RECAP: "Bad Blood-" The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines E2

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines was really crazy last night! Picking up from last week, 13 teams remain.! The cast parties during the day on the beach, and it looks like a lot of fun! Bananas has a GoPro camera on the bus, and records Cara Maria and Thomas getting kind of close! Cara apparently is still seeing Abram (who appeared on Road Rules: South Pacific and a number of these challenges). They even live together in Montana, so I can only imagine what he'll have to say about Cara cozying up to another cast member! That night, T.J. sends a clue to the house for the next challenge: "Things are going to get a bit CREEPY tomorrow. Be ready to leave in the morning."

Creepy indeed! At the next day's challenge, T.J. announces that the teams will be playing "Family Dinner." One person on each team will have to eat live bugs, and then spit the dead bugs through a tube into a glass! Meanwhile, the other team member will have their head in a glass box with a "terrifying surprise," T.J. says. The team that has the most amount of bugs at the end of 10 minutes wins, and the team with the fewest will be heading straight to The Pit. T.J. also reveals that they don't even to chose who will doing what. He holds a bag with both a red rock and blue rock in it. If you choose a red rock, you'll be eating those bugs!

Turns out that the people in the glass boxes are cuddling up with snakes right by their heads! However, after seeing how calm the snakes were, I would've preferred that to eating these live grasshoppers, cockroaches, and whatever else was flying around in there! This was disgusting to see! Some of the teams decide to smash the bugs with their heads to stun or kill them, but it's just gross whichever way you kill them. Nany especially freaks out, getting quite a few bugs in her hair (I don't why she didn't think to tie it up!). Brianna also struggles, and doesn't end up eating any of them, while Jenna watches, irritated. Not that Jenna can be mad, seeing as though she made it ALL the way to the finals in Battle of the Exes II, and had to quit because she wouldn't eat the gross stuff in one of their checkpoints.

Cara Maria and Jamie end up winning the challenge, and, of course, Jenna and Brianna end up being . However, T.J. reveals that it's a guys' elimination day, so they're safe! The last place team with a guy on it, was Cohutta and Jill, so they will have to face elimination. Cara Marie and Jamie will have to pick the other team to face Cohutta in The Pit.

Later, Cara Maria decides to let Cohutta pick the team he wants, since they're good friends. Cohutta picks Dario and Raphy, and Cara Maria tells them, trying to be honest. Dario and Raphy get mad, of course, with Dario planning to win and come for Cara Maria as the game continues. However, later, Cohutta changes his mind, picking Thomas and Stephen, and now Cara's confused on what to do, especially since she and Stephen have been getting kind of close. At deliberation though, Cara chooses Thomas and Stephen. It's a shock to them, and Cara feels terrible, but, at the end of the day, it's a game. Thomas even comes to her, and says that he understands so they're cool.

That night, they all go to party, but Brianna doesn't even want to be there. Anessa talks to Jenna, and Jenna is going crazy dealing with Brianna being stuck up and homesick. When they all get home, Brianna starts crying, stating that she wants to go home to be with her real family. Jenna goes off on her, stating in the confessional that if Brianna goes home, Jenna will never speak to her again. Jenna and Brianna argue back and forth, throwing low blows at each other about their personal lives. The next morning, however, Brianna apologizes, and plans to try to stick it out for Jenna.

In The Pit the next night, T.J. brings in Cohutta & Jill and Thomas & Stephen. Stephen decides to go against Cohutta in "Squaring Off." The goal is to go inside these hallways, find and grab a ball, and get through to the other side. The best two out of three wins. There will definitely be contact, which is hard for Cohutta since he's so small. However, Cohutta doesn't go out without a fight. He wrestles with Stephen and gives him trouble, but Stephen was still able to make it towards his goal line twice. Thomas and Stephen wins, sending Cohutta and Jill home.

After Cohutta and Jill leave, T.J. announces yet another twist in the game, stating that he wants to see how the teams would do if they're pitted against each other. The teams will switch up next week, and the family members will now have to play against each other! WHAT?! There is way too much happening too early in the game!

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