RECAP: "Run To Miami"- Growing Up Hip Hop S1, E3

How are you guys liking Growing Up Hip Hop? Picking up from last week, Romeo insists that he didn't send flowers to Angela at her workout with Toneata, and Angela now believes they came from the stalker. Romeo had no idea about this person, and is upset. He tells Angela that she needs to take this seriously and go to the cops. Angela, not really wanting to be lectured about it, gets up and leave, and, by the look on his face, Romeo is clearly worried.

Meanwhile, on Skid Row in downtown LA, Kristinia goes to a rescue mission to meet with an addiction specialist, Pastor Jonathan Russell. She opens about her father's addiction and the fact that he's missing, looking for guidance. Pastor Russell explains that, for a lot of people coming out of jail, they feel very alone.. However, it takes them time to get to the point of wanting to contact others. Kristinia understands, but she wants to reconnect and help her father get to a better place. Pastor Russell also lets her know that there is only so much she herself can do. James will have to want to change himself. All Kristinia can do is wait, which is heartbreaking. This is her father, and she has no idea where he could be or if he's even alive. Devastating.

Later, we see Romeo in Bulgaria, shooting his new movie, Jarhead III. Romeo is definitely excited but it's bittersweet since he also wanted to work on tasks for No Limit. Meanwhile, back in NYC, the NYPD show up to talk to Angela about her stalker. They inform her that, in a lot of these cases, stalkers are emotionally disturbed and really dangerous. They suggest considering other options to live, strengthening her security, and being careful of what she posts on social media. Luckily, she's going out of town for a music festival in Miami where Run-DMC and TJ are performing, so she can get away from all of this for a while.

Meanwhile, Egypt has her first recording in the studio to create a demo. Pepa comes along, and acts like a total stage mom, giving more notes to Egypt than the actual producers! It makes Egypt more nervous! It was so embarrassing for Egypt, and the producers eventually even asks Pepa to leave! Yes, she's been in the game for over 25 years and is a legend, but Egypt can't record like this! Egypt even calls her in the booth to respectfully tell her to leave so she can record the track. Pepa has to let this bird fly! Once Pep leaves, Egypt starts doing a little better in the studio!

That night, Angela goes out with TJ, who will be heading to Miami with her to play with Run-DMC at a music festival in honor of his dad. Boogie and Damon come in as well, and Angela is still a little irked with Damon always giving his opinion. Damon tries to drop his "knowledge," telling her that she doesn't have to worry about a stalker. The stalker apparently should be worried about them because of their status and entourage who will take care of them. Having heard enough, Angela rolls out to get some air.

In Bulgaria, as Romeo runs through a scene, he realizes just how life-changing this experience is for him. He is learning how to juggle his responsibilities, and grow in his overall career in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, finally in Miami, Angela hangs out on the beach with music industry executive Chris Lighty's daughter, Tiffany Lighty. Angela talks about how pissed she was at Kristinia for canceling her appearance at Angela's showcase at the last minute. She also talks about her stalker, so she wanted to escape everything. In fact, she's considering moving to Miami! After her father passed away, Tiffany found it easier to start a life down in Miami instead of New York. Angela could still be involved in fashion in Miami, if she wanted a change of scenery.

Back in LA, Kristinia is late to a session with her music producer, Adonis. She has a meeting with in Miami with rapper and president of Young Money Entertainment Mack Maine, which could potentially help relaunch her career if she was to sign with them!  However, her head isn't in the game. She's worried about her father, and isn't sure if she should even go to Miami. She thinks the right thing to do is to stay back and wait for news. Adonis thinks that she needs to focus on her music, which pisses her off, because he has no clue what's really going on. When Kristinia storms out. Adonis runs out to talk to her, insisting that they both have to be focused. She tells him that her father is missing, and she's afraid he may not even be alive! Though he understands and is sympathetic, Adonis' job is to look out for her. Until they can know where James is, Adonis thinks she needs to focus on her for a bit. She has to go to Miami and strike while the iron is hot!

Back in New York, Egypt goes out for dessert with her father, Treach, from Naughty By Nature. He knows how much music means to her, and tells her that she has to get serious. Egypt tells him about her experience in the studio with Pepa. Treach knows that Pep has Egypt's best interest at heart, but Egypt really wants to strike out on her own. Her mother can't consistently butt in like she did.

Later, Romeo calls Angela on FaceTime while in Bulgaria. I really want to know whyyyy he is not calling his girl though?! As they talk, Romeo talks about his great experience in Bulgaria, and Angela reveals that she's thinking about moving to Miami. Romeo doesn't think that's the move for her, though, looking disappointed like it really affects him. Maybe he wants her to move to LA to be closer to him, I don't know.

Meanwhile, at the Hit Factory in Miami, Kristinia, TJ and TJ's manager Clay meet with Mack Maine, which is huge. Kristinia plays her music, and even her dancing and doing a little show in her chair shows Mack that she has stage presence. Currently, Kristinia is a free agent, needing the right team to relaunch her career. Mack thinks she has the it factor, but doesn't officially offer a deal. It just shows that everything doesn't come easy to these guys just because of who their parents are. We'll see what happens.

That night, Angela, Tiffany and Johanna have dinner. TJ, Clay and Kristinia swing through, but Angela is still mad about her not showing up to her showcase. In fact, Angela announces shortly after Kristinia gets there that she's ready to go, and doesn't want to vibe with her.

The next day, Kristinia talks to TJ and Tiffany about the situation going on with her father, realizing that Angela is upset with her because she missed the showcase. However, family comes first. TJ and Tiffany talk about losing their fathers, admitting that, though there is healing, there is no true closure. They understand Kristinia's pain. Later, at the Jazz in the Gardens Festival, TJ has his sound check, admitting that he hasn't touched his turntables in a week and a half. He really has no time to prep, and and the sound check gets cut short. No idea how this show is going to go!

After TJ suggests that Kristinia speaks to Angela face to face, Kristinia goes to meet Angela and Angela's assistant Johanna to talk. Kristinia tries to explain that she had a family emergency, not going into too much detail. However, they both are a little snooty about the situation, with Johanna, to me, overstepping her bounds a bit,  telling Kristinia that she's not professional and she can't take her seriously as an artist. Though Kristinia probably should have called a bit earlier than she did, Angela should have heard her out. At the end of the episode, Kristinia eventually storms out, with Angela chasing after her.

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