"Corneesa"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines, E4

Three teams got knocked out in ONE episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines last night. Yes, THREE. Picking up from last week, Tony is taken to the hospital after passing out, as the cast continues to walk towards The Pit. T.J. announces that, because Candice broke her toe, she and Leroy have to go home! The two emotionally say their goodbyes, and T.J. announces that they will still be having the elimination anyway!

As the elimination continues, T.J. states that Larissa and Jenna will be playing Door Slammer. There is a giant door in the middle of The Pit. The two girls will try to slam the door on each other, and the best two out of three wins. Unfortunately, Jenna's just bigger and stronger, and she easily wins, sending Larissa and Camila home. It sucks because, to me, Jenna shouldn't have even been there in the first place, and now a true competitor is going home. What's worse, is that Camila was on the winning team of the previous challenge, and still had absolutely no hand in her fate. This game has one of the craziest formats in Challenge history, and I've been watching for quite a long time now.

That night, production wakes up Shane to tell him that Tony wants him at the hospital, causing eyebrows to raise. Production doesn't really get involved unless it's something serious! Meanwhile during the day, there's flirting and hookups galore going on in the house. Cara and Thomas continue to flirt, even though they BOTH have people back at home. KellyAnne and Dario spend some time making out, and Aneesa and Cory have a little hook up too. While Aneesa has become really smitten with this boy, apparently, Cory has a girl he's been hanging out with at home! Cory states upfront to the guys that he's not stressing about her, pissing Aneesa off after she overhears him. She goes off on him, telling him that he's not safe not only in this game, but in real life. Jerk. What can you expect in this game, though? Very rarely do couples in these challenges make it for long. At least Aneesa saw the truth before she got too involved.

At the fourth challenge, T.J. announces that Tony and Shane have been disqualified due to Tony's injury. In the Aftershow, we find out that Tony actually had a ruptured spleen and had to have emergency surgery that same night! In another twist, T.J. brings in Abram and his brother Mike to compete! This makes things kind of awkward since he's dating Cara, and Cara's been flirting with Thomas! Of course, Thomas is a little scared, because, if you've ever watched this man, Abram is bonafide crazy. The folks at MTV knew exactly what they were doing with this decision. Abram is on the Red Team with Cara, while Mike is with the Blue Team.

T.J. announces his favorite challenge (and mine!), which is trivia, entitled Heir to the Throne. The cast pairs up, with one person answering questions and the other sitting in an inner tube hoisted over water. If the person answering gets two questions wrong, T.J. is blowing up the inner tube to send their partner into the water! After a bunch of ridiculous answers, the Red Team wins yet again! Both teams have to nominate a guy from the Blue Team, but, of course, if that guy goes home, their bloodline goes home too. At the end, we see the rookies trying to break up the remaining veteran alliance. Johnny Bananas is a little nervous, and understandably so, because the vets are dwindling because of this new game format!

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