RECAP: "Camilanator: Judgement Day"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines, E3

Things are already really intense on The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines and it's only the third episode! Last week was a turning point, as T.J. announced that the bloodlines would now be going AGAINST each other. The cast is in shock as he announces that they will split up into two teams, the Red Team and the Blue Team. Cara Maria and Jamie (as the winners of the last challenge) pick the two teams. Cara has to choose a veteran (someone that was on a show) and the bloodline will automatically go to the other team, then Jamie will do the same until everyone has been chosen. Both teams will have a mix of vets and family members. After everyone is placed on their teams, it looks like the Red Team is filled with a good deal of the weaker players. T.J. reminds them as well that each player's fate is still tied to their bloodlines, though! It's so crazy how this game is unfolding!

At the next day's challenge, T.J. tells them they'll be playing "Meet Me Halfway." There are two platforms suspended 30 feet over water separated by a narrow, unstable bridge that will swing from side to side based on the wind and momentum from the players' jumps.. Each team will have to use that bridge to jump from to the next platform to platform to transfer 30 flags to the other side. The team who transfers the 30 flags in the least amount of time wins, and, of course, anyone who falls is disqualified.

Surprisingly, even with some proven weaker players, the Red Team does pretty well, snagging 27 out of the 30 flags! In fact, Candice  even smacks her face hard on one go-round, blood dripping from her face and everything, but she keeps going! Even Bananas was impressed! The team's not so weak after all. The Blue Team starts out strong, but the momentum gets lost on that middle platform, making it hard for several people to cross! The Red Team wins when four of the Blue Team people DQ since the Red team had 27 flags. This proves to be a rough, physical challenge though, as Candice has to get stitches for her face, and Tony has to go to the hospital because of his back.

After the challenge, T.J. announces that each team will have to deliberate and vote in a girl from the losing team to go to The Pit since it's a girls' elimination day. However, if that girl goes home, so does their bloodline! The girls on the Red Team aren't even completely safe, even though they won! These twists and turns are going to make for an UGLY game.

Back at the house, the majority of the Blue Team announce that they plan to vote in Larissa. When Camila catches wind of it, she GOES OFF! The girl even goes around campaigning for her sister, trying to save Larissa from The Pit (and ultimately, herself from potentially being eliminated). The Blue Team is trying to get rid of Larissa, a weaker player, but mostly want to eliminate Camila, who's one of the strongest players in the game period. Camila sees through it, and is pissed!

At deliberation, by majority vote, the Blue Team votes in Larissa, and the Red Team votes in Jenna. These deliberations are so twisted because if you vote in one person, there's a potential to send them AND their bloodline home. It's making for a lot of drama and emotions really early in the game! Camila is, of course, upset because people used Larissa to get to her. She refuses to stand by those who turned on her this time around.

At the end of the episode, we see Tony is released from the hospital the next day, and is doing good for a while. However, he starts feeling some cramps in his stomach and looks deathly ill later in the day. Production even steps in and tells him that he should go back to the hospital, but he declines medical attention to keep competing. As the cast walks to down to the The Pit, Tony passes out! CLIFFHANGER!

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