NEW EP: 'Melting Pot' - Pop Singer/Songwriter Lukay

Montreal-based pop singer/songwriter, Lukay, has released his new EP, Melting Pot! Definitely a solid project you guys should check out!

Check out the EP below!

Full List of Winners at the Oscars 2016

Chris Rock hosted the 88th Annual Academy Awards last night (Feb. 28) at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Though the nominees were still lacking diversity, it was good to see some folks take home awards like Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally took home his first Oscar throughout his long career. Well deserved!

Check out the full list of winners below!


NEW MUSIC: "K.O."- Gary Robinson feat. Lindsey Thomas

Bay area singer/rapper Gary Robinson has released a new track called "K.O." featuring singer Lindsey Thomas!

The track, which dropped on Valentine's Day, is truly dedicated to those couples out there fighting for their relationships, working to make things better in spite of all that may be going on. "Don't you know that I'd fight for you after everything that we've been through," Lindsay sings on the chorus.

Check out the track below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "Naked"-Savannah Dumetz

London-based singer/songwriter Savannah Dumetz has released her visual for her vulnerable, moving track, "Naked" for viewers!

The track itself promotes self-love and true freedom, encouraging listeners to embrace who they are and what they bring to the table. The visual, directed by Émile, shows this message as Savannah changes from look to look in a photo shoot, embracing herself as she is. "I just wanted to show in this video that I can't be defined by a single title and Naked comes from my heart," she said. "It's not about what I wear or what I look like; it's the way I choose to live my life! It's the most beautiful and fulfilling feeling to feel free in your skin."

Check out the video below!



I wanted to see the movie a second time before I did this review but things came up and I wasn't able to. However, just from the fact I wanted to see it again let me say that if you haven't seen Deadpool yet....GO SEE IT NOW! And if you still need some reason to see it, check out my review below!

T.I. Signs New Distribution Deal with Roc Nation, Becomes Newest Co-Owner of Tidal

Looks like the King of the South, T.I. has a new label home with Roc Nation, at least for the distribution of his next album, The Dime Trap!

According to Billboard,  yesterday, February 22, right before his Tidal show in Atlanta, T.I. announced that he has not only signed a distribution deal for his next album but is now a co-owner of Tidal as well!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Who Shot Ya"-Kupid (aka Q) feat. Jus J

Last summer, we did a feature on hip hop artist Kupid (aka Q), sharing his backstory and passion of music for you guys. Well, Kupid is back with a new music video for his track, "Who Shot Ya," feat. singer Jus J!

The chill, sexy track isn't actually about any violence at all, but really about Kupid being shot by the actual Cupid, falling for a special lady who catches his eye. The track was produced by Troyton Rami, who also directed the visual, and the track was written by Kupid and Mykul Watson, with live instruments from Angel Barrel, Marcos Mejia, and Troy Murphy. "I decided that I wanted to make a new song that had the same feel that “Hey Girl”[released in 2013] did," Kupid said of the track, wanting to I wanted to get that feel that we still in the States, but when you close your eyes you can feel and hear the Caribbean in background."

NEW MUSIC: "Side Effects"-Danah

Singer/songwriter Danah, hailing from Sydney, Australia, has released her debut single, "Side Effects!"

On the emotional track, Danah sings about the highs and lows of love, looking at the concept of being addicted to love much like a drug. "You get me on a high, then I feel so low," she sings.

Check out the track below!


Rihanna Drops TWO Music Videos for "Work" featuring Drake

Rihanna has officially released her music video for "Work," featuring Drake, and surprise! It's a double feature!

The singer dropped two different versions of the video in the same clip for fans. The first version of the video, which was teased last week, features Rihanna and Drake at a party dancing to the reggae track with other partygoers. The second version, which plays immediately after, is a simpler version with just Ri and Drake dancing and performing in front of the camera.

Check out both versions below!

Kim Kardashian West Reveals First Pic of Newborn Son Saint West

Kim Kardashian West has released a picture of her son, Saint West!

The businesswoman and reality star shared the snap through her app and website. In the shot, 3-month-old Saint is sleeping in a onesie with his arms sprawled out. “Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren," Kim said. "So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all,” the proud mom wrote alongside her son’s picture.

Check out the adorable picture below!

