RECAP: "Black Friday"-Scream Queens S1, E11

Interesting episode of Scream Queens last night. Picking up from last week, the Chanels prep for Black Friday. Chanel loves shopping for cheap gifts for the rest of the sisters, all so she easily manipulate them. She even bribes people to let her in half an hour early to tease other shoppers. This girl is too much. As the ladies try to leave Kappa House to go shopping that night, Dean Munsch stops them. Of course, she plans to call the police since Gigi's head was found on a platter at dinner a few hours before, and wants all of the girls to stay in. Chanel defiantly calls out the Dean for being utterly powerless in stopping the killer, believing that it's because she is the killer herself. She states that, in all the Dean's efforts to shut down the house, Kappa is alive and well, while the university is shut down and the dean's job is in jeopardy. She and the Chanels leave anyway.

Meanwhile, Grace, Wes, and Pete go down to the precinct to report Gigi's murder. However, mostly everyone there has been fired by the mayor because there were no leads on the Red Devil case. So, with a serial killer on the loose, there are essentially no cops to help anyone. Grand.

At the mall, the rest of the Chanels spend big money on Chanel, though she only buys them cheap gifts as planned. When she asks the other girls why they got her an expensive bag that she probably already has, Number 5 says simply because it's Christmas. Chanel, seemingly moved, decides that th she should use her money for gifts that everyone will actually enjoy, like Pink Jeeps! As the ladies try to leave the mall, the lights mysteriously go out, and they find out that they are locked in! Of course, the Red Devil appears, and the girls take off, with Hester, Numbers 3 and 5 eventually escaping. Chanel stays behind, stupidly, to confront the killer, believing it to be Dean Munsch. The Red Devil shoots her in the shoulder with a cross bow, planning to shoot again to kill her. At that moment, Denise, who has been named the new Chief of Police, shows up with a few cops, waving guns. In her drawn out speech revealing that she's chief, the Red Devil manages to shoot one of the cops with the cross bow, and get away.

Later that night, Chanel calls a house meeting with the Kappas. She truly believes now that Dean Munsch is the killer, since she knew that they would be at the mall. Chanel thinks that the only way to stop the killers is by killing Dean Munsch, and Grace actually agrees, wanting to protect everyone. The two even agree to poison her, much to Zayday's dismay.

Meanwhile, Chad meets with Pete at the Dollar Scholars house. Chad reads Boone's will, which leaves a lot of stuff to Pete. Turns out that Boone was Pete's source for his investigative story on the Greek system at Wallace, but all of this stuff could hold clues to who the other killer is. We also find out that Pete tried to join the Dollar Scholars the year before, but was denied. Chad invites him to join again, which Pete now refuses. Chad challenges Pete to a duel, stating that it's a tradition that, if you refuse entry in the Dollar Scholars, you must fight to the death. As Pete dismissively walks out, Chad states that Pete will get murdered by walking away.

That night, Grace and Chanel go suck up to Dean Munsch at her house to make her feel comfortable so they can easily poison her.  As they talk about creating a feminist movement at Wallace, the girls slide the Dean a jar of apple cider, which is the Dean's favorite. The Dean is really touched and drinks the entire glass, but doesn't die, and even assigns them a term paper! Grace vents to Pete about it all, later. He reveals that Chad invited him to be in the Dollar Scholars, but refused because he believes that the fraternity structure is outdated. Moments later, as they kiss, Pete attempts to have sex with Grace. However, she's not in the right headspace, and he agrees to wait. When she makes a comment that maybe she will be after they kill Dean Munsch, Pete tries to convince her how wrong this is. If she does this, she is becoming the same type of person that she was trying to get rid of in Kappa in the first place, and it will break Pete's heart.

Later, the Kappas try to figure out what went wrong with poisoning Dean Munsch. Moved by Pete's words, Grace has a change of heart about killing her, and Chanel decides to kick her out of Kapa. Zayday doesn't leave with her, having a change of heart herself, agreeing that killing Dean Munsch is the right thing to do. Afterwards, Grace goes to check on Wes, who has been doing research with Pete about Gigi. Pete reveals Gigi was checked in at the mental hospital under Jess Meyer after her sister Amy "committed suicide" after having these babies. Clearly it was a cover up for the '95 Kappa sister dying. Gigi then raised the babies on her own, seeking revenge. After Pete leaves, Grace tries to talk to Wes about sex, which is super awkward. Wes advises her that if she doesn't think she's ready, she probably isn't.

Later, the rest of the house takes the Dean to the cryosauna to "rejuvenate her skin" However, once she gets in there, the girls lower the temperature to -200 degrees so Dean Munsch will freeze to death. However, the woman still doesn't die! At the same time, Pete gets a mysterious call, telling the person on the other end that they need to get away while they still can, and that  that person better not call him again. He opens his closet and gives his Red Devil costume another look. I knew he had to be involved somehow! With Boone being Pete's source for his story, it's possible that Pete knows more about the murders than he's been letting on!

Again, the Kappas try to figure out why Dean Munsch isn't dead. Hester compares her to Rasputin, a mystical advisor to Czar Nicholas II of Russia. Eventually, other influential people attempted to kill him, but he wouldn't die either, and was eventually drowned. Hester thinks that maybe Dean Munsch has mystical powers of her own, and maybe drowning her might work. Chanel agrees, giving them all new smartphones.When she calls, the edge will quietly flash red. That will be a sign for them all to meet her at the university pool, where Chanel plans to lure the Dean to drown her. However, during a trip to the mall, Hester and the other Chanels miss Chanel's call as they argue with a salesperson in a store. The Dean meets Chanel at the pool, clearly suspicious. After a short conversation, the Dean leaves, probably figuring out the plan. Chanel goes home, pissed.

Meanwhile, Grace goes to see Pete. She has decided that she's ready to have sex with him, but he reveals he can't. Pete tells her that she doesn't even know him, and she can't have sex with him, because he doesn't want her first time to be with a murderer! Boom. Next week is the season finale, and we better find out who this Red Devil is!

The TWO-HOUR season finale of  Scream Queens airs next Tuesday, December 8  at a special time,  8 p.m. ET,  only on FOX!

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