In The Spotlight: Artist & Producer Maxxamillion

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Today, we have artist and producer Maxxamillion! Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Maxx grew up playing sports mostly. However, “at the age of 12, I took an interest in hip-hop and was really fascinated with the beats,” he said. After a friend showed him how to create a beat on the keyboard, he created a makeshift home studio, and began working on beats almost every day. In his senior year of high school, he had the opportunity to work with Grammy award-winning producer Teddy Riley. “I knew I seriously wanted to pursue music by getting the chance to be around Teddy and all the other producers and artists that came through [Teddy’s studio] Future [Recording] Studios,” Maxx said. “It impacted me and from then, [it] became my lifelong goal to do music. Not only do it, but be successful at it.”

Being raised in Virginia, Maxxamillion realized this his state’s flavor made the difference in music from Teddy, Pharrell, Timbaland, and Missy Elliott, all from the same state as Maxx. “The music stood out [as] being different and unique, and in turn had the biggest success,” he stated. “We are different and it's okay. I have held true to that and that is what has inspired my sound and lyrics.” Also inspired by Ryan Leslie and Jay-Z, the artist and producer is steadily working on building up his own career in the industry to reach the same caliber of success!

Recently, Maxxamillion released a single with J. Remy of the group MERJ entitled “Ciroc Nights!” “During a recording session at Tony Bennett Studios in New Jersey, Remy brought the vibe to the session by calling up a few friends and conjuring up a few Ciroc bottles,” Maxx said. “That experience lingered with me and eventually we created "Ciroc Nights" to capture that moment.” “Ciroc Nights” is the first single on Maxxamillion’s upcoming project, Brand Management Vol. 1.” “This project will be an audio and visual advertisement of urban focused brands,” he said. Check out “Ciroc Nights” below!

In terms of what separates Maxxamillion from other producers and artists is his versatility. “I am able to adapt to the waves of what is current, but also I've done the work to be musically proficient enough to work with anyone,” Maxx said. In the future, he would like himself and his company, Artizan Music Group, to be an “independent powerhouse.” He would also like to build a loyal following, and be able to reach mainstream audiences with his music!

You can check out more from Maxxamillion on the Artizan Music Group website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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