MIXTAPE: Time Will Tell -Mosliano

mosliano time will tell

Rapper Mosliano has dropped a new mixtape for listeners entitled Time Will Tell!

Produced by Mosliano himself along with Sheikh Beatz, the project was recorded, mixed and mastered at BQ Studios. The project blends the artist's love of hip hop and R&B for listeners.

Check out the project below!


VH1 Orders Hip-Hop Drama 'The Breaks' to Series

VH1 has green lit their original hip hop drama, The Breaks, to be turned into a series!

The TV movie is based on Dan Charnas' best-selling book The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop, which is considered one of the most comprehensive accounts of the history and business of hip-hop.


RECAP: "Family Matters"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Season Finale

Winners were crowned last night on the finale of The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines! Picking up from last week, the teams prep for the second part of the Final! In stage two, Job Detail, TJ tells them that they have an important job for them all, which requires a specific dress code!  The teams have to dress up in suits, and have to carry very important briefcases. TJ informs them that they have to take the train to their next location, but first, they have to eat a traditional German meal, with blood soup, bratwurst, blood tongue, etc! For every plate that goes unfinished by each team member, a five-minute penalty will be added to their time at the very end.


RECAP: 'Zoe Ever After' Season 1 Finale

Last night was the hour long SEASON FINALE of Zoe Ever After! Picking up from last week, Zoe goes out on a date with a new guy named Curtis, who she met when she was out getting coffee. She doesn't really want to talk about her ex, but admits that she was married to Gemini Moon. However, Curtis doesn't follow boxing, so he has no idea who Gemini is, giving Zoe hope that he's all about her. However, when he sees Serena Williams in the restaurant, he runs for her picture, and wants Zoe to take it! Another date fail!

Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation for Reportedly Defacing Sedona Red Rock

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have gotten themselves into some serious trouble!

According to Page Six, an Instagram photo surfaced on Vanessa's page it seems as if the two may have carved their names into a rock in Sedona, Arizona. Sources say that in the photo, the two had their names surrounded by a heart on one of the rocks in the park.

MUSIC VIDEO: "Been Lovin' You"-Nicky Davey

LA rock and soul duo Nicky Davey has released  their official video for their track "Been Lovin' You!"

Directed by Rich Yodsukar, the video features the duo roaming around downtown LA, as lead singer Nick Green sings while accompanied by group mate Dave Rosser on guitar. "We live and breathe our music and are willing to do anything for it, even walk all the way down to Hollywood Boulevard. to play outside in front of people. That's just the spirit we have," the group said. The track itself is featured on NOW 57, making them the only artists unsigned to a major label to be featured on the compilation CD!

Check out the music video below!

NEW MUSIC: "Say Yea"-Savoy Ellis

say yea savoy ellis

Singer Savoy Ellis has released his latest single, "Say Yea," for listeners!

On the track, the artist sings about wanting to give a special girl the world, and loving her better than anyone in her past ever could! "You've been dealing with these lames too long...let me change that part," Savoy croons.

Check out "Say Yea" below!


'Deadpool' Sequel Greenlit by Fox

If you've seen the movie and post credits already, then this news won't come as a surprise! A Deadpool sequel has been greenlit by 20th Century Fox!

NEW MUSIC: "Touch The Moon"-Dante LyriQ feat. Eddie Vanz

dante lyriq touch the moon

Singer Dante LyriQ has released his new track, "Touch the Moon," featuring rapper Eddie Vanz!

According to a press release,
"Touch The Moon", is a modern day love song and the 2nd single from VA's own Dante Lyriq's debut project Chasing Shadows. He brings his listeners on an intimate date with the stars & the moon. Singing about the highs of love & lust. Accompanied by a hard hitting bass driven beat & melodies that balance it all out. It also happens to feature a verse from rapper Eddie Vanz. 

Check out the track below!

Full List of Winners at the 2016 Grammy Awards

The 58th Grammy Awards took place just last night (Feb. 15), hosted by LL Cool J at the Staples Center in Los Angeles! Of course, the Grammys ceremony is a huge night in music, filled with hot fashion, live performances, and extraordinary moments for artists and viewers. It was definitely an...interesting night to say the least!

Check out the full list of winners below and see if your fave took home a Grammy!


