RECAP: Scream Queens Season 1 Finale ("Dorkus," E12, "The Final Girl(s)," E13)

Last night was the TWO-HOUR season finale of Scream Queens, and it was definitely a crazy ending! A little predictable, at least to me, but I still enjoyed watching it all unfold. Picking up from last week, Pete reveals that he is sort of, kind of the Red Devil, stating that he made a deal with the real Red Devils. Turns out the night the security guard was killed, Pete followed the Red Devil all the way back to the Dollar Scholars' house, and he found out that it was Boone. Boone told him everything about how he was seeking revenge against the Kappas for his mother being left to die, and Pete believe their missions were the same. The only way to bring Chanel and the Kappas down was to bring all the way down....below the ground. Pete is so consumed with bringing down fraternities and sororities, and it's clear that he's just bitter he was rejected by the Dollar Scholars still.

Pete goes on to share that he killed Roger, after Boone and his sister threatened to kill Pete, thinking he was a double agent. He did it to try to prove himself to them, trying to survive while still getting the information he needed for his story. Pete tries so hard to justify what he did, but Grace doesn't want to hear it. However, Pete got the idea from Grace herself! In a car ride home, as she vented about the house, Grace said, "How can you stop an evil as old as Kappa House by playing by the rules? Maybe the Red Devil has the right idea." Another justification for Pete, In an attempt to stop the murders, Pete killed Boone, because he was the muscle that kept this whole thing going. However, he also shot Chanel and the cop at the mall in the last episode as "self-defense," clearly showing that he doesn't mind killing for his own purpose.

Pete also finally discusses what happened between him and Chanel, stating that she led him on for months. She acted like she wanted to try out new things in the bedroom, getting him to dress up as Daryl Hannah in The Clan of the Cave Bear. He claims to have done all of this for Grace, and their relationship, but Grace is over it, and storms out. However, Pete reveals that he knows who the other killer is, and it's one of the Kappa girls! Pete collected DNA samples from all of the Kappas, and knows who Boone's twin sister is. However, before he can get it out, the Red Devil storms in and stabs him! Grace grabs the Devil, and they scuffle for a while, before the Red Devil knocks G and bangs her head up against the wall repeatedly. After a scuffle, she knocks Grace out and gets away.

Later, students come back to campus and to riot against Chanel, after she writes the "missive to end all missives" to the other Kappas. She calls them all out for abandoning her at the pool to help kill the Dean in a long email, and says some pretty nasty stuff. The next day, her rant was leaked to everyone on campus, and now she's being publicly shamed by everyone from the students to the media.

After trying to keep a strong front, Chanel makes the decision to kill herself. She even orders an asp to kill herself like Cleopatra, though Zayday reveals it's just a garter snake in a sweater. Zayday tries to encourage Chanel, stating that she has Chanel's back, and things will get better. Suicide isn't even something she should joke about it. Maybe Chanel can learn a lesson here about her words. Zayday thinks this is the time that they join forces, find the killer, and rebuild Kappa. At that moment, the Red Devil walks in to try to attack them, but gets freaked out by the garter snake. Zayday manages to hit the Devil with a chair, and pulls the mask off, revealing this random guy that no one knows. Apparently he was forced by the real Red Devil to try to kill all of them, and if he didn't, the Red Devil would detonate dynamite that's wrapped all around this poor guy's body. Hester then walks in, all distraught, stating that she just saw a girl with scars all over her face, walking around with a shovel and continually saying to herself, "I'm a dork." They  who was forced to go in. Hester walks in, distraught and a girl had scars all over her face, and I'm a dork, with a shovel. Everyone ignores her when they see the bomb is really ticking! The ladies run to the kitchen for cover, and the bomb explodes, killing the pizza delivery guy, and, surprisingly, missing everyone else. With that much dynamite, the entire house probably should've exploded, but this is a comedy-horror show so can't expect too much reality.

