RECAP: "The Smoke Alarm Always Rings Twice"- Zoe Ever After S1, E3

Zoe Ever After is turning out to be a pretty good sitcom for BET! Picking up from last week, Zoe has a date with this dumb but fine guy Darius. However, after seeing him picking his nose on the video intercom, she quickly cancels! Who could blame her?!

At work the next day, Zoe tries to balance a million and one things! addition to all of the work and meetings she has for Zoe Moon Cosmetics, she has to have a meeting with some of the moms at Xavier's school about a fundraiser auction. The goal is to raise money for X's class to go on a special school trip to study astronomy. All the while, she is trying so hard to separate herself from Gemini in terms of business as well (turns out some of her products have boxing references).

We see Pearl as well, still dead set on this wedding though she hasn't found her groom yet. She even brought in centerpiece choices,  stating that she had a great date with another guy she met online. Valente mentions that he had a great date, too. The two begin describing their guys....and quickly find out they both went out with the same dude!

At Zoe's condo, her fire detectors are beeping, and she's going crazy with no idea what to do! Though she's trying so hard not to ask for Gemini's help, she ends up calling him anyway. The moms from X's school eventually come, and they are so snooty, making little digs at Zoe! At that moment, Miguel comes over to help with the detectors as a favor to Gemini for the work he's doing. As he works, the mothers stare at him flirtatiously, which Miguel uses as an opportunity to promote his business. When Zoe finally gets things back in order, she tells the moms that she doesn't plan to give anything from Gemini for the auction, instead offering her own products and make up artists from her company. The mothers think it's cute, but want Gemini's boxing package, dismissing Zoe's idea as average. As Zoe walks out to help Miguel, she overhears one of the moms, Poppy, saying that Zoe has fallen apart since breaking up with Gemini, which irritates her.

Meanwhile, Pearl and Valente have a sit down with their date Joseph to figure out who the boy should be with. Pearl and Valente each talk about why they each are the perfect match for Joseph. He hears them out, and decides to go with Valente, since he is not trying to get married, Joseph goes on to tell Pearl that this whole desperate act of hers is NOT cute. It isn't, but who is he to say that?! Valente stands up for Pearl, and the two of them dismiss Joseph together.

Back at Zoe's, Miguel figures out Zoe's smoke detector. He also tells her that her so-called "friends" from Xavier's school, are not supportive of her at all. Zoe believes she can handle them like the boss she is, but Miguel asks, if so, why can't even stand up to her own friends?! When Zoe goes back to the meeting, the moms have decided that she'll be in charge of coat check. Whoever donates the most gets to choose their jobs first, so Zoe is clearly out with her idea. Zoe goes in on Poppy, stating that she's starting her business to make a name for herself unlike them! After some great insults, she kicks all of them out! Miguel, impressed, shows Zoe how to clean the detectors to get them to stop beeping. Afterwards, Gemini comes over, telling Zoe that he decided to donate stuff anyway. Annoyed, Zoe lets Gemini eat the tapenade that one of the moms actually spit out!

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