RECAP: "Master of My Fate"- 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Season 1 Finale

The season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop aired this week! Picking up from last week, Angela gets a call from her Uncle Russell about her stalker. She tells him that the cops told her to reach out to this crazy dude, which she did (though Vanessa). Russell's still worried, but happy to hear that she's doing what she's supposed to do according to the police. Angela hasn't heard back from the stalker since, so she thinks everything is okay now. Vanessa comes by to visit, asking about the stalker, but also asking about Romeo and Angela hanging out. Angela tells her that Romeo basically said he isn't ready for a relationship for anyone, focused more on working.

Meanwhile, Romeo and Master P are in the studio recording. He is definitely focused on his career, and continuing to build up No Limit. If Master P think he's ready, he will announce Romeo as president of the label soon!


TRAILER: 'Fuller House'

The official trailer for Fuller House has been released! 

The Full House reboot, which premieres February 26 on Netflix, includes catchphrases from the original show, such as “Hola Tannerinos,” “Have mercy!” “Cut. It. Out” and “How rude!” as well as guest appearances from Danny (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) and Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin).  Filled with the same craziness and love as the original, the cast hasn't lost their chemistry or jokes. "My moves are all that and a bag of chips. Talk to the hand, loser. Oh, snap! You go, girl. I think I just did,” Kimmy says in the tailer after Stephanie tells her she’s stuck in the ’90s. 


RECAP: "True Blood"- 'The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines' Episode 12

The Final for The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines has  Picking up from last week, three teams plan to battle it out for the Final in Berlin: Cara Maria and Jamie, Cory and Mitch, and Jenna and Brianna! They all head out to party and celebrate before heading out for the toughest challenge of the season. That night, TJ texts the teams a clue: "It's that time of the season. Congratulations to you all! My boy Franz is going to swing by before the race." Who in the world is Franz?!

Franz comes into their room the next day, and it turns out he is a tailor! He gets their measurements, which confuses everyone. (At this point, pictures have come out with the teams in suits for part of the challenge, though we still don't know exactly what's going on!). The teams then go downstairs to get in a limo to the final, which is so weird! Cara Maria makes a true statement that the nicer MTV treats them, the harder and crazier this final will be.  As the teams are brought into the woods, TJ appears to start the Final, which is the first final challenge to take place in a major city! He tells them that there are five extremely diverse stages. Each team will be timed, and whoever has the fastest time at the end will win. The winning team gets to split $250,000! Second place gets $75K, and third $25K, which is still pretty decent. Of course, TJ lets them all know they have to finish in order to get paid, throwing a glance over at Jenna, who quit during the Final last season!

TRAILER: 'House of Cards' Season 4

It's going down on this next season of House of Cards!

Netflix has released the first official trailer of the fourth season of the political drama, which shows an odd dynamic: President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and first lady Claire (Robin Wright) against each other! “I saw a future. Our future.” says Claire, who announced she was going to leave Frank in the season 3 finale. “We had a future until you started destroying it,” Frank angrily states.


Johnny Depp to Star in Universal's 'Invisible Man' Reboot

Johnny Depp, one of the hardest working and most notable actors in Hollywood, is set to star in Universal Pictures' Invisible Man reboot!

RECAP: "The Interview"-Zoe Ever After S1, E6

Zoe Ever After is winding down, and I'm hoping that BET gives the show a second season! Picking up from last week, Zoe has a date with a guy named David, who's in sales. The date seems to be going well, until David pulls out a list of questions asking Zoe about any outstanding warrants, STDs etc! After she answers no, David asks if she has a crazy ex, to which Zoe states that Gemini's not super crazy. He just has a little bit of a temper! Of course, David quickly asks for the check!

Meanwhile, Gemini is being interviewed by a journalist named Ashley (Tatyana Ali) for an upcoming documentary. Turns out that they have worked together before, and they have a good connection. After Ashley gets some footage of him, Gemini asks her to also speak with Zoe and Xavier, since they're his family. Ashley is hesitant, knowing that Zoe isn't her biggest fan (implying that Zoe felt like something was going with them in the past), but she agrees to go along with it.

Taylor Swift, The Weeknd Lead the Pack with the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Award Nominations

The nominees for the 2016 iHeartRadio Awards have officially been announced!

