Designer Wasimah Dorn Speaks on Rebranding Custom Line, Cledgy Customs

Back in June, we were able to feature designer Wasimah Dorn on The Spotlight! The designer reached out to us, and opened up about re-branding her custom line, Cledgy Customs, and what buyers can look forward to in 2016!

Wasimah decided to take time to reflect on Cledgy Customs and see what she needed to change specifically in order to be successful. "As a business owner, you're constantly learning lessons. Everyday you're putting out fires, finding ways to do better while using those "uh oh" moments as lessons learned," the designer said. She found a clean disconnection with her audience and followers on social media. "Here I am trying to build a brand with 800 followers and it seems as if something's missing," Wasimah admitted. "It was at that moment that I realized that my audience wants to know who Wasimah is, what Cledgy Customs represents. They want to know your every move, not to be nosy, but to be included along the journey." The entrepreneur decided that it was time to rebrand and reintroduce herself and her clothing line in 2016.

In terms of what will be different about Cledgy Customs, Wasimah stated that the business will be more personable and consistent. "You will start seeing what "Cledgy" means and how impactful it can be to women," she stated. "The changes will show each day, starting with my posts on Instagram." Currently, the designer is working on an event to showcase the brand, allow women to come out interact with her and learn about all things Cledgy Customs. She is also planning to do a photo shoot showcasing new items, hoping to empower and uplift the women involved with the shoot. "Overall I will say, we’re ending the year hungry to take over 2016 and we’re going to kick it off right!" Wasimah stated.

Be sure to check out Wasimah’s unique designs on Cledgy Customs' official website, and follow the brand on Instagram!

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