RECAP: "The Third Wheel Gets Slapped"-Zoe Ever After S1, E2

How are you guys liking Zoe Ever After? I think it's a pretty cool show to watch with a great plot! Picking up from last week, Zoe goes to an art exhibit and trashes a piece while, unknowingly, talking to the artist! The guy's name is Jordan, and, after Zoe apologizes, the two seem to hit it off.

The next day, Gemini arrives to take Xavier camping, and Zoe warns him to keep Xavier safe and free of ticks! At the office, Zoe tells Valente and Pearl that she plans to LIVE this weekend, being single and fabulous! Meanwhile, Pearl expresses her serious struggle in the dating pool. She's hellbent on her wedding date in five months, but that's going to be difficult since she has no groom yet! Pearl did manage to snag a new date, and wants Zoe and Valente to come with her as parachutes in case she needs to be rescued. However, Zoe has a date that night herself with Jordan!

Later, Gemini and Xavier set up camp. Unfortunately, the two get a bad camping spot right by the porta potties in the woods, since Gemini didn't make reservations. However, Gemini has fancy, luxurious camping equipment, so they should be okay...hopefully.

Still at the office that night, Zoe hears a noise and freaks out. Turns out it's only the contractor Miguel, who is working on the building still. Zoe insists the building has character, but he feels like she made a mistake in putting her business here. Miguel wonders if she's one of those new, lonely divorcees who spend their time sipping wine with a straw. When Zoe boasts about her date that night, Jordan cancels at that moment BY TEXT because he's "two weeks behind on Game of Thrones!" REALLY? Rude.

Meanwhile, even in the woods, Gemini is still taking pics with fans. Even though he dragged his son out there, Gemini has no idea how to make a fire, go fishing, or anything. The man doesn't even know how to open the airtight containers that other snacks are in. "Going to bed hungry, that builds character," he tells Xavier wrapping him in a  sleeping bag. However, the sleeping bag is so tight, it keeps Xavier from making it to the bathroom in time!

Later that night, Valente and Zoe sit by Pearl with her date Robert, who are really getting alone well. Even though Pearl signals for Valente and Zoe to leave, Zoe decides to stay behind and order drinks and food, getting all up in Pearl's date. Pearl's date Robert gets up for a minute, and Pearl tells Zoe blatantly to leave. However, Zoe is afraid that Pearl will act up like she has in the past with drinks in her system. She tells Pearl to stop being so thirsty just to have this wedding. When Robert tries to leave with Pearl, Zoe plans on going too. COMPLETE BLOCKER! Even when Robert tries to get a good night kiss from Pearl, Zoe blocks that, and they have to fist bump instead! When Robert leaves, Pearl goes off on Zoe and rightfully so!  Pearl tells Zoe off, because Zoe wasn't there for her when she was having problems, because Zoe was all caught up in Gemini. The reality is, now that Zoe's alone, she wants everybody else to be alone too. Pshh, if I was Pearl, I would have left and found Robert!

Still at camp, Gemini and Xavier have a virtual fire on the iPad, but then it starts raining. Gemini admits that now that he's not living there, he doesn't want to miss time out with his son, However, Xavier tells him they don't have to go camping to do that! The two go to a hotel, have s'mores, and talk about girls and other father-son stuff.

Zoe talks to the doorman Amir, who leaves to help a resident. Another resident Jessica, who is a model, walks by, and ignores Zoe, though Zoe tries to strike up conversation. Jessica calls her out for being lonely, and that this will be the first of many lonely nights for Zoe. As Jessica walks off in her fur coat and lingerie (clearly NOT lonely herself), Zoe goes to her empty loft, with a glass of wine, and is sad. She begins to watch Golden Girls, but gets emotional and turns it off. She eventually calls Pearl, and leaves a voicemail apologizing for being a terrible friend and admitting that Pearl was right about her being alone. At that point, Pearl comes over with wine and straws, clearly forgiving her best friend!

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