Taylor Swift and The Weeknd led the pack with seven nominations each! Other nominees included Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Sam Smith, among others. The third annual ceremony will be televised live  on TBS, TNT and truTV on April 3 at 8 p.m. ET at the Forum in California. It will also be broadcast on iHeartMedia stations across the country, as well as online.

Check out the major list of nominees below!


NEW MUSIC: "We Unite"-Haxon & Rush feat. Matthew Steeper

New music for you all today! Check out this great track from Italian producer duo Haxon & Rush featuring singer/songwriter Matthew Steeper called, "We Unite!"

The progressive house track is upbeat and fun to dance to, but tells a story of lovers finding their way to each other after hard journeys."It wasn't long ago you were bleeding, lost and broken," Matthew sings. "But you would not believe how the universe was bringing you to me."

Check out the song below!


Beyoncé Announces 'Formation' World Tour Dates After Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Queen Bey is back! After killing a performance with Coldplay and Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show last night (February 7), Beyoncé has announced that she will be hitting the road on a new tour!

Dropping her new track (and accompanying video) "Formation," this weekend, the singer performed a bit of the song during the halftime and then announced a new tour was coming! Of course, it wasn't long before the BeyHive got the dates and the info spread like wildfire.

Check out the full Super Bowl performance and the dates for the Formation World Tour below!

'Supergirl' and 'The Flash' Crossover Episode To Air In March

If you're a fan of The CW's The Flash and or CBS' Supergirl like I am then you're in for a treat! Come March 28th, the shows will be having a crossover episode in which the scarlet speedster Barry Allen aka The Flash will be zipping over to National City help Kara Danvers aka Supergirl to save the day from that week's villain!


RECAP: "Master Player"- Growing Up Hip Hop S1, E5

Great episode of Growing Up Hip Hop last night! Picking up from last week, Romeo continues talking to his father, who says that Romeo needs to step it up when it comes to No Limit. Yes, he's only one man, but he has to put the work in. Romeo states that he's ready to sacrifice whatever he needs to in order to keep the empire going. It's going to be a struggle to balance everything that he's involved in, but, if he wants it bad enough, he'll get it done.

Meanwhile, Angela goes to see Vanessa to confront her about telling Russell about Angela's stalker. She doesn't want to alarm her family, but Angela isn't taking it seriously. Vanessa even ends up taking Angela's phone, writing a message to the stalker to tell him to leave Angela alone. Angela hopes that it doesn't backfire though!

NEW EP: Love High -Rois

Rois (pronounced ROYCE), a collaboration between vocalist Vincent Coleman and producer Nickolas Hughston, has released their debut EP, Love High!

The four-track project combines R&B, electronic, and pop music for a great sound throughout the EP. “Love High is best describe as a journey from the deepest parts of your soul to the widest parts of your heart, and across the limitless expansions of your mind. We feel we’ve created a sound that is both modern and pure, driven with a fearless vulnerability that will leave you wanting more,” the group said in a statement about the project.

Check out the EP below!


RECAP: "Tear Down This Wall"-The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 11

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines is winding down! Picking up from last week, four teams head to Berlin for one last challenge before the final: Cara Maria and Jamie, Aneesa and Rianna, Cory and Mitch, and Jenna and Brianna. They are all so excited to pack and head get to the city to get this money! At this point, though, Aneesa is annoyed with Rianna, and wants her to have more heart to get through this competition. Rianna is irritated too, feeling like Aneesa has not taken the time to spend time with her and grow closer. I understand both sides. At the end of the day, in Aneesa's viewpoint, this is a competition and you have to put forth the effort. However, if morale is low because you're not talking to or you don't have a good relationship, that harms the team.


Documentary about Misty Copeland Set to Air on PBS

PBS has announced a broadcast date for a documentary about ballerina Misty Copeland!

According to Newsweek, A Ballerina's Tale, will air on the network as part of  PBS' Independent Lens series. The documentary is set to air on February 8 on the network at 10 p.m. ET.

ALBUM REVIEW: Anti -Rihanna

Rihanna's highly anticipated eighth studio album, Anti, was finally released on January 28, 2015. The project was released through Westbury Road Entertainment and Roc Nation, and has already be certified platinum by the RIAA due to new rules that allow streams to be Yet, she's been reported that this album debuted at #27 on the Billboard charts. The music scene is definitely changing.

