RECAP: "Blood Is Thicker Than Mud"- The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines, Episode 8

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines has been going by so quickly...we're already on the eighth episode! Picking up from last week, Bananas confronts KellyAnne about the Red Team planning to throw the next challenge, so that she and her bloodline Anthony aren't nominated for The Pit. In fact, they want to throw in Cara Maria to go up against Brianna or Rianna. KellyAnne doesn't know what she wants to do, on the fence about playing the game dirty, even though Johnny tells her to stop thinking with her emotions. Anthony manages to convince her to do things their way in order to make it to the final. Everyone plays a little dirty on these challenges...it's just the way of the game. However, Jamie peeps KellyAnne and Anthony's alliance with Johnny, and wants to work to send them home.

At the next challenge, T.J. pays tribute to Challenge vets Ryan Knight and Diem Brown, who both passed away last year. He brings out another Challenge vet, CT, who Diem dated for a long while, and Diem's little sister Faith, which is definitely an emotional moment. T.J. lets the cast know that their challenge is over a mud pit, just like Diem's own challenge in The Duel, "Ring Toss," where Diem first took off her wig vulnerably as she was recovering from her first bout of ovarian cancer. It was a beautiful moment to watch again, because she was so open and strong.

C.J. and Faith come back to simply do a demonstration of the day's challenge in honor of Diem. In
"Too Clingy," the teams will have race up a ladder, go across a cargo net and then climb back across underneath the cargo net to come back to the finish line. If you fall, you are disqualified. The team to get the most players across in the fastest amount of will win. Both Faith and CJ fall, but it's fun to watch them try. It proves to be a struggle for a lot of people, since it requires a lot of strengh and the cargo net gives a lot when you put your weight on it. The Blue Team ends up gettting four out of seven people across. During the Red Team's heat, Johnny and Anthony plan to throw it, and hope that at least one girl falls as well. Johnny even pretends to help Rianna across, but she eventually falls. Johnny tries to make his disqualification as convincing as possible, but NO ONE is buying it. Anthony pretends like he's having a hard time too, but no one is convinced by him either, and even yell at him as he seems to reconsider his decision. He dramatically drops, and both sides are so mad at him. KellyAnne, of course, comes to the defense of her cousin, and goes at it with Jamie a little bit as well.

The challenge came down to time, since the teams got the same number of people across. After all of that, the Red Team STILL wins! Now KellyAnne and Anthony are in serious danger of being voted into The Pit! At deliberation, after a close vote, the Blue Team votes in Jenna. The Red Team still votes for KellyAnne, with Johnny even voting for her trying to go along to get along. Of course, KellyAnne calls out Johnny about that vote later, and now Anthony sees that he was just being used as a pawn. This is nothing new from Bananas. I respect him as a competitor, because he plays the game well, both physically and mentally. His tactics aren't always right, but he has managed to do very well.

That night, the house parties, and CT and Faith come out to hang out with them. Faith shares memories of her big sister, and even Johnny gets a little choked up. As the house parties into the night, Vince comes up to CT drunk and gets in his space for no reason. Before CT can act out, he decides to just walk out with Faith. CT has grown up!

On elimination day, Jenna plans to win and come back with a vengeance. No more Miss Nice Girl! Meanwhile, KellyAnne is nervous, but Anthony tells her to just give it her all. At the Pit, Jenna and KellyAnne compete in "Spun Out." The elimination round consists of performing two simple tasks. The catch is they will be spun for a bit right before they have to do them! Starting at the top of a platform, each girl will sit in a swing and be spun all the way down to the ground. In the first heat, they will be spun and then have to stand on one leg on a pole for ten seconds. They will then have to be spun again, and put logs in one vertical column. The girl who finishes in the fastest time will win!

This spinning is very quick and very long!  I don't know why, but KellyAnne's swing always stops before Jenna's, putting Jenna a bit behind, especially in the first heat However, in the second round, Jenna stacks her blocks quicker. KellyAnne's blocks fall over, which puts her behind. Though the game was close, T.J. announces that the winner is Jenna, sending KellyAnne and Anthony home! I have to admit, Jenna has held her own this time around, seeing as though this is her third time being thrown in The Pit! She must have been training beforehand or something! This loss sucks for Johnny, since he lost yet another part of his alliance, and now has a bigger target on his back!

Next week, CT is back...and he's bringing yet another vet: Zach! What is going on?!

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