RECAP: "Out For Blood"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 10

The Challenge of the Bloodlines was definitely eventful last night! Picking up from last week's episode, five team remain and it's a family reunion! As TJ announced last week, everyone is now back with their bloodlines. As everyone relaxes for the night, TJ sends a text saying, "Tomorrow's challenge will show which one of you will weigh your teammate down!" It definitely sounds like this will be a challenge testing endurance, and now that everyone is with their individual bloodlines, who knows what will happen!

The next day, TJ announces that this challenge will be no joke. In fact, this is going to show who will be able to make it through the Final! In the challenge "Weight for Me," the teams will race up a mountain, complete various checkpoints along the way. The major catch is one person will have to carry a heavy bag (40 lbs for the girls, 70 lbs for the guys), and the other person will have to complete the checkpoint. They will switch tasks after every checkpoint. The team to complete all of the checkpoints first will win, and the last team to finish will be automatically going to The Pit. With the game THIS close to the end, every team needs to dig deep to guarantee their spot in the Final!

The checkpoints are relatively simple. The first is crawling under a net military-style, and the second pulling a chain into a circle that you stand in. The third is go over and under a few beams, and then using a rope to swing up onto a huge balance beam and walking across. The fourth is climbing monkey bars, and the fifth is solving a puzzle. However, when you add a strenuous walk up a mountain with a heavy bag on your back, these simple tasks can be a little agonizing afterwards!

Having to carry 70 pounds, the guys quickly get tired, and, surprisingly, Aneesa and Rianna pass everyone! Cory and Mitch especially struggle, since Cory only has one ACL and he seems to be overexerting himself. Like I said, with this hard walk, the simplest tasks are difficult. Vince struggles at the balance beam, which allows Jenna and Brianna as well as Jamie and Cara Maria to get ahead of Johnny and Vince. Rianna and Aneesa manage to keep their lead for a while, but Rianna really struggles with her job of getting across the monkey bars. Just about everyone passes them because her upper body strength is seriously lacking.

Though Cory and Mitch are in last place for the majority of the challenge, everyone manages to catch up at the very last checkpoint: solving a puzzle. It all comes down to this stupid puzzle that no one can seem to figure out! Though most of the teams struggle with this puzzle, after all of their issues, Cory and Mitch manage to win, solving the puzzle in less than a minute! Cara Maria and Jamie unfortunately get last and have to go to The Pit, which sucks because they're a good team. As the winning team, Cory and Mitch get to choose any other team to go against Cara Maria and Jamie. Even though Johnny tries to campaign to stay out of The Pit, Cory and Mitch play smart and throw Johnny and Vince in. It's definitely going to be a show with Cara Maria and Johnny going against each other!

In The Pit, the teams play "Through Thick and Thin," There are two walls and two puzzles. The objective is to take a sledgehammer through the wall, and solve the puzzle behind it. Both teams easily make holes through the wall for each person to climb through. However, this kaleidoscope puzzle is what trips everyone up! It's even more confusing than the puzzle was at the challenge! At one point, Johnny and Vince think they have it, but it ends up being wrong. In a very surprising upset, Cara Maria and Jamie are able to pull through and send Johnny and Vince home! On one hand, I'm upset because I love to see Bananas win, but Cara has never won a Challenge, so I kind of want her to see her make a final and get a win. This is major for her and Jamie, and definitely brings good morale going into the

It's down to four teams: Cara Maria and Jamie, Cory and Mitch, Aneesa and Rianna, and Jenna and Brianna! TJ congratulates them, and reveals that they are headed to Berlin, Germany, for one more challenge before the Final! Can't wait to see how this plays out!

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