Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron Set to Make Animated Film Debut

Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron are shifting gears as they appear in the upcoming film Kubo and the Two Strings! This is the duo's first step away from live-action film making, making their first official animated debut in the movie.

The duo decided to do the film because it is something that their kids can watch. Matthew tells PEOPLE that he would read to his three children a little section each night. McConaughey made the story apart of his family by connecting with children first. Charlize shared an adjacent story as she also shared the story with her children.
According to PEOPLE, Kubo and the Two Strings tells a story of Kubo, a young boy who accidentally summons a vengeful spirit and goes on a magical quest to find a suit of armor once worn by his samurai father. Along Kubo's journey, he meets an odd assortment of allies including Monkey (Charlize), a sword wielding monkey, and Beetle (Matthew).

Making the switch to animation was not the easiest thing to do. Matthew was concerned that his voice would stand out in the film. He was worried that his "Texas twang" would stand out, so he stripped his accent for the film. Charlize had to do the same thing, as she is originally from South Africa. It is impressive for the two to adjust to fit their characters.

Kubo and the Two Strings hits theaters Aug 19!

Image via PEOPLE

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