Marketing/Styling Agency Vanguard House Launches Official Website

Wardrobe stylist Ashley Chin and her team have officially launched marketing/styling agency Vanguard House's official website!

Read more about the agency below!

Ashley founded Vanguard House just this year! The agency specializes in creative direction, public relations, and digital marketing. VH caters to a wide variety of clients in various industries including, but not limited to beauty, fashion, hospitality, and entertainment. Currently, VH works with Miami fashion line Ten-Thirty, as well as LA-based fashion brands Yatir Clothing and Pose Mannequin. Using a traditional public relations approach and creative mechanisms, they are able to create major buzz surrounding various products and services. "We will connect your message to your audience, create a personal brand that’s built to last, and build together an outstanding team of people," the company's About Section continues. 

So proud of this girl! I say this every time that I have the opportunity to share news about her and her work. Ashley continues to put in the hard work needed to make her visions for life possible. The sky is truly the limit for her!

For more information on Vanguard House, visit their website

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