In The Spotlight: Electro / R&B Artist Devin Nash

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Today, we have Electro / R&B artist Devin Nash! This singer started writing little songs and rhymes at a young age with his brother, which jump started his love and passion for music. In high school, he began to take his passion and craft more seriously, and was able to form and be a part of a music group, recording and performing for about eight years. From there, he broke away on his own, moving down to Atlanta to pursue songwriting. He has done some songwriting work for artists like LeCrae and Sisqo, as well as a few contestants from hit singing competition The Voice
The singer is inspired by artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, and Kanye West. "I love Kanye's drive, how he's always trying to do something more," Devin said. With these artists, among others, Devin admires their creativity and the fact that, rather than dropping back to back songs or albums, these artists take the time required to create quality, classic music. "To me, it's always been about the quality, not the quantity, even though, in today's world, it's kind of the opposite way around," he said. 

Devin has been steadily grinding towards his passion of music, focusing on his own music and sound. One of his newest tracks, "Kristols," was inspired, admittedly, by a broken heart. "I wanted to look for love in all of the wrong places," Devin said of his inspiration for the song. "When I was going through what I was going through, [the song] kind of just came out. It wasn't anything that I had to force." Interestingly, the singer stated that a lot of guys really related to the track, and understood exactly what he went through. 

Though he came down to Atlanta for songwriting, he began writing tracks inspired by his heartbreak that he knew were for nobody else but him, thus creating his upcoming EP, Her, The entire 8-track EP takes listeners through Devin's journey through the ups and downs of love, from the beautiful beginning to the bitter end. Through tracks like "Part Time Lover," "Her," and "Kristols," Devin sings through all of these different phases of being with someone. "It's a relationship in a record," the singer stated. "It was something that I was glad I was able to do." Devin worked on the EP with producer Ryan Marsh, and it is set for release sometime in January 2016.

Currently, the singer-songwriter is still writing for other artists, but is going to be working on new music, already planning for another EP, as well as a tour. He's also working on a vlog where he will be release short, behind the scenes videos of creating Her. "I kind of got the bug of doing my own stuff," Devin laughed. "I love doing this, so I'm going to continue to do it." 

Devin believes his personal experiences, as well as inner rhythm and sound separates his music from others. "It's electro-R&B. It's definitely very moody," Devin said of his sound. "It's very honest." In terms of his future in the entertainment industry, he wants to have an extended fanbase all over the world, and assist other artists in reaching their dream of making it in the industry as well. Devin would also like to start his own label, and work with some of the same artists that have inspired him. 

You can check out more from this talented artist on YouTube, Reverb Nation, and SoundCloud. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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