RECAP: "Wake Up Call"-Being Mary Jane S3, E8

Another great episode of Being Mary Jane! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane and her family have a cookout at her house. Patrick excitedly talks to Paul about his work, clearly hopped up on those pills he's been taking. At the table, Niecy mentions possibly getting a car and MJ tells her that she needs to think about saving her money instead. Paul agrees, stating that he will buy her a car. Irritated, Mary Jane tells them that they all need to do better with their finances as a family. She thinks they need to brainstorm ideas about financial security and communal accountability, and literally the entire family walks away from the table. She wasn't lying though! Don't get me wrong. Mary Jane can be judgmental and preachy, but, in my opinion, she has a right to be when it comes to her family. A lot of times, they all end up falling back on her because of the money she makes and it's not a bad idea for them all to really get their finances together, especially Niecy and Patrick.

The next day, Mary Jane goes to speak at a class of journalism students at Clark Atlanta University, who have mixed opinions on if TV reporters are real reporters or just going along to get along with mainstream stories. Mary Jane talks about how all people really look at now are headlines and sound bites, believing "I didn't sell out. I bought in." It's a clear formula. Ratings = Advertising = Money. It's just the game. She tells the students that drama sells, which is why quite a few of her stories are fluff, especially for her slot being literally prime time for viewers. Viewers complain about wanting real, in depth stories that matter, but then the majority of them either skim over them or don't watch at all. It was very interesting to watch.  However, a student calls Mary Jane out for losing her real voice on PrimeTime, calling her indeed a sellout, and it clearly affects her.

Later, Cece hosts an author at her bookstore, where they and the attendees discuss black children living in America today. Again, what I love about this show, is that it brings up many different topics that can start great discussions in your own house, with co-workers, on social media, etc. Mary Jane swings through to give Cece her final payment, and asks Cece if she's a sellout like the students believed. Cece answers honestly, and says yes. MJ admits that her episodes surrounding people of color brought in her lowest ratings, bringing up the issue again of mainstream stories doing well. However, Cece mentions that if MJ's position now is so good, she wouldn't be so defensive. She thinks that MJ misses the freedom she had with Talk Back, and advises that MJ should get back into it, even if it is less money and billboards. Mary Jane congratulates Cece on her bookstore, and wishes her luck. That night, though, Mary Jane watches her past episode of Prime Time, seeming to be contemplating what Cece and the students says.

The next morning, MJ meditates and takes before spending with the white boy she met at the club (we still don't know his name, and I doubt she does still, either). Before they have sex, she brings out a wide variety of home HIV/STD tests. Though he's a little thrown off, he agrees to go along with it. She fakes taking her tests, and then administers his. He tests negative, and they get it in! As they sleep, she takes a picture of him and send to Kara. Kara comes over the next day, and MJ admits she had never been with a white boy before that.

A little later, Cece comes by advising Mary Jane not to "tear down to build," meaning that she shouldn't quit PrimeTime, a major opportunity, to go back to Talk Back. Cece tells her to go for both. MJ tells Cece not to come back to her house, warning her that she'll call the cops if Cece does. However, she takes the woman's advice, going to talk to Greg about returning to Talk Back. She pitches the idea that the show can be revamped and she'll do a better job than the journalist running it now. She even tells Greg that they can "exploit" the black audience, getting ratings on issues that matter to them, which gets Greg happy. However, Mary Jane really wants to have the show again to use her voice and discuss issues that matter.

Later that night, Kara notices that MJ is still in the office, working on a new format for Talk Back. Mary Jane proposes having an hour long show to discuss issues surrounding not just blacks, but also other minorities, including Latinos and women. Kara thinks it's great that MJ wants to do this, but admits that she can't do this show on top of everything that she has going on, and still be a good mom to her kids. She suggests that Mary Jane produces the show herself and find new people who come up with fresh ideas, saying that it's time that she trusts herself without Kara. Mary Jane thinks maybe Marisol could be brought in, which Kara doesn't like, but I think that could be a great idea as well.

Meanwhile, Patrick, Tracy and D'Asia have dinner together. When D'Asia goes to bed, Tracy announces that she's getting out of the halfway house, and wants to talk about getting them back together. Patrick rejects the idea, just wanting to co-parent. He wants her to do well, but doesn't want to be with her. Tracy is hurt, because she was with him through so much. He loves her, but however, he never promised her anything after she got herself together. Patrick just wants them to do right by D'Asia. Of course, Tracy storms off, enraged.

The next day at the office, Mary Jane has made the decision to produce Talk Back herself, and is steadily working on it. She gets a visit from her "sister-in-law," Tracy, who thinks that Patrick's on drugs again, after seeing him all energized at dinner. MJ doesn't believe her, but Tracy, as an addict, seeing the signs well, and knows that Mary Jane is probably the only person he'll come to. Mary Jane asks for proof, which Tracy doesn't have, of course. Mary Jane tells Tracy the next time she comes to SNC like that, MJ will have her arrested.

However, Tracy's words must have struck a nerve, because later on Mary Jane talks with Patrick, telling him what happened with Tracy and asking him nonchalantly if he's taking drugs Patrick admits he's taking a little something to help him focus, and Helen and Paul walk in on him as he says it. Angry, Paul states that Patrick promised he wouldn't take any drugs at all, and, until he gets himself together, they're taking D'Asia. Though Patrick denies being into anything serious, Paul also says he needs to go back to rehab, because they can't do anything more to help him, which Helen agrees with. Patrick storms out, pissed off at his parents, and especially at Mary Jane for bringing them. I get their anger and concern, though. Patrick's family has seen him at his lowest, and he can easily fall back into addiction.

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