While her seventh album, Unapologetic (released in 2012), contained more dubstep and electronic sounds, this album, overall, is pretty mellow and chill in terms of actual music. Overall, Anti is clearly not a commercial album, with clear cut hits that would be typically heard on the radio. Rihanna is just doing her own thing, and loving it! Definitely wanted to sit with this album a while, and take everything in for this review!

RECAP: "Ghost"-Zoe Ever After S1, E5

Another good episode of Zoe Ever After! Picking up from last week, Zoe reveals to Pearl and Valente that Stephen hasn't called, texted, OR tweeted since Gemini burst in on their date! Valente informs Zoe that Stephen is "ghosting" her, or cutting off all communication until she gets the point that he doesn't want to deal with her anymore. It sucks, because I actually liked Stephen for Zoe! She also mentions that, after last week, she wants to stay as far away from Gemini as possible. Pearl and Valente figure out that the two of them had sex, and Pearl calls her out for not getting over Gemini! She tells Zoe to avoid him, but that's easier said and done since Zoe and Gemini have a kid. Pearl then suggests a weekend getaway to get all of this off of Zoe's brain, and Valente recommends Atlantic City!


NEW MUSIC: "Cry"-Devin Nash

Back in December, we featured electro/R&B artist Devin Nash! The singer has released a great new track for listeners called, "Cry!"

On the track, Devin sings about how he loved a girl so much, but she ended up playing games with his heart. "You made your bed, you can lay in it," he sings. "Wish you the best, you can keep that stress." It's definitely a universal track that both men and women will be able to relate to!

Check out "Cry" below!


NEW MUSIC: "You're The One" - Brad Hester

Hip hop artist Brad Hester has crafted the perfect hit just in time for Valentine's Day! "You're The One" is a great song for hip hop lovers to play for their significant others. Throughout the song, we find the New York native effortlessly singing and rapping on the track, with production byMJ Nichols). Throughout the song, Brad makes it clear to his girl that she is the only one he wants and needs in his life. 

Brad will be releasing a variety of promo singles in the next few months, prepping for his debut mixtape due out later this year. Listen to his new single below!

REVIEW: Grease Live!

Grease is the word! Last night (January 31). the anticipated Grease Live! event premiered on FOX and it was a pretty good show! The show brought together different actors, singers, and dancers for the legendary Pink Ladies and T-Birds: Julianne Hough as Sandy, Aaron Tveit as Danny, Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo, Carlos PenaVega as Kenickie, Carly Rae Jepsen as Frenchy, Keke Palmer as Marty, Kether Donohue as Jan, David Del Rio as Putzie,  Jordan Fisher as Doody, and Andrew Call as Sonny.

Using various elements and songs from both the original stage production and the 1978 film, director Thomas Kail was able to capture the great energy of this classic musical. Just like with The Wiz Live, I definitely didn't want to compare Grease Live too much with the 1978 film, which a lot of us have seen and love. Obviously, nothing is touching the original, so it's no point of nitpicking based on that.

In The Spotlight: R&B Singer Trent Watkins

We have a great spotlight to start the week, and more on the way! As always, if you or your client is interested in a feature on The Spotlight, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information.

Today, we have R&B singer Trent Watkins! Hailing from San Diego, CA, Trent grew up in a talented musical family, with a foundation in the church with his father serving as a pastor. In addition to participating in the church choir, he also starred in musicals in grade school. “I would say my upbringing inspired my sound mostly through the diverse groups of people that I interacted with,” the singer stated. “While much of the R&B is what sticks out in my singing style, the songwriting, topics and styles, are drawn from the many genres I was exposed to.” However, in middle and high school, singing and performing took a back seat to other regular teenage things like sports and girls.

MUSIC VIDEO: "Sorry's Not Enough"-Jaymal Green

In the Black Lives Matter era, singer Jaymal Green has been active in leading protests against Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, calling for change as many blacks have been unnecessarily struck down by police throughout the country. In addition to his leadership on the streets, the singer has gone on to release an anthem for the movement entitled "Sorry's Not Enough," as well as an official visual!

The black and white video incorporates clips of Jaymal leading protests, footage from the Civil Rights Movement, as well as pictures of those gone way too soon like Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland. In the continued fight for justice, it's great to see Jaymal using his gifts to contribute to the movement, inspiring hope and promoting change.

Check out the video below!


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