RECAP: "Blood Brothers"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 7

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines was too psychotic last night! Picking up from last week's back to back episode 5 and episode 6, there are eight teams left in the house. Johnny talks with Vince about breaking up the rookie alliance by revealing the truth about Cara Maria's flirtation with Thomas to Abram! That will absolutely shake things up in the house! It's a diabolical plan, because EVERYONE knows that Abram is straight up crazy and unstable! Vince eventually tells Abram that Cara and Thomas have been spending time together, going beyond flirting, but Abram wants to get the facts first. He doesn't trust Johnny and Vince since they haven't really talked this entire time. However, that seed is planted in Abram's head, and he's the type to let that news sit until he goes off!

Later that night, Abram confronts Cara, but, surprisingly decides to just let it go, while Cara plots revenge on Johnny. She later goes to Abram, and tells him that she's given Thomas massages and egg sandwiches, but that's all. Abram is still offended, and tells her that she's going to vote Thomas in the elimination as if that will prove her loyalty to Abram or something. Cara just wants to smooth things out with him, but he just seems really controlling and possessive.

The next day, Abram confronts Thomas on the bus before the challenge. The twins state, contrary to Cara's belief, that they have made no promises to Cara and Jamie to protect them. Abram shows Cara how Thomas and Stephen truly don't care what happens with them, and is now gunning to get Thomas out of the house. Though everyone is a little on alert because of how insane Abram is, Johnny still gets a kick out of watching everything!

At the Challenge, T.J. announces that the teams will be playing "Hand Me Down." The objective is to use ropes to travel from one beam to the other, while suspended 650 feet in the air! Whichever team gets the most team members across wins. Aneesa quits without even stepping on because of the heights, getting the Blue Team off to a bad start. However, they stay neck and neck with the Red Team for a little bit. It's a really difficult challenge for some, since it involves upper body strength, and a breeze for others. The Red Team ends up winning yet again! It's a difficult challenge, though because it doesn't really matter if you win or not. If your bloodline goes home, you go home, so it's really about being able to form alliances outside of the challenge. No one's truly safe. This day is a guy's elimination, so both teams have to vote someone from the Blue Team to compete in The Pit. IT.J. gives the cast until the next morning to make their decisions.

Mike makes it easy on everyone, volunteering himself again for the Blue Team. This time, they listen and agree to let him go in. Still stupid to me, but he wants to prove himself. Abram wants the Red Team to vote for Stephen to get rid of Thomas. When Thomas calls out Abram for calling them up on the bus, and then decides to vote in Jamie, Cara easily decides to vote for Stephen. At elimination, it's decided that Mike and Stephen will go into The Pit. The Red Team votes for Stephen overall. Johnny, of course, is THRILLED.

That night, the teams walk into The Pit to see two kind of living rooms set up with a sledgehammer, crowbar, and other tools in front, as if the guys will be destroying the rooms! T.J. announces that Stephen and Mike will be playing "Home Wrecker." How ironic. Using the tools provided, they have to smash everything down to fit into a small hole to clear out the room! Mike is KILLING IT, using the tools and even ripping apart stuff. Stephen struggles badly because he's just not as strong. Mike easily wins, sending Thomas and Stephen home, exciting Abram! When they get back to the house, however, Cara vents to Jamie about wanting to break up with Abram's crazy behind! In fact, she had planned to leave him when she got back. She hates that he's here, and doesn't want to be distracted by his antics. I understand her logic, but she chose to stay with him! Instead of being honest, she's playing these games that she's too old for. If you can't do it anymore, then you need to leave!

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