RECAP: "Blood Versus Love"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 9

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines is always throwing us all for a loop! Picking up from last week, the house has another fun night out. In a confessional, Johnny admits he doesn't want to go against Abram because the guy is crazy. Abram himself still wants to get rid of John still, though impressed by his tactics.

The next day, the cast has their next challenge, "Air Pockets!" There's is a giant boat way out to sea, with a flag 150 feet away from the boat. Each player has to swim to the flag...underwater!  There are six air pockets (small cases where the players can get air really quick), and each one only has enough room for two people. Each person will have to catch their breath to get to the next air pocket, having to keep moving forward to keep making room for other team members. If you come back up for air, you're disqualified. The team who gets the most people across to the flag the fastest will win. And, since this is a guy's elimination day, each team will have to vote in a guy from the losing team for elimination! With the game being so close to the end, you definitely don't want to have to go in now!

These air pockets are probably a good seven feet or so underwater. I don't swim all that well, so this is a scary looking challenge to me!  The Red Team fails one by one. In fact, John and Abram are the only ones to even make it to the first air pocket! The two work together, surprisingly, and make to the end in a decent time. The Blue Team manages to get quite a few players to the first air pocket, but Jenna, Mitch, and Vince both freak out, and end up swimming back to the surface. It comes down to Jamie and Mike who manage to make it to the end.

Since only two players made it from each team, it all comes down to time! Once again, the Red Team wins, so each team has to pick a guy from the Blue Team to go into the Pit. TJ announces though that this is the last challenge as the Red Team and Blue Team. From now on, each player will go back to being a team with his or her bloodline. It's great for some...not so great for others!  At deliberation, there are four guys to pick from: Vince, Mitch, Mike, and Jamie. After no other guy steps up, Vince makes the point that Mike has been volunteering all this time, so basically why stop now? Mike stupidly does! However, others really wants Vince in so that Vince could lose and Johnny goes home. Johnny goes around politicking per usual, telling different people to vote for Jamie so that there is a possibility of Cara going home. It makes perfect sense, since Cara's the strongest girl. However, will Johnny's arguments work?

At voting, Mike votes himself in again, which, again, is STUPID, especially this late in the game. Then again, Mike and Abram seem like the type to do these challenges because they have to prove something to everyone. I'd be there for the money, and I'll be damned if I'm not doing almost anything I need to do to make it to the end, including staying as far away from elimination as possible!  After his great politicking, Johnny gets the majority of the Red Team to vote for Jamie. Abram goes off on everyone with this rant about how everyone is letting this game turn them into bad people and blah blah blah. Okay Pastor Abe. It's a game...people manipulate to win. Calm down. It's interesting though that, by the end of the night, a couple will be torn apart. Either Abram or Cara will go home since their bloodlines are competing!

In The Pit, TJ gives the cast yet another surprise, bringing out vets CT and Zach! Instead of facing each other, Jamie and Mike will compete against Zach and CT in "Hand It Over!" There is a giant wall with three different poles at different levels. It's a basic game of tug-of-war, with each guy trying to pull the pole through a hole to get it on their side.  In the event of a tie, whoever manages to hold on to the poles the longest, between Jamie and Mike, will win. Either way, these guys are screwed. Do you see CT and Zach?!!

This challenge sucks for Mike and Jamie, not only because CT and Zach are super strong, but also because these guys have NO gloves. It means that there really needs to be a strong use of legs on the wall. Jamie doesn't use his legs, relying more on his arms, and he quickly dies out. Mike manages to do a much better job of holding on than Jamie against Zach,  though both guys get crushed. With these guys, it ends up just being about who can hold on for dear life the longest, so it comes down to time. In the end, Jamie manages to pull it out, sending Abram and Mike home! It's great for Johnny of course, since he sent home probably his toughest competition. Cara's a little glad too because now she can focus on just winning instead of worrying about Abram. There's really only one team standing in her way: Vince and Bananas!

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