NEW MUSIC: "X-Ray"- Rezonate feat. Jhyve

New music! In collaboration with Toronto producer Rezonate,  singer Jhyve has released a new track entitled, "X-Ray!"

The singer speaks on his ex trying to come back into his life out of nowhere (how many times has that happened to us all?!). "Now you hitting me up like 'What's going on?'" he sings on the pre-chorus. "You must have forgot how you did me wrong..." In spite of this ex trying to talk to him again, he has the "x-ray" vision to see right through it!

Since the song's release, "X-Ray” has climbed to 38 on Spotify’s “Canada Viral Top 50” and has earned over 250,000 views on YouTube! The song and production is definitely hot, so I wanted to be sure to share with y'all!

Check out the track below!

You can learn more about Jhyve on his official website, hear more from him on SoundCloud and YouTube, and connect with him on Twitter and Instagram

Be sure to check out Rezonate as well on SoundCloud as well, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

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