In The Spotlight: R&B Singer Trent Watkins

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Today, we have R&B singer Trent Watkins! Hailing from San Diego, CA, Trent grew up in a talented musical family, with a foundation in the church with his father serving as a pastor. In addition to participating in the church choir, he also starred in musicals in grade school. “I would say my upbringing inspired my sound mostly through the diverse groups of people that I interacted with,” the singer stated. “While much of the R&B is what sticks out in my singing style, the songwriting, topics and styles, are drawn from the many genres I was exposed to.” However, in middle and high school, singing and performing took a back seat to other regular teenage things like sports and girls.

After a break up in college, however, Trent began working on more music and songwriting, and even released two mix tapes, The Liberation and Life, Love and Heartbreak. “It wasn't until recently I decided to really pursue music as a career,” Trent admitted. “For the longest, I was told that music was a hobby. I spent most of my time going to school trying to find a ‘real’ job.” Motivated by his wife’s launch of her own fashion company, the singer decided to work towards his singing career full time. “I was always serious about the music I created just not about the career that follows it. Now I've gotten the inspiration and motivation to put two and two together.” While inspired by other R&B artists like R.Kelly, Trey Songz, and Ne-Yo, Trent stated that he looks up to Usher the most. “From 8701 to Confessions to Here I Stand, he was always telling a relatable story,” he said. “That's what I strive for in my music. I want it to attach to people's past, present and future.”

One of the singer’s most recent tracks, “You Should Be Famous,” is an example of how he uses those influences in his own sound. Trent admitted that the track was also inspired by his wife’s fashion company as well. “We needed a runway ready sound for the launch and this one was perfect,” Trent said. Written with songwriter Ichiro Suezawa and produced by Marc Solomon, the upbeat dance track definitely keeps listeners moving. Check it out below!

Currently, Trent is working on his debut studio album entitled, I, which will put his own story to music for listeners. “Lyrically they will get a firsthand look into my experiences in life, love, and heartbreak,” he said. “Sonically, you will get a mix of beats that get you moving and tracks that will have you deep in your thoughts and emotions. It is truly a journey that takes you down a path of attraction, falling in and out of love, and recovering from that to love again.”

In terms of what makes him stand out in a sea of other artists, Trent believes that his lyrics separate him from the pack. “I feel like music today is all clumped up into similar categories. Unfortunately, for male R&B artists, sex is the only topic of discussion,” he said, admitting that it’s rare to hear the true emotions of men. “You don't get the Confessions or "Say Goodbye" by Chris Brown. That's what I want to bring back, something that can accurately describe the emotions being felt by many in my age group.”

In the future, Trent’s main goal is to spread his story and thoughts to the world through music. “If that means a World Tour, then sign me up. If that means Grammy nominations, sign me up,” he said. “If it means running shows for local people in my age group so that they can hear and grow, sign me up. My goal is to reach people, whatever that entails.”

You can check out more from Trent on Reverb Nation. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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