigi instead?!

Later, Number 3 goes home, with her family having their standard Swenson family dinners for a very untraditional Thanksgiving dinner. After sitting for a minute, she goes off on her family about these terrible traditions spending the holiday in front of the TV with these nasty looking frozen dinners. No one has even bothered to ask her about the serial killer, either, showing that they don't care about her wellbeing. She decides right then and there that she will never attend any more of these family occasions, and returns back to her real home--the Kappa House. When she gets there, she hears mysterious banging. She thought it was the killer, but it was actually Dean Munsch, who is alone for the holiday, killing a turkey for dinner. Number 3 suggests they have dinner together since they're alone. Zayday and Grace also end up back at the house. After Gigi didn't show up for dinner, Wes is lonely and calls Grace. She hesitantly invites him to come as well.

At the Radwells' Thanksgiving feast, Chad's family nonchalantly welcomes Chanel. The more each of them talk,  it's clear that Chad and his family are just alike. They're self-absorbed snobs, who think Chanel is beneath them. She even ends up snapping on his mom for making slick comments about her. At that moment, the butler announces a visitor, and it turns out Hester is alive and has come to dinner! She reveals that the neckbrace saved her life, and the fall might have just cured her scoliosis! Hester also announces to the family that she's having Chad's baby, which prompts his mother to go off on these "gold-digging hoochies." Her words, not mine. The Radwells have a great legal team to handle this, and it's clear neither Chad's mom or the rest of the family is accepting of either Hester or Chanel.

Back at the Kappa House, as they wait for the food, Dean Munsch brings up her suspicions that
Number 3 is the other Red Devil because her father is Charles Manson. The Dean even saw Number 3 running back up the stairs, sweaty as if she had been up to something, when the Red Devil attacked the Kappa House with a chain saw. However, Number 3 thinks it's the Dean.

Later, Chanel goes to the restroom to call her mother for advice, but her mom is drunk, providing no help to her daughter. Chad's father walks in, and asks her to name her price to leave. Chanel refuses stating that "an Oberlin can't be bought." However, he thinks that she and her family is trash, and he will write a check for $50,000 for her to go away. Chanel storms off, telling Chad, who wonders if maybe she should leave. Chad is confused on who to believe about Hester's "pregnancy," and thinks that Chanel was immature for pushing Hester down the stairs.

At Kappa, Number 5 comes back to the house after her family leaves her behind to go to the Maldives. Number 3 continues to try to prove why Dean is the killer. Because the Dean has a vendetta against the Kappas, believing that they're evil, why wouldn't she try to pick them off one by one? One day even, Number 3 found her eating a half-eaten bologna sandwich, and she's also eating stuffing with hints of Spam and drinking wine that includes the same sulfates that would kill her since she's "allergic." That shuts down her reasoning of not killing her husband, and the other girls are inclined to believe her.

However, Wes comes up with a surprising belief himself. He thinks that the killer might be Grace! He can explain away all of his suspicions for everyone except for her, giving specific reasons as to why she could be the killer. Grace is the only pledge who wasn't buried in the ground when one of the pledges was decapitated earlier this season. Her campus visit was March 24-26, which was the same weekend that the president of Kappa before Chanel was spraytanned with acid. At the beginning of the year, Wes was watching over her, and heard her talking to someone in the Red Devil costume. It was actually Pete. They had a plan to show people what the Red Devil looked like, but scrapped it. After Grace explains everything, Wes believes that she's not the killer. However, Pete, who has shown up by now to continue this investigation, believes it's Wes.

During Pictionary, the Radwells teams up against Chanel and Hester, and makes fun of Hester so bad, Chanel steps in to defend her. She apologizes to Hester, stating that their Kappa sister bond is stronger than what they've gone through. Chanel goes off on each individual member of the Radwells, and breaks up with Chad, seemingly for good. She says flat out that no woman in her right mind would want to be a part of this family, and she and Hester leave together.

Back at Kappa, Pete reveals that he has looked into Wes' background, believing that he was trying to
keep Grace from becoming a Kappa sister, and resorted to killing so the Kappa house could be shut down. From his time at Wallace, Wes was found down at the tunnels during his freshman year (but he was too drunk at the time so he couldn't remember). Pete also found footage from the house's security cameras of Wes in the meat locker,  only for us all to find out that Wes was just taking meat to eat since the Chanels barely eat themselves. Lastly, in a shocking turn of events,  Pete admits he obtained hair from Boone's body for a DNA test, and reveals that Wes is the father! Therefore, he's the father of the other baby, as well.

At the end of the episode Grace later confronts Wes, who honestly didn't know about Boone. She convinced Pete not to call the police, believing that all this night proved is that any of them could be the killer. Wes is ashamed that it's been his kids killing all of those people, and Grace plans to stop it all. Wes, Zayday, and the rest of the Kappas are her family, dysfunctional as they all are, and she will protect them at any cost, even if it means killing a sibling. At that moment, Chanel and Hester come back, and the house has a Kappa Thanksgiving. Chad even comes since they have turkey, and foolish Chanel, yet again, goes running back to him, thinking that he came to make things right with her. The turkey is brought in on a platter with a cover. When Chanel takes it off, we find out that it's really Gigi's head!!!!

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