Afterwards, Chanel decides to focus on restoring her reputation. She states to the Chanels that she is a changed woman, and realizes her words are weapons like Zayday said She wants to go on an apology tour, and plans to apologize first to Melanie Dorkus, the previous Kappa president who was burned with acid. Chanel secretly believes that this is the same girl that Hester was talking about earlier, and plans to fake apologize as Number 3 records it for social media.

Later, Grace talks to Wes about Pete, who thinks that they should go to the police. However, Grace knows all Denise will do is arrest Zayday. They talk about the fact that Grace didn't go through with having sex with Pete. Wes thinks Pete was a good guy, besides, you know, being a killer. Wes realizes now he can't protect her from the world now, and that Grace is pretty good at protecting herself. Grace wants to get as much info about the other Kappas as possible, and tells him she needs him to take one for the team. At the Dean's house, Wes lies on her bed with only boxers on, attempting to seduce her. The Dean sees right through it, knowing that he's trying to use her to get information about the murders. He plays soft music, getting her attention, and they have sex, while Zayday and Grace look through files on the Chanels, It's revealed that one of the Chanels' entire file seems completely made up, and they go to find them all.

After their sexcapade, Wes is actually attracted to the Dean, saying that was the best sex of his life. She doesn't believe him, still believing that he was using her. However, he truly believes that maybe they were meant to be together after all, and they kiss! However, Dean Munsch mentions that, if he wants them to be a couple, Grace needs to go away for a while to give them space.

All the while, Chanel, Number 3, and Number 5 go to see Melanie. Hester claimed to want to meet them there, but she goes back to the Kappa house to snoop through Chanel's stuff. Number 5 ends up leaving to after getting a swipe right on Tinder, wanting to meet this guy that hit her up. As Chanel and Number 3 go into Melanie's bedroom, Melanie reveals her scarred face, and Chanel and Number 3 rudely debate if she looks more like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger. Melanie reveals that, after time in Alaska, six weeks ago, her family moved her here. Melanie thinks that Chanel did this, but Chanel denies it. Chanel seemingly tries to apologize, but then pulls out a pair of scissors, trying to kill Melanie! It kind of makes sense, since Melanie came back a week before the killings started. However, Zayday stops her before she can do anything. She and Grace reveal that Hester is the Red Devil!

The ladies all return to the Kappa House, where they hear a scream and it's Number 5. Turns out she got a fake Tinder to lure her back to the house. As they walk into Chanel's closet, and see Hester stabbed in the face with a heel, and she points to Number 5, stating that Number 5 is really the Red Devil! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

In the second part of the finale, we see flashbacks and flash-fowards explaining what happens next. In January, the new semester begins. Zayday is the new president  of Kappa and Grace is VP. They host a winter rush, seeming to have restored Kappa to a better place. Hester has also returned, and is the treasurer. In a voiceover, she reveals that she actually stabbed herself in the eye, and is the Red Devil. It was a plan 20 years in the making, and it worked. She and Boone planned their revenge literally as kids with Gigi in the insane asylum, even going over murder weapons. She created a weird persona, believing that the weirder you are, the less people pay attention to you. She even stole a neckbrace from one of the patients! Gigi and Hester decided to use Wallace University's Red Devil mascot as their killer costume, so they could walk around without being noticed. In fact, their first victim was the school mascot!

It's seen that Hester was really the brains of the operation. Even after falsifying her school records, Hester is let into Wallace as a student because of her "deformity." She even remembers seeing Zayday and Grace at rush, who were nice to her. Hester states that being nice is a really good quality. and it could save your life one day. Clearly that worked for Zayday and Grace without them even knowing it. Hester is happy now that she has true family and sisters, now that Kappa has been restored and the Chanels are apparently gone.

Going back to last semester, it is revealed that Hester carefully planned stabbing herself by studying human anatomy, but still states that Number 5 is the Red Devil even as she is being escorted to the hospital. The remaining sisters confront Number 5, but she denies it. At that moment, Denise comes in, revealing that Boone's body was found (though we all already knew he was dead). Hester comes back from the hospital, and Grace and Zayday confront her about falsifying her transcripts. Hester states she only did it because she was homeschooled, even bringing in her "parents" to corroborate her story. They claim that they worked for the CIA and remained deep undercover and sometimes worked in commercials (since Zayday recognizes the "dad" from TV).

