RECAP: "The Struggle Is Real"- Growing Up Hip Hop S1, E2

Growing Up Hip Hop is getting good! Picking up from the series premiere, Angela runs out of TJ's party after seeing a girl who she thinks might be her stalker! Turns out that this girl writes on her page every day, and Angela is all freaked out! As Angela sits in the car, the girl actually walks out, and Angela has the car take off. Damon Dash calls the girl out, but she's really just a super fan. Yeah she can probably be a little extra, but the girl clearly doesn't mean Angela any harm. She promises to change her approach.

At Kanayo's apartment, Angela talks about her superfan, with Kanayo admitting that she doesn't think that the girl was really stalking her. She tells Angela to hire security and not become a prisoner to this person. Though Kanayo thinks she's overreacting, Angela is truly scared. I understand her paranoia! If you have some person out there who is following your every move, of course, you would be afraid like that.

Meanwhile, in LA, Romeo preps to take over No Limit. It's a lot of work, but he's willing to show that he has what it takes. He plans to shoot music videos for different artists, and is casting leading ladies with some of the guys associated with the label. Of course, they all love this part!  Romeo also comes up with an idea to shoot parts of a video at a party he's having to capture a genuine feel. Looks like he's coming up with some good ideas and has the leadership part down pat.

That night, Kristinia goes to see her uncle El at the studio, after he calls her to talk about her dad. He tells her that James is not in prison anymore, and that, unfortunately, he's relapsed back into drugs. Kristinia is very worried, of course, especially since James hasn't reached out to anyone. El plans to check things out himself, trying to protect Kristinia from seeing her father in a really bad place. However, she asks him to be straight up with her when he finds out anything.

At Angela's apartment, she goes to the security office to check out the security cameras to see who dropped the package off. It's actually a guy who dropped it off, and she's even more worried now. Meanwhile, at the Soul Food Festival, Egypt preps to perform with her mother. Though Pepa has promised to help Egypt with her music, she wants to keep Egypt close out of fear of the music industry. Egypt is clearly nervous, and Pepa tells her that she needs to get rid of the nerves, and truly own the stage.

Romeo comes back in New York for Angela's fashion show, and gets a call from his agent about a new opportunity for a new film. He has been chosen for one of the leading roles, but he's wanted in Bulgaria in two weeks. It could be a game changer for him, but he only has 24 hours to make a decision. With everything going with No Limit, Romeo has to figure out his game plan before he can decide if he can leave for two months to shoot this movie. Romeo calls Master P to tell him the news to get his advice, and Master P is actually supportive of the move. In the industry, you have to shift your schedule and handle various tasks.  Romeo kind of deep down wants to focus on the music, and thought Master P would shut down the idea. I think Romeo needs to start deciding for himself what he wants, instead of going along with his dad's ideas.

Before the fashion show, Angela is FREAKING OUT! TJ, who is the DJ for the evening, is late and Kristinia is also not here. Angela is calling and texting the both of them with no answer. Definitely nerve-wrecking! Kristinia does eventually call to cancel, while not explaining everything going on with her father. Since Angela has no idea what's going on, she's clearly irritated. TJ does manage to get there to set up to DJ, and the event actually goes very well! A lot of people are interested in Foofi, and the faux furs actually look great!

At that moment, a random guy pops up at the event, claiming he found this on Instagram. It's a private event, but the guy manages to grab food before he's escorted out! Boogie warns Angela that she's not a normal person, and needs to keep that security on lock. People can come in and out at any moment, so security needs to be on their job! Romeo and Toneata eventually get to the show, and Romeo and Angela go outside to talk. Though Angela still has some anxiety built up with everything going on,  Romeo tells her she should be celebrating, and living in the moment. These two are so flirty, taking selfies and getting all close! I won't be surprised if Romeo breaks up with Toneata and gets with Ang!

That night, Salt-N-Pepa performs, and Pep brings Egypt out! The girl does a good job, and the audience responds well! It just shows Egypt that this is what she is meant to do. It was an incredible rush for her. She definitely has a lot to learn, but she has potential!

The next day, Angela and Toneata go boxing. Romeo wants Angela's seal of approval, I guess, but why would he care?! Toneata proves she's not the toughest chick in the world, but the ladies talk a little about Toneata's relationship with Romeo. She admits to Angela that she struggles because she is a normal girl with trust issues, and here she is dating a famous person. Angela is not sure if this girl is ready to be with Romeo, and I'm not either. During their workout, Angela gets flowers delivered, which is weird. When they get back to Romeo's hotel room, Angela thanks him, thinking the flowers came from him, but he didn't send them! SCARY!!!!!

Meanwhile, Kristinia hits the streets with her friend Kat, trying to find her dad. She just wants James to know that she hasn't abandoned him, and that she loves him. The episode ends with the two riding through a section in LA called Skid Row, where some of the city's homeless stay, as well as those on drugs. It's a very sad situation!

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