I wanted to see the movie a second time before I did this review but things came up and I wasn't able to. However, just from the fact I wanted to see it again let me say that if you haven't seen Deadpool yet....GO SEE IT NOW! And if you still need some reason to see it, check out my review below!

First, a little backstory on Deadpool and how the movie came to be. Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, who serves as superhero Deadpool, known as "The Merc With A Mouth" for his crass and foul mouth. Before he got his powers, Wade was a former Special Ops agent turned mercenary. He soon was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an experimental procedure that granted him accelerated healing powers similar to those of fellow X-Men character Wolverine. However, it also enhanced the cancer in his body which leaves his body looking very grotesque.

This movie came to be after Deadpool made a horrible debut in Fox's X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie in which Ryan played the character as well. After such dismal reviews and plans to already make a solo Deadpool movie in the works, Ryan worked relentlessly with Fox to basically "forget" about that version of Deadpool, and re-create his story to the greatness that's in theaters now.

What made this movie great was the perfect combination of comedy, foul language, and violence, as well Deadpool continuing to claim that he is not a hero, even though he's doing heroic things like saving people. He just does it in his own way with guns, knives and other weapons. Ryan's "love to hate" attitude in my opinion fits the character perfect as Wade goes through the movie in search of revenge for ruining his life and model worthy face. Deadpool's ability to break the fourth wall and talk to the audience is also a highlight that is rarely done in movies but has been done in the Deadpool comics for years and was transitioned to the big screen perfectly.

Promoted as a story of revenge and love, this movie is told through a series of flashbacks, action scenes and foul humor. If you've seen all the commercials and trailers, don't worry. All of those scenes were surprisingly (and to my liking), mostly at the beginning of the movie, with the rest of the film still being filled with tons of other funny scenes. I highly suggest everyone goes to see this movie and stays after for the post credits seen because there may be clues to a possible sequel!
I'm personally looking forward to the movie being released on DVD and Blu-Ray, so I can watch it over and over.

RATING:  (four out of five stars)

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I give this movie 4/5 stars

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