Number 5's parents come in, and they admit that they were not her real parents, stating that Number 5 was indeed the baby in the bathtub. Hester bribed them to do it, since they didn't really love her anyway. Because of this, Denise plans to arrests Number 5, when Hester states that Number 3 is also involved! Hester gives some suspicious facts about Number 3, including the fact that Charles Manson wrote Number 3 advice on how to kill people, including strapping a bomb to a pizza guy! Hester even pulls out a fake letter from a psychologist, who supposedly treated Number 3 for split personality disorder! If Number 3 really was involved, she wouldn't have even remembered, which makes her a suspect as well!

Of course, Hester also states that Chanel needs to be arrested. Chanel supposedly purchased all of these murder weapons at the home improvement store, and Hester even pulls out security tape. It was clearly Hester dressed as her, but perception is everything. Zayday brings up yet again that Chanel was the one who killed Ms. Bean with the oil in the deep fryer earlier in the season, though Chanel really didn't believe it was on. Hester reveals in her voiceover to the audience that she was really the one who turned on the deep fryer, but NO ONE ELSE KNOWS ALL OF THIS. Hester "thinks" that this was Chanel's opportunity to knock off the pledges she didn't want. After hearing all of this, Denise brings in cops to arrest all of the Chanels, who are taken away very dramatically!

Flash forward to May 2016, it's revealed that the Chanels' bail was revoked and they're in jail awaiting trial. Chad and Denise continued their love affair, but they break up when Denise goes to Quantico to be in the FBI, breaking Chad's heart. Chad announces a foundation for the Dollar Scholars that were killed, and every party the fratenity throws will go to charity, though he doesn't exactly know what charity that will be. Dean Munsch hired a ghostwriter for her new book on new, new feminism, and gains a lot of popularity and press.

There is even a new memorial for the students killed, which Grace, Zayday and Hester clean. Hester is happy with the changes made at Kappa, though Grace and Zayday are a little too perky now. As Hester stays behind to continuing cleaning the memorial, Dean Munsch reveals that she knows that Hester was the real Red Devil. The Dean remembers the little girl's face in the bathtub that night, and knows what she would've looked like. Hester states that she might've had a good life, if Wes was able to be her dad, and that the Chanels should pay for what they made Kappa into. Dean Munsch still believes that she should turn Hester in. Hester gives Dean Munsch an ultimatum: she can either turn the Dean in for covering up the murder of her mother and killing her ex-husband, or they can move on and go on about their lives happily like nothing happened. Dean Munsch decides to let it go, and they shake hands and move on.

Back at Kappa, Wes is proud of the changes Grace has made at Kappa, and gives her his trust. He and Dean Munsch are going to Napa for a few weeks, giving Grace space. Meanwhile, at the Chanels' trial, the jury actually believed the Chanels were not guilty. However, when Chanel opens her mouth and insults them, the spokesperson changes the written vote and declares them guilty. The judge thinks that these girls really are crazy, since they had no lawyers in a capital murder case, and sentences them to life in prison at the Palmer Asylum! Surprisingly though, the Chanels are happy there. Number 3 fells in love with one of the female nurses, and Number 5 was put on meds that made her actually tolerable, and she became best friends with Chanel. There's no more pressure to be skinny for guys, or to be popular, so they can eat whatever they want. Chanel is even voted "president" of the asylum. One night, however, as Chanel attempts to go to sleep, she hears a noise and the Red Devil appears to kill her! And the episode ends.

I know that this show is crazy, but I can't help but watch! If the show isn't cancelled, I don't know what Ryan Murphy and his team will bring to the table next season. With many of the original Kappas dead or in a mental asylum, I can see them potentially starting fresh with a new story. This ending seemed to be written in case the show was canceled, and had a clear resolution. No big cliffhangers, beside the Red Devil popping up to kill Chanel. I still kind of want justice for the Chanels, but the story seems complete. I enjoyed watching this season, and I hope that it's renewed!

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